Chapter One

December 1972

"Mummy!" Ten year old Chastity Claire Babcock cried as she bounced down the stairs of her mother's mansion. She was clutching a book she had gotten as a present from her older brother Noel to her chest as she ran into the living room where her mother was sitting, reading a book as well.

"What is it sweetheart?" She asked as she removed her glasses and CC jumped on the couch next to her.

"Mummy! I was just reading this book and can you tell me what the word," She looked back at the book to find the word, "Pregnant, means?" CC watched as her mother's green eyes widened and then relaxed. She needed to know sometime, seeing as she had brought it up, might as well tell her then.

"Being pregnant means to be carrying a baby in your tummy." She said placing her hand gently on CC's little stomach.

"Really? How does a baby survive in there? Do you swallow it?" BB couldn't help but laugh at her youngest daughter's assumption, and be a little disturbed. Her childlike naivete would only last so long, so she would enjoy it while it lasted.

"No honey, you're not old enough yet to find out how they come along. I'll tell you when you're thirteen okay?" She said as she wrapped her arm around her shoulders. CC beamed up at her with her beautiful blue eyes and her straight golden hair. She nodded and then hugged her mother.

"I love you mummy." She said as she dug her head in her mother's stomach.

"I love you to sweetie." She kissed the top of her head and then hugged her closer to her. She wished this moment would last forever, but she knew she'd have to let her daughter grow up someday. She would hopefully turn out to be a kind young woman like her older sister, but strong like her brother and father. She ran her fingers through CC's thick hair and sighed. What would become of her little Chastity Claire?

June 1999

It was a dreary June morning in LA. The rain was falling down hard as CC Brightmore looked out the window. She hated mornings like this, it just ruined her whole day. She couldn't go anywhere because even if she coughed, Niles would rush over to see if she was getting sick. It was annoying, but cute in the same time. She often would just cough so that he would rush to her side and check on her, she would always smile and say that she was just clearing her throat. He would give her one of his nervous glances and then go back to whatever he was doing. Today though, he'd already left to go and be a butler next door at the Sheffield residence.

She'd decided to not come into the studio today because she hadn't been feeling well at all. Damn morning sickness. She sighed and closed the curtains, blocking the weather outside from her view. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of milk. She had had to give up caffeine altogether as well as alcohol, which had been just fine with her, until of course she got one of those cravings Nanny Fine had warned her about, but she was a good girl and hadn't eaten the brownie she had wanted so badly.

Taking the milk with her, she went upstairs and laid down on the bed. She took a swig of milk and then looked at the ceiling, she was counting all the dots, just to see how many were there. The rain was a relaxing sound and it almost made her want to go back to sleep, but she knew she would have to get something done today, she could look over the scripts again for the first two episodes and check for any spelling errors or flaws in characters that were just too annoying. She finished her drink and then placed the glass on the nightstand. She made her way to her home office and sat down on her favorite green couch that she had "stolen" from Maxwell after that moved to California.

CC was just beginning to get interested in the Pilot again when her stomach began to hurt. She rubbed it a little and as suddenly as it had begun, it stopped. It must have been the baby growing she thought to herself as she put her glasses back on and started reading again. She didn't make it very far until her stomach began to hurt again, this time it was a lot worse. She sucked in air through her teeth and clutched her stomach. She began to shake and slipped off the couch onto the hardwood floor. She curled into a ball and the pain just became more unbearable. She tried to stand, but it was near impossible, she had to get to the phone, something was definitely wrong.

She dragged herself what little strength she had in her to the nightstand and knocked the phone onto the floor. She hit the speed dial button for Maxwell and Fran's house next door and held the phone close to her ear.

"Sheffield residence?" Niles' familiar voice said.

"N-Niles?" She asked as she began to grow weaker and weaker.

"Chas? Are you alright?" He asked as he held onto the phone with two hands.

"Niles?" She asked again. Her vision was beginning to grow blurry. She looked and saw that her white pajama bottoms were beginning to turn red. Blood. CC let out a scream and tears welled in her eyes. The last thing she heard before blacking out was the sound of Niles screaming her name and then nothing...

Niles dropped the phone and rushed out the door into the storm. Fran, who had been in the living room, watched him dash past her and outside. She followed suit after telling Gracie to watch Jonah and Eve while she was gone, she grabbed her rain coat from the closet and guessed that he was going next door, she hoped that everything was alright with CC. She had heard him calling her name, but she had thought nothing of it, maybe they had had a fight and she would not answer his reply.

Niles nearly knocked the kitchen door from its hinges as he rushed inside, dripping wet.

"CC!" He screamed. He ran upstairs and looked for her in every room, he found her on her side in her office, with blood all around her. "Oh my God." He said as he kneeled down on the floor beside her. He grabbed the phone and dialed 911, telling them to come immediately, something had happened to his wife while he was away and that blood was all over the place. He pulled her close to him and began to rock her back and forth. He moved her hair from her face and looked down at her. Her face had turned absolutely pale and her lips were devoid of all color. How he wished she would just open her eyes and look at him.

"Niles?" Fran called from downstairs.

"Up here Mrs. Sheffield!" He shouted and he looked back down at his wife. He was so scared right now, that he didn't know what to do, he was totally helpless, as was she.

Fran followed where his voice had come from and when she walked in and saw the scene, she gasped and covered her mouth.

"What happened?" She asked.

"I don't know! She called and all I heard was her say my name and then she let out a scream and I rushed over here as fast as I could, and this is how I found her." He said as tears formed in his own eyes.

"Did you call an ambulance?" She asked as she kneeled down next to him and took CC's hand. It was ice cold, but she was still breathing. Blood was still gushing from some unknown wound, though Fran had a guess what was happening. She had heard of things like this happening before and she never wished it on anyone, not even on CC.

"Of course I did! I'm not stupid!" He shouted as he kept rocking CC.

"I know, I know, just keep calm." She said as she put a hand on his shoulder. She silently began praying for CC while waiting on the paramedics to get there. She felt like it had been an eternity before they finally arrived, loaded her on the stretcher and then rushed away to the hospital.

She called Maxwell and informed him of the news and he said he would get over there as fast as he could. Niles had gone with CC, so Fran and Gracie hailed a cab to the hospital and sat in the waiting room with Niles, who was pacing back and forth, not wanting to say a thing to anyone, not even Maxwell when he came in. He tried to get him to sit down, but he just shook his head no. He began biting his fingernails and finally what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came out and everyone leapt to their feet.

"Where's my wife?" Niles asked quickly.

"She's recovering right now sir, but I'm afraid I have some bad news." He said.

"What?" He asked.

"Your wife has suffered a miscarriage, I'm sorry." He said and then walked away. Niles just stood there stunned, while behind him Maxwell put his arm around Fran and pulled her close. Gracie covered her face with her hands and began to sob. She had remembered her talks with CC about names and what they would do to the nursery, all those dreams were gone now and they would never be back.

Well, what do you guys think? I had this idea after reading about Lauren Lane, did you know she suffered a few miscarriages during the run of The Nanny? Isn't that sad? Do you guys think I should go on or whatever? I'm still working on the other story, but I just wanted to get your opinion on this idea before I wrote anything else. Surprisingly, I think I'll make BB a more likeable character in this one...