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God, I can't do this anymore. It hurts too much. I sat on my bed, tears running down my face, soaking the collar of my shirt. I had to leave. It was the right thing to do. He won't make a decision so I'm going to do it for him.

"FUCK!" I yell.

How the hell am I going to do this? Will he try to stop me? Will he just blow it off and not care about my decision? I've done this before. Stayed because he told me things will change. But they haven't. He still goes to her when he leaves for work. I know he does. I know he knows I know about her. I've met her, talked to her, knowing she was the obstacle in our relationship. He won't let her go. He claims he loves us both and wants us both and he doesn't want to choose. I am a one man woman and I don't like sharing.

I've known Edward for five years. I moved to Forks my Junior year after my mom remarried and she wanted to travel with her new husband, Phil. I decided to live with my dad and I met Edward a few days later. To me it was love at first sight. He said it was, too. Now? Well now I'm not sure he was telling me the truth. She's been his childhood friend for years and he told me he didn't have feelings for her, they were only friends and that was all they ever would be. Damn, was I wrong. He has feelings for her. I found that out two months ago.

He doesn't love me. He loves her. He'll always love her and I'm tired of coming second to him so I'm done.

"Shit." I sniffed while wiping my tears from my face."You're so stupid, Bella," I scolded myself, "he won't choose no matter how many times you ask him to."

Don't I deserve to be happy, God? Don't I deserve to have someone love me and only me? Don't I deserve to be with someone who doesn't have a bitch on the side but sleeps in my bed with me every night? What did I do to fall in love with someone who only gave me half his heart? I asked silently to the man upstairs.

Today is my breaking point. I'm leaving tonight when he gets home. I am not going to run away. I'm going to confront him, tell him how much this is hurting me and walking out that door to move on and find someone who will love me and only me. I won't completely shut all of his family out. I wouldn't do that to Alice. She's my best friend and his parents will always be a second family to me. I just can't be with someone who won't give me his whole heart. He obviously doesn't love me to the extent he says and that won't do. Half of his heart belongs to me and the other half is none other than Tanya "slutty whore" Denali's. I see right through her act, I know how much of a bitch she is but he claims she's sweet once you get to know her. My fucking ass! She is a fake, plastic monster and she always will be.

After thinking about how my speech would go, I got up, went into the bathroom, and splashed my face with water. I looked in the mirror, examining my profile. I'm not ugly but I'm not oh, my God, knock you off your feet stunning. I have long mahogany brown hair with a little bit of red highlights that reaches to the middle of back and brown eyes. Most people tell me my eyes are pools of chocolate. They're deep and the most beautiful color of brown they've ever seen. I don't think that though. I'm plain but I deserved to be loved just like anyone else. I don't look attractive right now because my eyes are puffy from crying and my face is all blotchy and red and my nose is running a little. I puff out a mouthful of air and go back in the bedroom and look around.

This is no longer my home. I don't live here anymore. I'm giving him to her. He's hers, not mine anymore. It sucks but it's for the best. I love him but I have to let him go and that's what you're supposed to do right? If you love them, let them go? I go to the closet and pull out a suitcase and put it on his bed and go to my dresser and start pulling out clothes and started putting them in my suitcase. Amidst, packing I walk out of the bedroom and look at the clock, it says 6:30 p.m., meaning Edward will be home in fifteen minutes. Just as I assumed, fifteen minutes later, I hear the door latch and watch the knob turn.

In walks the only man I've ever loved. He is beautiful and he used to be mine. He has the most unique color of messy bronze hair anyone could ever see and has the most beautiful emerald-green eyes, sharp jaw, full lips, and muscled build but not beefy looking and wash-board abs. He is to die for. Every woman wants him and every man wants to be him. He's got a college degree in law and works for his uncle's firm in Seattle. He looks up and gives me a white smile and takes his tie off after his suit jacket. He's not yours anymore. I remind myself and I look away from him so I don't start crying again, knowing what I'm about to do.

"Hi, baby." he says happily walking towards me. He lifts my chin up and kisses me soflty.

"Hi," I reply. He looks at my face and touches my cheeks. I look up and he looks concerned.

"Bella, have you been crying, sweetheart?" I take his hand off my face and turn to walk away. He follows me. I go back to my dresser and resume packing. Edward comes in looking at my suitcase. "Bella, what's going on?" he asks quietly. I don't answer him. "Baby, what are you doing? Bella? Are you going to answer me? What's all this?" He comes over and tilts my chin to meet his gaze. My eyes well up and I look away.

"Bella, where are you going, honey?" he asks me. I still won't answer him and I go over to his radio and turn it on.

"Stay" by Sugarland is playing.

Why don't you stay?

I'm up off my knees

I'm so tired of being lonely

You can't give me what I need

When she begs you not to go

There is one thing you should know

I don't have to live this way, baby

Why don't you stay?


I look at him and he stiffens. He knows what is going on. He looks at me with a painful expression.

"Bella," he pleads. I take off the ring I've had on my finger for two years and put it on the bedside table. I look at him with tears in my eyes. There's a pregnant silence and then I open my mouth.

"I can't do this anymore."

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