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If they could, they would have stopped Aizen. Then again, what could two measly Espadas do against their master...? They ran, that's what they did. They ran and left the pain behind, hoping to find salvation in the new world opening in front of them. But where there is sunlight, shadows are cast, and Aizen doesn't seem too willing to let them off the hook. Thankfully for them, a certain human teenager seems up to challenging the odds in their favour."We failed, and now Hueco Mundo is falling apart. All the other Espada are dead. And Aizen is still after us." Grimmjow explained, Ulquiorra stiffening. Silence. And then, Ichigo sighed. "I'll help you." NOT yaoi, GrimmxIchixUlqui FRIENDSHIP, AU, very slight OOC-ness, rated T for blood, violence, mentions of implied rape, abuse and swearing. Adventure/Friendship/Angst.

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Also, for the Alternate Timeline, it's kinda warped so listen well O_O" The Hueco Mundo arc hasn't happened. The Espada and Aizen cause lots of trouble around Karakura Town and Soul Society, but haven't kidnapped Orihime or anything. Aizen is in posession of the Hogyouku nonetheless. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Ichigo have met and fought a lot before.



His footsteps clattered on the floor as he ran down some stairs. Blood was dripping down from his shoulder, making a trail behind him as he panted for breath. It had happened. He knew it would happen someday, and now it had happened after all.

They had failed for the last time.

And Aizen-sama's...

No... Aizen's last straw had been pulled.

More rubble fell from the rumbling ceiling, almost crushing the frantic Espada running for his life.

He didn't want it to end like this... He still had a lot of things to do before dying... He didn't want to die yet.

The others had all been caught in the blast. One by one, he had watched his comrades fall. One by one, he started losing everyone he'd grown up with. He never realized how much they meant to him until they started dying.

His heart beat fast as he looked down. He almost could have cried. But Arrancars were hollow, heartless. They weren't supposed to harbour feelings. And so, he couldn't cry.

The Sexta Espada wouldn't cry.

Everything he'd known was dying. He didn't realize what was going on until after they were called to Aizen's throne room. He didn't realize what was going to happen until after Aizen yelled at them for being so incompetent. He only realized how much trouble they were all in when he had said that they had failed him for the last time. And he only realized he was going to die right there and then when Aizen drew his zanpakuto.

They started falling down like mere insects. Already, half of them –including him- had been paralysed by his enormous reiatsu... and then his lightning fast attacks... Yammy fell... Then Halibel... And Nnoitra... Szayel... Even Starrk...

He kept slaughtering them without feeling. The sadistic grin on his face wouldn't disappear in the least as he called them weak and worthless. Their blood coated the floor as the thumps of dead bodies and Aizen's maniacal laughter filled the room. And that's when he got aware of his own quickening breathing.

And he'd turned around and left just as Leroux had taken his last breath. He exited the doorway just as the next attack, intended for him, tore through his shoulder.

"Run, Sexta, run! Run for your pitiful life! Your failure will not go unpunished, so for now, believe you can escape and run, run towards your own doom!" he'd screamed after him.

But the blue-haired Espada had refused to believe him. He'd forced his entire being and every fibre of will he had left to believe he'd live to see tomorrow.

And so he ran.

With Aizen's crushing reiatsu running loose, Las Noches was slowly beginning to crumble. Soon, there would be nothing left of the previously-majestic structure, the center of all Hueco Mundo.

And all because their ambush on Soul Society had failed.

It had gone perfectly at first. The Espada, some Privaron Espada, and their Fraccions, accompanied by Tousen and Gin, had successfully infiltrated Soul Society. Their mission was to eliminate all the captains, then place Szayel's newly developed explosives on some key points of Seireitei. Then, once they'd all be done, they'd just have to detonate, and boom, Seireitei was gone. Such a simple plan, but somehow, they had messed up.

