Pen-name: Flaming Junebug

Title: Pigtails and Lollipops

Summary: What happens when Bella has detention with the Headmaster?

Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters, as they belong to Stephenie Meyers.

This sweet little thing, or so she acts, is going to be the reason I have a heart attack. She is as cute as they come and will become even more beautiful as she ages. At 18, her IQ is high enough that she doesn't have to be here. I think she does it to entice me. One of these days, I am going to give her a small taste of my cock and when I do, she will be begging for more.

Isabella is a pain in my ass and makes my dick harder than deciding on which type of nuclear energy is environmentally friendly. She acts like any other normal teenager until she sees me; then its balls to the wall. On any given day, she will all of a sudden need to tie her shoe and bend over from the waist, right in front of me. Bella doesn't seem to mind flaunting her ass in those white, cotton panties. I really just want to walk right up to her and impale my cock in that tight pussy.

Virgin? That's the word around the school; that she is still a virgin. Supposedly, she is waiting until marriage. We may have to see about that. I can just imagine being inside her and feeling the pop of that cherry. Damn! I need some relief.

As I sit in my office lounging in my chair, I think about that so called virgin: her white button up shirt bulging from her beautiful perky tits; those knee socks and of course, her cotton panties. Her hair is in pigtails today, I can just see myself holding on to them while her mouth is around my cock.

Straining to come out and play, I release my rock hard cock; I don't know when the last time I actually had to relieve myself on my own was. But damn, I can't walk around here like this all day. I reach into my desk drawer and grab some tissues and the lotion I have hidden. It smells of honey, just like her.

I place some lotion in my hand and begin to stroke myself slowly. I imagine her with that lollipop in her mouth, and my cock gets harder. Every day Bella taunts me with one; as if she were sucking on my cock. As I do, I start to stroke myself faster, creating warmth that only her mouth could bring, and I feel my release coming. As soon as I see her tongue swirl around that lollipop, I lose control.

As good as that felt, I can't believe I just jacked off to images of Isabella. Now, if only I can get her out of my head and then maybe, I will make it through the day.

But, no such luck!

As I'm putting myself up and fixing my clothes, my intercom beeps. Of course, what would a day be without the illusive Bella making her way into my office? I do not understand what is going on with this girl, why does she get into so much trouble?

She sashays her tight little ass in and sits down in the chair in front of my desk. She proceeds to place her feet, ankles crossed, on top of my desk.

"Isabella, what have you done this time?" I ask her.

"Nothing, Sir." Bella responds.

"You wouldn't be here if it were nothing. Now, what did you do this time?" I chide her.

"I told Mr. Banner to go fuck himself." Bella smirks.

"You did what?" I am appalled at the level of crassness she achieves on a daily basis.

"He handed me my test paper back and told me he would give me a higher grade if I agreed to see him after school." Bella began to explain. "I asked what for and he said to take care of something that keeps coming up. So I told him to go fuck himself."

"Bloody hell!" I exclaim."Well, I will speak with him and you know you are going to have to serve detention this afternoon." How dare he approach MY Bella!

If it had been anyone other than Bella, I would can his ass- the perverted bastard. Hell, what am I? Here I was just jacking off to a student and I'm calling him perverted.

"No! Don't say anything to him. I would rather serve the detention and not have to deal with him." Bella said quietly. "It will be his word against mine."

"Okay, if that's how you want it. Wait outside my office after school and we will take care of the detention." I look her in the eyes and see something I can't discern.

"Yes, Headmaster." Bella seductively calls out.

Now I have to figure out what to do about detention. Write from the dictionary? Maybe, read aloud as I love to hear the little vixen's voice. I could always put her over my knee. That would be a dream come true.

Calling her father, I let him know that she has detention and she will be late getting home. If Charlie knew the thoughts I had about his daughter, he'd bury me under the jail.

The rest of the day goes without incident. The kids are always pretty good unless someone, namely Bella, starts some kind of shit. Then all hell breaks loose. She has caused so much trouble; I can't even begin to name it all.

Her time has come; I don't know if I'm nervous or excited. We will just have to see how she plays. Nice? Or naughty? Maybe I should get my ruler out and place it on my desk.

I get up from my desk and open the door.

"Isabella, come on in." I usher her in, leaving the door open; for now.

"Headmaster," Bella says.

"I called your father and told him you had detention. He knows you will be late getting home," I explain. "Have you thought about what you did today?"

"Yes, Sir. I have." Bella is nervous, not her usual snarky self.

"And what should we do as punishment for cussing your teacher?" I am giving her the choice here.

"Sir, I…I'm not sure." Bella is quiet.

"Now that's a first." I sarcastically replied. "What's wrong Bella, you are never quiet. Cat got your tongue this afternoon?" I smirk at her.

