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"Everything is set up," said Chernov to himself as he finishes the last of his calculations, "All the math is done and the machines are ready, this could be interesting." Chernov is a Human Smurf Hybrid who is green and is 4 apples tall, he wears camouflaged jacket, pants, shoes and a camouflaged smurf hat. He is the only smurf in the village who's legs stand straight.

Inside Chernov's mushroom home the major space inside it is cluttered. There was a couple of two sided whiteboards with Algebra written all over them, there were tables pressed up against the wall with chemicals and element containers along with the usual crap found in a science lab.

Whatever space is available has some sort of computers on them containing a load of data. At the center of the room sits an Island Counter with what appears to be a dead potted plant whooked up with electrodes connected to the computers.

"I did the math and did the correct measurements of chemicals," said Chernov as he rechecks his calculations again, "According to the math, the system will explode making the experiment a success. Luckily I got rid of all my TNT before beginning this project." After checking everything one last time, he puts on a pair of goggles and grabbed a large metal switch screwed into the wall which was connected to the whole system. "Here goes nothing," he says, "Fire in the hole!"

He flipped up the switch and everything explodes as predicted, the explosion did not caused much damage but it blew out all of the mushroom house's windows. Chernov was knocked to the ground and is covered in dust and soot from the explosion, "Why am I'm so violent," he says as he wiped the grime off his face. Then he saw it, the once dead houseplant that resembled twigs is now full of life with green leaves and all.

"seems that plant worked out perfectly," said Chernov to himself as he gets up and has a closer look, "I think it was too successful as the dirt was once dry barren and now it is wet and full of nutrients. Incredible!"

There was a knock on the front door as it falls over, a smurf stepped into the room and looked at the scene with his jaw dropped. "What happened here?" he asked, "There was an explosion and I thought Jokey's prank went to far again."

"I've just brought a plant back to life," answered Chernov, "How? I don't know but Papa Smurf would want to hear this accomplishment." The smurf looked at Chernov if he's retarded or something then he backed away and ran out of the house. Chernov grabbed the front door and placed it back on it's hinges then grabbed the plant before heading out.

Awhile Chernov was walking by Handy's newly built Pavilion, the smurf himself was busy sawing wood on his outdoor table saw. Across the dirt road the smurflings were digging up a hole and were eating worms, it seems that Sassette was beating Nat, Slouchy, and Snappy at their own game as she was getting the most worms.

When Chernov knocked on Papa Smurf's door before opening it he found the smurf himself sleeping on the floor snoring, Chernov sets the plant on the table and nudges the old timer with his foot. Almost immediately, Papa Smurf woke up and stumbled to his feet. "What do you have there Chernov?" he yawned as he rubbed his eyes, "A plant?"

"I"d just brought this plant back to life," said Chernov, "Even though it resulted in a explosion and blew out all my windows and covered me in soot as you can see, it was a complete success.

As Chernov explains the reanimation process, Handy was still working sawing planks of wood on his table saw as the smurflings were still eating worms from the small hole. As handy finished cutting some wood, the sawblade suddenly stopped spinning and locked up, "Oh what the smurf?" he asked himself calmly, "Oh smurf, the sawblade jammed." He sets his pieces of wood aside and turned a wheel to raise the sawblade up from the table saw to take a look, he foolishly forgotten to turn off the table saw as its still on. As he tries to loosen the sawblade by hitting it with a chunk of wood, the smurflings finished eating all the worms from the hole.

"I'll go asked Farmer Smurf for shovels," said Nat, "So we could dig a deeper hole this time."

"I'll just use by bare hands," says Sassette as she digs a new hole.

"Suit yourself," commented Slouchy, "It will be a lot easier with a shovel you know."

"You'll might hurt the worms," insist Sassette.

As Nat goes off to get some shovels, Sassette wipes off all the mud off of her hands on the grass and stood up. "Come on you piece of smurf," mumbled Handy as he whacked the sawblade one last time. Finally, the sawblade resumes spinning as broke off it's axle and ripped through Handy's torso, grazed Sassette on her stomach, then pinned itself against a tree narrowly hitting Brainy as it hit the tree between his legs.

Smurfette happened to be nearby in a flower garden, she drops the flowers and rushed over to Brainy who had dropped a couple of books he's holding. "What happened?" she asked.

"Get Papa Smurf, look at Handy!" cried Brainy.

Brainy points at Handy, he had a vertical gash where the blade ripped through him. He collapsed to the ground in a pool of his own blood, Smurfette and Brainy waste no time as they ran towards Papa Smurf's house. When they barged right in, they found Chernov talking about his plant as Papa Smurf was bored out of his mind. "Papa Smurf," cried Brainy, "Handy is hurt!"

