She just sat and looked at the mashed potatoes on her plate, with gravy just appearing out of nowhere.

"Stop it Serena! You about to make it rain!" Hermione said looking up at the roof of the main dining hall.

Serena's head snapped up and she quickly apologized. "I'm sorry guys, it's just, the thing with Snape today. He just decided to pick on me and he kept staring at me." Serena said.

"Its alright Serena, he picks on everyone who's not in his house. Don't worry, we all go through it." Darien said putting an arm around her.

Serena smiled brightly at his statement and sat up. "Your right, I mean, he can't keep me down forever." She said smiling.

The Golden Four looked over to where they heard Seamus Finnegan saying a few words with his wand in hand and over a goblet.

"Say, what's Seamus doing?" Ron asked.

Neville turned to the group. "He's trying to turn the water into rum." He explained to the group, and then all of a sudden a loud explosion was heard.

Everyone in the room turned to see what was going on. They all busted out into fits of laughter and poor Seamus just sat there with black dust all over his face and his hair spiked up. Hermione began whipping her hand back and forth in front of her face with a look of disgust; Serena smiled and just shook her head. The doors to the Great Hall opened and professor Quirrell came running inside.

"TROLL! TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS!" he stopped midway and just fainted. The whole hall erupted into screams and yells.

Dumbledore stood up. "QUIET!" he roared. The whole hall became silent and everyone just stared at their own headmaster. "All the prefects will lead the other years back to their dormitories while the teachers deal with the this incident."

As they were being led out, Serena pulled her friends to the side behind on the large doors.

"What! What is it?" Ron said. "Its Stimulus! He wasn't in the Great Hall! He must be in the Dungeons!" Serena exclaimed. "NO!" Ron shouted. They turned to Ron.

"What?" Hermione asked in disbelief. "NO! I said no! We are not risking our lives for a Slithering!" he said with much venom in his voice.

"Ron, your hatred for Slithering is not important right now! He could DIE!" Serena said. Ron paused for a moment until a hand landed on his shoulder. He looked over to see Darien. "Come on mate, it's the right thing to do." He said.

Ron sighed angrily. 'Oh all right!" he finally said. The four raced down to the dungeons, where they entered the boys bathroom and saw stimulus trying to hide under a sink and the large, ugly troll raising its club about to strike.

"Stimulus move!" Serena yelled getting the trolls attention. The troll threw the club at the four, but they quickly dodged it by jumping out of the way. Darien grabbed a brick and threw it at the troll's head. "Nice shot!" Ron cheered.

As Serena was trying to run across and reach stimulus, the troll spotted her and grabbed her. "Noo!" she shouted.

"Ron! Remember! WINGARDiUM LEVIOSA!" Hermione shouted. Ron picked up his wand and moved it in his hand. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" he said. The club on the floor lifted higher and higher until Ron had it above the troll's head.

He then released the spell and the weapon fell on top of the troll's head. The troll began to sway back and forth; its eyes becoming crossed. The troll released Serena, but Darien caught her in time and they both fell to the ground.

The troll then made a loud plop and became unconscious. Hermione and Ron went over to the troll and made sure it was out.

Serena looked over to where stimulus was, still under the sink. She went over and helped him up. "Are you okay?' she asked. Stimulus just stared at her and stayed silent.

Serena couldn't take it anymore. "CAN YOU BLOODY SAY SOMETHING?" she yelled. Stimulus stiffed up a bit. "Th-thank you." He quietly said.

"HE CAN TALK?" Ron shouted. Hermione hit him on the stomach. "RON! That's not funny!" she said. They heard pairs of feet running towards where they were in and turned to see Professor Quirrell, McGonagall, and just to Serena's pleasure, Snape.

"What happened?" McGonagall asked. Snape glared at Serena and she didn't dare break eye contact. "Well, uh, we-"

"It was my fault professor!" everyone turned to Hermione.

Serena and the others looked confused.

"Ms. Granger?" McGonagall asked in disbelief. "Yes, when I heard about the troll, I thought I could handle it since I've read so much about them. But, if they hadn't come, I would be dead." She explained with her head down.

'Hermione just lied to a teacher!' Serena thought and looking at Ron and Darien, they must be thinking the same too.

"Well." McGonagall said. Serena couldn't hear what McGonagall was saying because she was looking at a bloody legged Snape. Snape seemed to notice and pulled his leg under his long black cloak and looked away. Serena turned her attention back to her head of house. "10 points will be taken from each house, but…15 will be awarded for your accomplishment. SHEER DUMB LUCK! She said walking away with the other professors. The golden four let out a breath of relief.

"Come on, let's go back before we get stopped again by any more trolls." Ron said. "Lets go Rena." Hermione said leading her best friend away by hand. Serena turned back and looked at stimulus while being lead away.

"Bye Stimulus." She called back. Stimulus stood there.

"Bye Serena."

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