Bella narrows her eyes at me. "No, Sir, it doesn't. But the punishment I have in mind could be rather…portentous. I wouldn't want to assume that the Headmaster would put himself in such a precarious position." She smirks back.

"Really? And what might that be, Bella?" I arch my eyebrow.

"Well, it seems you have a mighty nice ruler there on your desk." Bella gestures towards the ruler. "What's the purpose of such a thing?" She is goading me and I know I need to stop, but fucking hell if I don't want too.

"Would you like to find out?" I encourage her.

Wide-eyed and shocked, she blushes. This virgin of a girl, who has taunted me and made sexual innuendos, is speechless and fucking blushing. I can't believe it.

"Well?" I ask. "Shall we?"

She is still dumbfounded at what has been proposed. I walk around my desk and sit in my chair.

"Bella, please come here." I point in front of me.

She cautiously gets up and walks to where I have pointed. She is nervous and trembling a bit. Shall I stop? Shall I continue?

"Bella, you see this?" I show her the ruler. "Is this what you want?" I can't believe I am considering this.

"Yes…Yes, Sir." Bella shakily admits.

"Tell me Bella, would you like to be put over my knee?" I watch her and try to gauge if I am going too far. "If this is truly what you want, go shut the door and lock it. No one should be here, but we don't want an audience." She turns and walks to the door, for a moment I think she is going to leave, but she doesn't. Instead, she closes the door and locks it, returning to her spot in front of.

"Isabella," I sternly say, "You will bend over my knee and I will paddle you. You will remain quiet, just in case someone is here. If I hear a word, I will paddle you more. Do you understand?"

She nods her head.

"Isabella, I said, do you understand? Answer me, now!" I am in control here, not her, me.

"Yes, Sir. I understand." Bella answers.

"Very well then. Come, bend over my lap and lift your skirt." I scoot back a bit to allow for her to do this.

She takes her steps carefully and then bends over my lap. I feel her breasts on my leg; I don't know if I can handle this. My cock is already hard from the scene playing out. She pulls her skirt up and I see those panties. Those white, cotton, little girl panties.

I don't know how far to take this. Five slaps, I think that will work for now. Not knowing what she will feel after this, I do not want to push her.

I place a hand on her lower back, holding her skirt up. One! She stiffens. Two! She stiffens, again. Three! She whimpers, barely, but she does. Four! She grabs my thigh. I look down at her and her face is read and she is biting her lip, eyes closed tight. Five! She exhales.

"Stand up." I tell her as I grab the lotion out of my desk. "I want you to turn around and hold your skirt up. I'm going to pull your panties down and put some lotion on you. Is that okay?" I want to make sure I am not over-stepping my boundaries by doing this; like imaging her mouth around my cock.

"Yes, Sir; thank you, Sir." Bella is barely getting the words out. I'm not sure why this is.

She pulls her skirt up and holds it; I pull her panties down and see her delectable ass tinged pink. I am so hard right now, I just want to bed her over my desk and take her; here and now! I place some lotion in my hand and begin to rub it into her bottom. She whimpers at first, but then starts moaning.

"Bella," huskily coming out, "Please, quit moaning…I…I…" I can't even get the words out as I finish applying the lotion.

She drops her skirt and turn to face me. Head down, she is wringing her hands. Something is visibly worrying her, but what? Do I really want to ask?

"What is it Isabella?" Trying to sound dominate.

"I…I want…" Bella is embarrassed, again. I am so overwhelmed with her, never experiencing Isabella in this context.

"Tell me, Isabella. What is it that you want?" I say, sounding irritated.

"A kiss." I barely hear her speak. "I want to kiss you." She looks up at me. I see it, there, in her eyes. Has this all been a game? Is it even possible?

"You want to kiss me?" I question, still cautious of her. "Is that really what you want right now?"

"Yes, Sir." Bella's cheeks redden even more.

"You know, I should not have let this get as far as it has." She looks crest fallen as I explain. "You tease me and you taunt me, each and every day. Do you know what that does to me, Isabella?" I am really aggravated right now.

"Any clue? Any idea at all, Isabella?" I'm getting louder and she is cowering. Good, this is what I want from her.

"Give me your hand, Isabella." I demand. She ever so slowly raises her hand to me. I grab her wrist and place her hand on my cock. "This, Isabella. This is what you do to me. You realize how wrong this whole situation is, don't you?" I chide her.

"Yes…yes Sir. I do, but I…I can't help it," Bella cries.

"You can't help it?" I scoff. "Why? Why is it that you can't help it, Isabella?"

"I…I..." she steps back, with her hand still on my cock. "Because I want you. I want you to be mine."