Soul Society had been expecting them. Somehow, they'd known. They had set ambushes up at their targets and had quickly overwhelmed them. Having no other choice than to retreat, the Arrancars and the defected Shinigami had fought back to return.

The Privaron and most of the Fraccions had been lost in the battle. All the Espada had been badly wounded, and Barragan and Aaroniero had fallen. Ulquiorra had been so badly wounded that he had been sent immediately to the medical division upon their arrival home.

And what had pulled Aizen's last straw was the fact that Tousen and Ichimaru had died in the failed attempt to destroy Seireitei. They had been in charge of challenging the Head Captain Yamamoto with their newly received powers. And even though they came pretty close, some backup troops had overwhelmed both of them.

Now with half his army gone, his two lieutenants dead, and a major blow having been dealt to his pride, Aizen had been pushed to his limit.

And the remaining survivors were paying the price.

He felt like his legs were made of lead. He didn't even know how much he'd been running. All he knew was that the longer he ran, the more he felt tired, and that the further he ran, he felt no difference in the distance between him and Aizen's immense reiatsu.

In the distance, he could hear some Adjuchas running around, trying to evacuate before the building collapsed on top of them all. Fools. Everyone in the palace knew they'd die today. All this was just wasted effort.

He just had to exit the building, then he could call a Garganta and escape to wherever the portal would take him. Anywhere but here. Anywhere where he could stall while waiting for Aizen to track him down and kill him.

He wouldn't let him escape, the Sexta knew it. It'd only be an insult to his already-destroyed pride, if he killed all his Espada and let one live.

Aizen wouldn't stop until he was done purging his palace of unwanted insects... Then he'd proceed to creating better, stronger Espada with the newly awakened Hogyouku. And then he'd go retry to destroy Soul Society.

The Sexta had reached the last crossroads of Las Noches during this entire recall of the events that had just come by. He recognized this last obstacle as the crossroads that led outside on one side, and to the infirmary and research block on the other.

The last Espada stopped in his tracks for a moment, surveying the surroundings with a sad stare. Everything was crumbling apart, and he didn't like it one bit. He desperately hoped this was a nightmare and he'd wake up soon and rush to Aizen's throne room, only to see that no blood was on the floor. He'd walk back to his room in a daze while Halibel threw him a weird look and Ulquiorra ignored him as he passed by.

Yes, this was all it was... A huge nightmare.

But somehow, he knew he couldn't keep on believing in lies. He'd done enough of that for one lifetime.

A sudden thought jolted him back to life just as a large piece of rubble fell behind him, knocking him down to his feet. The many injuries on his bruised body were taking their toll, and the Sexta Espada knew he wouldn't last long if he didn't get those treated soon. He quickly got up to his feet, swaying his gaze between the exit and the medical sector.

Ulquiorra hadn't been in the throne room with them. He had been rushed to the infirmary upon their arrival because his fight with the three captains from Squad 6, 11 and 13 had turned out bad for him.

Ulquiorra was still alive.

Grimmjow's thoughts suddenly cleared as two choices were put right in front of him.

The exit was right there. He could run out and escape with his worthless life and wander until death or he could head to the medical sector and pick up Ulquiorra before leaving.

If he chose the first option, he'd escape for sure, and live in fear and hiding, alone and lost, until either starvation or Aizen killed him.

But if he chose the second, there was no guarantee he'd live past the next ten minutes. But if he did manage to run off with Ulquiorra, he wouldn't be alone. Sure, he'd be stuck with the oh-so high and mighty Cuatra Espada, but he couldn't call himself the last Espada, at least. He would be able to endure a little longer as there'd be no loneliness in his life. And maybe, just maybe, they could figure out something together and survive.

He was snapped out of his daze as a large rock fell on his head, almost knocking him out. There was no time to think and judge.

He sped towards the infirmary.


He slammed the door to the infirmary open, almost knocking it off its hinges. Panting, he looked around until he saw a limping figure in the corner. That couldn't be anyone else than...