"Finally, I mean oh smurf!" cried Papa Smurf as he follows Brainy and Smurfette out the door.

"This is something I have to see," said Chernov as he quickly catches up.

The smurfs approached Handy's body where Papa Smurf tried to check for a pulse on his neck, "He's dead," said Papa Smurf, "What killed him?"

"Sawblade, it went over..." Brainy paused and noticed Sassette was standing with her arms over her stomach, Nat was just returning with the shovels and seeing what's going on he dropped them all and approached Sassette.

"Sassette's hurt!" cried Smurfette as the smurfs rushed towards her, "Sassette, is anything wrong?"

"My stomach hurts, it feels like it's going to explode." she answered. Chernov noticed the blood on Sassette's pink overalls, he pulls Sassette's arms away and everyone was horrified to see a horizontal gash in her abdomen. Without warning, Sassette's intestines burst out of her but she managed to catch her insides to avoid them from touching the ground. Smurfette simply fainted at the sight of it.

Sassette was too shocked to scream, Chernov quickly picked her up and rushed her to his house as everyone else follows. Brainy did his best to carry Smurfette along, luckily the smurflings managed to help him with her. Chernov runs into his house to find it cleaned up by Sweepy Smurf who was standing outside waiting for him, everyone pushed Sweepy out of the way as Chernov places Sassette onto his island counter.

"I want everyone to get out!" ordered Chernov, "Git!"

Papa Smurf backed everyone outside and shuts the door and proceeds to help Chernov, "Papa Smurf, grab her shoulders." said Chernov, "We're going to need to remove Sassette's clothes." Papa Smurf was too shocked to argue anyway as he does what Chernov says, he undo Sassette's overalls straps and pulls it off of her with Papa Smurf hanging on – careful not to remove her intestines in the process.

By the time they got it off, Chernov washed his hands and proceeds to tug Sassette's intestines back into her stomach. Somehow, she is still conscious and aware what's going on. "Am I going to die?" asked Sassette.

"If your intestines were sliced, you would be dead before you would hit the ground." said Chernov as he pushes her insides back in the correct places, "Nice sex organs you got here, they would come in handy later in your adulthood."

"So what are you going to do Chernov?" asked Papa Smurf as Chernov disinfects the wound.

"I'm going to stitch her gut close," he said as he took out a spindle of strong thread and a needle, "Here goes nothing."

It took him an hour or two, as Sassette's intestines try to spill out again. After he finished the last stitch, he rubs antibiotic ointment on the wound then placed a bandage on it. "I see why your belly is big," said Chernov as he tickles her side, "Your organs seemed to have no room in there." Sassette simply laughed, she's now out of shock and is out of the woods for now.

When Smurfette finally came to, it was just in time for Chernov to call her in. "Sassette, your sister is here." said Chernov.

"Oh thank you Chernov," said Smurfette, "I knew I could count on you."

"Smurfette?" asked Sassette.

"Yeah?" asked Smurfette.

"Are you going to pass out again?" she asked.

Everyone laughed, the humor was short lived as Chernov quickly brought up the bad news, "The bad news is that she can't be outside up and about for awhile," he said, "Until the wound heals, she will stay at my house for now so I could keep an eye on her."

"For how long?" asked Smurfette.

"Weeks," said Chernov, "Nor she could stand, as the pain would be unbearable."

Sassette tried to sit up but yelped and laid back down, "See," said Chernov, "Unbearable."

Chernov picks Sassette up and lies her on his bed in the next room, then he walked out of the house as Smurfette stayed by her sister's side. Brainy simply sat by with the other smurflings as he Chernov came walking back in with Handy's body and flopped him onto the Island Counter where Sassette once lied. "Accidental Death," said Chernov as the smurfs stared at the body, "Irony is that all the victims wore Overalls and the only funny thing next to that is Brainy nearly got the sawblade on his you know what."

Chernov places a bedsheet over Handy's body and simply said to everyone, "Does anyone have anything better to do?" he asked. All the smurfs cleared out of Chernov's house and he shut the door behind them, now he wonders what to do with the corpse. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Papa Smurf stood before him, "Can you revive Handy?" he asked.

"I could try but there might be unforeseen consequences." said Chernov, "I'll try to revive him at midnight, you remember what happened after that meteor strike on top of Brainy."

"Oh yes, I remember it well." said Papa Smurf.

"It's not your time yet old timer," said Chernov, "But for Handy, his time is already up."

Chernov shuts the door and Papa Smurf heads home, Chernov sits back and stares at the cloth of the body and begins to wonder what he must do.