Okay, this is my first Bones fan fiction, I decided to do a spinoff of something my English Teacher did my first year of College, every week we'd have an in-class journal writing assignment , the first week we had to write 100 words about the topic, the next week, 200, etc. So I'm taking that and changing it a little, the first chapter of this story is 100 words; the second is 200, etc. I also thought I'd use quotes at the beginning of the chapters but I'm not counting those in the word count.

Oh, this is a very serious plot, I don't want to give it away, but it's not going to be all fluffy bunny rabbits, fairy dust rainbows where everyone poops glitter and everybody's happy to be back together. There's going to be drama, there are going to be angry tears and bitter words, there's going to be a real life happening. Just warning you.

That being said, I decided to do Booth and Parker first because I wanted a happy reunion before the plot took off.

Booth and Parker:

100 words

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad"- Author Unknown

Seeley Booth knocked on Rebecca's door, he knew Rebecca wasn't there, but it was summer time, that meant Parker was home.

"Coming!" Parker's voice had deepened a tiny bit, the shadow on the other side of the door was different too Seeley realized that his boy had grown.

The door opened and Parker's mouth dropped open. "Dad?" his voice caught and his brown eyes filled with tears that he quickly tried to blink away. Seeley opened his arms and Parker rushed into them.

Seeley's boy shuddered and Booth nodded against his son's hair, kissing it, "I missed you too Parker."

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