"Ulquiorra!" the Sexta called as he ran towards the raven-haired figure, who immediately looked up towards him. Teal met emerald for just a second before Ulquiorra stumbled, Grimmjow barely making it in time to support him.

"What's going on?" The Cuatra asked, panting for breath, having not recovered completely yet.

"Aizen's gone berserk over the fact that we failed." The Sexta's voice dropped sadly. "We... We're the only ones alive..."

For just a moment, shock flashed over the Cuatra's face, but then he composed himself again and tried standing without Grimmjow's support, finding it halfway impossible. His head was spinning and his legs felt like they'd crumple beneath him any moment.

"We have to get out of here... Now..." the raven-haired Arrancar choked out.

"Thanks for announcing it, Captain Obvious." The blue-haired Arrancar replied with his trademark smirk, for a moment, losing himself in the bliss that was smiling.

He'd never known how much he liked smiling until he was just about to lose the ability to do so.

And for a short moment, he wondered if Ulquiorra had ever smiled before.

"Hey, snap out of it and move." The Cuatra whispered tiredly, snapping Grimmjow back to reality.

"Okay, okay, sorry for deciding to risk my own hide to help you out." The Sexta rolled his eyes and started moving, supporting the Cuatra so that they could walk faster.

They were just about halfway back to the crossroads when a relatively large piece of rubble detached itself from the ceiling, on a crash course towards them.

"Watch out!" Ulquiorra warned, and Grimmjow's eyes widened.

Just as the rock collided, Grimmjow jumped back, losing his already-fragile footing and sending the two survivors tumbling to the floor.

"Great!" The teal-eyed Espada groaned as he pushed himself up. "Now we can't get through! Damn it!" he cursed.

"Just punch a hole through the wall." Ulquiorra suggested calmly, hiding his panic as he pushed himself up using the wall.

"Yeah, like that's the easiest thing to do in the world..." he huffed, putting his hand to his zanpakuto.

There would be a high chance that his transformation would sap out all his remaining strength... But given the predicament they were in... He was ready to try anything to make it out alive.

"Here goes everything." he muttered, pulling out his zanpakuto. "Hey, I know you're tired from the ambush on Soul Society, but do this one last time for me." He whispered to his sword before gritting his teeth. "Grind, Pantera!"

The transformation was immediate. White armour-like pieces attached themselves to his body, and his hair got exponentially longer. His ears also grew and became more feline-like as a tail grew from the back. His teeth sharpened into fangs and his hands became black, almost like paws, claws protruding from the tips.

Ulquiorra simply watched as the Espada released his zanpakuto, then roared. Crouching low, Grimmjow growled and then barrelled towards the wall, hitting if hard with his armoured shoulder. It only made a dent.

Determined to live, Grimmjow tried again. Again and again and again until he was sure his shoulder would dislocate.

"One last time..." he whispered, painfully realizing he couldn't hold his transformation much longer. Crouching once more, he directed all his miraculously-remaining reiatsu towards his shoulder, roared loudly and shot towards the wall.

It finally gave in with a crumble, letting the cat-like Espada fall through, to the outside world. Thankfully, they weren't very high up, so Grimmjow impacted the soft sand with a mere grunt. His released zanpakuto quickly returned to its sheath, his hair shortening, his armour disappearing and his mask returning to its usual place by his jaw.

He stood there, lying on the sand, not wanting to move at all. His body was exhausted, bleeding and bruised, and right now, all he longed for was sleep.

"Oi, trash, get up."

Grimmjow's brows furrowed as he pushed himself up painfully, glaring at the Cuatra, who was barely standing up next to him.

"You couldn't let the wet cat lie in peace, could you?" he sighed, getting to his feet unsteadily.

"Well now that we're out, we can finally make a Garganta and get out of here, you know." Ulquiorra remarked. "Unless you wanna stay after all, of course."