Holy shit! I never expected to hear that. What do I say, what do I do? I could get fired and even be put in jail! But, she is 18, so on that front, I'm ok.

"Isabella, you don't mean that!" I turn from her and shake my head in disbelief.

"What?" Bella asks rather pointedly. "How, how dare you! How dare you tell me what I mean and don't mean." Her words are now filled with anger towards me.

"Bella." I don't even know what to say. I turn towards her. "Bella, do you know what could happen here? Not between you and I; but, if anyone ever found out, do you realize what that could mean?"

"Yes, Sir. However, I am 18 and therefore, an adult," Bella replies, point blank.

"Tell me something, are you a virgin?" I finally come out with it.

"No, Sir." She looks down and hides her eyes from me. "I only said that because I was hoping it would get back to you. But I have only been with one person, one time."

I watch her for a moment and then turn away. My brain is in overdrive. I can't think. I know I want her, but I am older and her Headmaster. I know the type of person she seems to portrait here and the one at home. She is mature for her age. Living through what she has, it has aged her.

I linger in front of the window trying to decide what to do. My dick tells me to fuck her; my heart says to love her as I have grown to, but my head is saying NO! I turn back and watch her again; she is still wringing her hands.

I walk over to her and lift her chin up, looking into her eyes. I see it then: admiration, lust, and most of all, love. I raise my hand to her cheek and watch as her eyes close and she leans into my hand.

"Isabella, are you sure?" I want to allow her another chance to leave.

"Yes, I am sure, Sir," She says with confidence.

Here goes nothing.

"Go, stand in front of the table, facing the desk." I am trying to figure this out in my head. Of all the times I have dreamed of this, I never once thought it would happen.

As I walk around to the front of my desk, I turn the chair around so I can carry out this scene. "You are not allowed to speak unless I say. You have two safe words that can be used at anytime you need to. Red means stop and Green means go. Do you understand so far?"

"Green," she replies.

"Good. I want you to strip, slowly." She follows my directions and begins unbuttoning her shirt. Once off, she undoes her bra and those perky tits are just a few steps away from me.

"Stop," I demand. "Touch your breasts for me, Isabella." She bites her lip and then begins to touch herself. "Pinch you nipples for me, Isabella. I want to see them standing." My cock is so hard; I could come by just a touch.

"Isabella, turn around and place your hands on the table. I'm going to take you from behind." I get up and take a condom out of my wallet. I hope like hell it works; it's been in there for a while. "I want to hear you, Isabella; but, you are not to speak. Do you understand? Color?"

"Green, Sir," she says, and it thrills me to hear.

She has her hands on the table, and her ass peeking out from under that skirt. The shoes and knee socks are just an added bonus to this fantasy.

I loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt to remove them. Walking up behind her, I undo my pants and release my cock- placing the condom on it. I rub the head of it on her pussy lips. She is so wet; I can not only smell her arousal, but see it.

"Do you like this? The feel of my cock on you?" I growl at her.

She whimpers as I continue to tease her. I reach around and grab one of her breasts and roll her nipple. She starts to grind her ass against me. I stop... she stops.

"Isabella, if you move again, I will put you back over my knee and you will not get to come. Do you understand? Color?" I demand.

"Green, Sir." She ducks her head.

Enough is enough and I am ready to feel her. I spread her legs a little more and guide my cock into her pussy. Oh my! Hot! She is so hot! Just the head of my dick is in her and she is so hot and tight. I hope I can hold out to make her come at least once.

I inch myself into her heat. We are both panting. She fits around me like a glove; I still for a moment, to compose myself. I don't want to come like a little boy. I want to enjoy this. I pull out of her and slowly, at a torturing pace, push back in. She is whimpering.

"Color," I grit out.

"Green," she cries.

Once more I pull out and push back in. Again, getting the feel of her before I claim her in a way that will please this dominating side she has brought out.

I grab her pigtails with one hand and tell her to hold on because she is fixing to be fucked into next week. She cries out, wanting for more. With one hand on her hip, I pull out and slam back into her. At this pace it won't last long.

"Isabella, I can feel that you are close. Do not come until I tell you." I continue slamming into her and she moans loudly. "If you do not quiet down, I will stop and fuck your mouth."

Her moans become quieter. Her insides are giving her away, she can't last much longer. I am about to blow, but I want one more thing before I allow us both to fall. I want to hear my name fall from her lips.

I pull out and turn her around. Setting her on the table, she wraps her legs around me.

"Isabella, I want to hear my name when you come." I grind into her. We're almost there. "Come now!"

We both explode and I hear the sweetest thing come fall from her lips. "Carlisle." Slowing down, I grab her face between my hands and finally enjoy the sweet taste of her mouth.