This is a new idea that bounced into my head after my French II exam today.

What if Sloan wasn't Mark's only kid? This takes place a little over a year after the shooting. Mark and Lexie have gotten back together and are living together. He has a three year old daughter that he never knew about. When her mother dies and she is brought to Mark can the couple raise her together or will their world crash around them, like things did when Sloan came to them?


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"Mark, can you get that?" Lexie called from where she was lying on the couch after there was a knock on the door.

"Is it too much of a hassle for you to get it?" Mark asked laughing as he walked in from the bedroom.

"Did YOU just have a 30 hour shift?" Lexie said sitting up and glaring at him.

"Point taken." He said chuckling and kissing her as he walked by.

When Mark opened the door he froze.

Standing there was a woman in a suit with a little girl in her arms.

The little girl had pale blonde ringlets and was clutching a doll in her arms. She looked to be around three years old. She was wearing a slightly singed night gown and her hair and skin were covered in a thin layer of ash.

The woman opened her mouth and began to speak.

"Mark Sloan?" She asked looking at him.

"Yeah." He said looking at the little girl.

"Hello, my name is Sara Greene, I'm with Social Services. This is your daughter, Abigail Cameron Harte. I'm sorry to inform you that this evening her mother, Lauren, perished in a house fire. We can make other arrangements, but she has no other relatives and you are listed on her birth certificate as her father."

"I…. Um…." Mark stuttered. He vaguely remembered Lauren; she had been a woman that he met at Joe's about three months before he had worked that first case with Lexie. They had slept together and he had never heard from her again.

"Mark?" Lexie called as she walked over. As she did the little girl looked at Lexie with her ice blue eyes.

Lexie gasped and looked at Mark.

He turned to explain and she looked at him and simply replied, "I heard everything."

"I have what's left of her things in the car if you want her." The social worker said awkwardly.

Mark turned to look at Lexie. She nodded and said, "She's your daughter."

"Hi, sweet heart. I'm your Daddy." Mark said taking her in his arms. He kissed her head then handed her to Lexie.

The social worker then lead Mark to her car and Lexie was left alone with the little girl.

"Hi, honey. My name's Lexie." She said kneeling down to the three-year-old's eye-level.

"Hi." She said softly as she hugged her doll to her chest.

"What's your dolly's name?" Lexie asked.

"Lily Rose." She said shyly. "You can call me Abbie."

"Okay, Abbie. How about we get you cleaned up?" Lexie said holding out a hand.

"Okay." Abbie said as her shyness suddenly disappeared.

Lexie took her to the bathroom and helped her take off her nightgown.

"Oh my God." Lexie said as she noticed burns on Abbie's body.

"What's wrong?" Abbie asked looking up at her.

"How would you like to see where your Daddy and I work?" Lexie asked calmly trying not to scare her.

"Okay!" Abbie replied happily.

Lexie helped her down from the counter and then put her in one of Mark's shirts.

"Lexie! This is too big!" Abbie said giggling.

"I know honey." Lexie said smiling softly at her before picking her up. She didn't want to tell the little girl that she put her in Mark's shirt because she didn't want to get the burns infected or have any more contact with fabric than needed.

"Lex?" Mark called as he walked backed into the apartment. "I stuck her car seat in the car and I have a suitcase of her stuff. The rest of it was unrecoverable so we need to get her some new stuff."

"Mark, Abbie wants to see where we work." Lexie said walking towards him.

"Why? What's wrong?" Mark asked worriedly. He was happy that Lexie was taking a liking to his daughter, but he knew that tone and it meant something was wrong.

"Second degree burns covering her abdomen and thighs. There are also a few on her arms." Lexie whispered as she handed her to him before they walked out of the door.

"Didn't they treat her after the fire?" He asked turning to Lexie after he knocked on Callie's door.

"Apparently not." Lexie said clearly disgusted.

Callie opened the door and her eyes immediately went to Abbie.

"This is my daughter, Abbie."

"You have another daughter?" Callie said.

"That's really not important right now." Lexie said stepping forward. "What's important is that she's covered in burns and needs to be treated."

"Arizona!" Callie yelled as she grabbed her jacket.

"What's going on?" Arizona asked as she came to the door.

"I'll explain in the car. Let's go." Callie said before leaving.

"She's going to be fine." Lexie said grasping Mark's hand in hers.

"I hope so." Mark said kissing the top of his daughter's head as she leaned into his chest