"Well I'm out of strength, you got anything?" the Sexta sighed, rubbing the back of his neck to ease the pain from his fall.

"I can try, but it'll take a while."

Grimmjow was about to say something when an enormous reiatsu suddenly appeared, freezing both of them in place.

"Where are you going, my two lovely Espada?" a voice suddenly rang out in the open.

"Ulquiorra, go!" Grimmjow hastily gave a push to the Cuatra as the latter nodded frantically and put his hand in the air, trying to create a portal for them to escape to safety.

As for himself, Grimmjow dropped into a defensive position, trying to look as menacing as possible with that battered up figure of his.

He suddenly spotted him, coming out calmly from the front entrance to Las Noches.

"Aizen..." he growled hatefully, trying to keep standing up against that crushing reiatsu.

"It's funny because you actually thought you could escape from me, the almighty Aizen-sama, ruler and conqueror of all worlds." The brown-haired man snickered, that smirk giving him a demonic look once coupled with the blood smothering his clothes.

"Blood from the other Espada..." Grimmjow thought with a gulp.

"You almost done?" he asked, trying to keep the quivers out of his voice.

"Almost... Solidifying the path that'll take us to safety..." Ulquiorra grunted, almost out of energy as well.

"Safety?" Grimmjow's eyes widened in horror as Aizen suddenly flash stepped right behind him, leaning over his shoulder and licking a stream of fresh blood pouring from a wound on his cheek. "What safety?" The Sexta immediately stiffened, his frantic mind racing over the situation and its possible outcomes, one more gruesome than the other.

Grimmjow never thought he'd feel so terrified in his entire life.

"G-Get away from me!" he suddenly screamed, drawing his zanpakuto in a desperate effort to wound Aizen, knowing it was futile the moment the thought crossed his panicking mind.

Thankfully, it was enough to make the lord of Las Noches step back to avoid getting hurt, and that's when Ulquiorra's portal finally opened.

"Grimmjow!" the Cuatra called, a slight panic creeping into his tone as he realized how close Aizen was to them. How futile their efforts were. How amusing they must look in Aizen's eyes.

It was all just a game... and they were the pawns.

The cat-like Espada quickly reacted, retreating into Ulquiorra's Garganta with a scared look clearly showing in his eyes as Aizen started pacing towards them, zanpakuto unsheathed in his hand, dried blood from his previous kills staining the steel.

"You know you can't run." He smiled lightly as if this was amusing.

"Close it!" Grimmjow all but screamed.

"I'm trying, shut up!" Ulquiorra growled as he put his hands out, trying to close the portal.

"You think you can escape." The ex-shinigami scoffed, getting closer.

"Got it." The black-haired Arrancar sighed out in relief as the portal slowly started closing, Hueco Mundo and Aizen starting to face before their eyes.

"Let's see how far the mice can run before the cat catches up, shall we?" Aizen grinned evilly as he sheathed his sword and watched the two remaining Espada retreat. "I'm always watching."

The last thing Aizen saw were the terrified faces of his former subordinates. The last thing the ex-Espada saw was Aizen's amused expression.

It was only when the Garganta closed that Grimmjow dared to breathe again.

"Come on, we're not safe yet." Ulquiorra reminded him, pointing towards the light blue path made for them.

"Where does the portal lead to?" the teal-eyed Espada asked.

"I don't know. I created a link to a random place I've been to before, but I've been to a lot of places before, so I can't say for sure." The bat-Espada whispered, trying to walk straight.

"Let's hope you won't land us somewhere where we're not extremely welcome." Grimmjow muttered as he walked up and put Ulquiorra's arm around his neck, helping him walk.

Even if the slightly older Espada wouldn't admit it, they both needed to support each other right now, so that meant trying to find a way to survive.

Just as the light at the end of the path shone, Grimmjow closed his eyes and hoped they hadn't landed in Soul Society.

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