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Hinata woke up and prepared herself for school. Wearing her normal purple attire she snatched up backpack and headed for the front door, ready to walk to school, but then she was stopped by Neji.

"Hold on a sec, how about I drive you?" Neji volunteering himself.

"No, it's alrigh-" Hinata said already used to walking for so much.
"No, no, I insist" Neji interrupted Hinata.

Hinata, not really wanting to argue at the moment, just nodded her head yes as they both got in the car. Listening to her favorite radio station, and her humming along, was interrupted right in the middle of the chorus. She immediately rose her hand to her mouth when Neji turned the radio off and she had kept singing along. Neji just laughed and smiled at her. Hinata blushed of embarrassment and rushed out of the car going straight to her locker.

Gathering her things for class, she met up with Kiba and Shino at Kiba's locker. Kiba as usual shouted his hellos causing Hinata to wince like normal. Kiba had always been loud. It was said when he was a baby, he cried and screamed every fifteen minutes, all the time. Let us say his parents suffered quite a bit from it.

Shino, however was the complete opposite, he never really talked, except to his best friends. At one time he was a normal kid, talking and everything, but one experience changed everything. One day, Shino was in a group of many people. Someone was acting like a complete goofball making everyone laugh. When all the laughs died down, Shino was still laughing up a storm. All the people shot their heads straight to the source of the laughter, which was Shino. They all began to point and laugh at him and his laughter. From that day on, he only talked to his immediate friends, and his parents. Although Hinata and Kiba didn't mind, he at least talks with them. On this fine day, he mumbled a quiet hello.

They walked into their first period class of History with Asuma Sarutobi. Hinata looked through her stuff and saw her history book was gone, she forgot it, but of course Kiba shared his with her. Today they were working on coping things out of the book and onto a worksheet with extended notes. Hinata finished early and ended up helping Kiba finding the information. At the same time, Sasuke was working with Shikamaru on the same exact work.

"This really is troublesome, why do we have to copy, if it's already in the book?" Shikamaru sighed.

"Get over it, lazy." Sasuke contorted.

"Yeah, yeah..." said Shikamaru as he continued to work.

Sasuke, also working upon his own work, was glad that the thing coming from Shikamaru's mouth wasn't about Temari. Shikamaru constantly talked about how he missed Temari. Temari this, and Temari that, honestly it was quite annoying. That, and he was lazy for some reason and always had this urge to watch the clouds. Plus, he always mention that she reminded him of the clouds, how does a person remind one of clouds, Sasuke always wondered.

Temari was fascinated with wind, which blew the clouds, but otherwise no one knew. She went to Suna High, so they never saw each other. Although they call each other everyday, including lunch. They met when Temari and her brothers had to run an errand for their father, the mayor.

As Sasuke finished up, he felt someone staring at him. It wasn't surprising, fangirls have done it all the time. Although, when he peered up he found the Hyuuga girl gazing at him. He guess she finally fell for him, he smirked.


Hinata was actually just staring at him while wondering why she had a dream of him. She decided that it was some random reason, and shook it off. Then she could have sworn that Sasuke had smirked at her, now why would Sasuke of all people smirk at her? She felt blush rush to her face and quickly turned her head away and began doodling.

After a while she noticed that each doodle were faces of bored or cold-looking people. Why all of a sudden was her mind on that subject, she wondered. Only one person fit the description of bored and cold-looking, and that one person, was Sasuke Uchiha. If she had fallen for him, she would never admit it.

She really only wished to know the fact behind why she had that dream if this infamous person. When she went back to looking at Sasuke for one last glance, she noticed something. The smirk she observed had grown bigger. Hinata freaked, her eyes widening in a blink of an eye and grabbed Kiba's history book hiding her face in it. 'He was really actually smirking at me, but why?' she thought.


Sasuke had been smirking because he realized he had all the single girls under his spell. He didn't like any of them, and he didn't wish to have any of them following him, but he felt accomplished. He, however felt his heart skip a beat when Hinata looked at him. 'What the?' Sasuke thought. Sasuke Uchiha does not fall for girls, they fall for him. He couldn't help but ponder why this happened though. She had such pale skin, He immediately removed the thought from his mind. What was he doing? Hinata had never once looked at him, why now? Sasuke unconsciously began to click his pen. He was sent a death glare from the same Hyuuga that had gazed at him earlier.


Hinata heard from the back of her ear a faint clicking noise, instantly knowing the cause was a pen. Oh, how she hated that wretched noise. She shot her head in the direction of the sound and saw it was Sasuke. She didn't care whether he was popular or not, she would and did give him one of her death glares.


After the glare lessened and soon died down moving away from him. a light bulb popped in Sasuke's cranium. 'Didn't that one online chick hate pen clicking?' he realized. He trashed the idea, he knew a lot of people who had disliked the noise. Of course, if he fit together that she never really looked at him, she hated the pen clicking sound, and wore a whole lot of purple, it really made him wonder about that Hyuuga girl. Finishing up class both Hinata and Sasuke went to Language Arts, Math, and Latin - 3 before getting to Lunch/Recess.


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