"There he is!"

"Look this way."
"Is it true that you're sleeping with both Rukia and Byakuya?"
"How do you feel to find out that your car has been total by a jealous ex-girlfriend?"

Vicious. There was no other word to describe paparazzi. As soon as any celebrity stepped outside their front door, there they were. They were like vultures waiting to prey on the innocent lives of a celebrity. It didn't matter if it was an old or new celebrity, if there was any juicy, incriminating photos taken, they could be sold to the highest bidder twenty minutes later. Their job criteria consisted of playing creeper and making up lies over every celebrity in order to sell magazines. But that couldn't mean that everything was a lie, was it?

Enter Ichigo Kurosaki, up and coming singer of Zangetsu who had just been signed onto Soul Reaper incorporated. Only six months into his debut and he already had rumors being swept around him. Sleeping with Rukia and Byakuya? There was no way that was true, at least not with Rukia. Ichigo felt himself blush at the thought as he stepped into the sleep black car waiting for him outside the studio. For the record, he had only slept Byakuya once. My car totaled by a jealous ex-girlfriend? More like: totaled by a drunken best friend. Ichigo shook his head as he remembered waking up to the sound of a crash as Orihime ran his car into the fence that barricaded his house. Apparently, she had one too many drinks.

This wasn't exactly how Ichigo had pictured the idea of paparazzi. He had always told his friends that if he were a celebrity, he'd be able to handle the annoying cameramen, but that hadn't exactly been the case. All because of one certain camera man that always seemed to stand out to Ichigo. Well, he did have blue hair, why wouldn't he stand out? Ichigo rubbed a tired hand over his face as his manager rattled off in his ear about the venue he was on his way too. He felt someone rub his back and looked up and saw his band mate, Toshiro smile warily at him. Ichigo smirked back as he tried to relax.

Screaming was something that Ichigo and his band mates were never able to get used to. Screaming fans were the icing on the cake of the celebrity life, that followed by groupies, free hotels, endorsements, sold out concerts, and more groupies. Ichigo smiled to himself as he watched Renji and Toshiro shake hands with their fans, signing posters, CDs, and in some cases: body parts. Girls tried to catch Ichigo's attention, older fans giving him suggestive looks that were clearly asking him to fuck them backstage. Ichigo shook his head smirking as he sighed some girl's chest as she whispered all the naughty things that she would do to him if he let her.

Fans were not the only ones who were crowding the barricaded walkway: paparazzi yelling at them to look at them, trying to sneak in interviews and coerce whatever they can from the young, naïve celebrities. Ichigo did all that he could to keep away from them, until he saw a blue-haired devil paparazzi casually leaning against the wall. Teal eyes met brown as the paparazzi smirked, picking up the camera that was hanging around his neck to snap a photo of the confused celebrity. Ichigo scowled as he watched the blue-haired stranger continuously snap photos of him. Not his band mates, just him. Ichigo glared at the camera as he walked past the remaining fans and into the building.

"He's here again?" Renji sighed as he threw a final glance over his shoulder, watching as the blue-haired paparazzi snapped one last photo, camera still trained on Ichigo.

"I don't see why you seem so surprised. Ever since our first interview he was there. I just think it's creepy that he only takes picture of Ichigo." Toshiro shuddered slightly.

"You make him sound like a creeper." Ichigo looked over at his band mates as he picked up his guitar, tuning the instrument silently.

"He's paparazzi. He's the definition of creeper." Renji looked at Ichigo from his spot at his drum set.

"Well, he's done us no harm, really."

"That's bullshit, Kurosaki and you know it." Toshiro plucked at his bass as he stared hard at Ichigo.

Ichigo flushed. The unknown paparazzi had caused nothing but harm to the band, or well, Ichigo since they had debuted. He was the one who had taken the pictures of Ichigo leaving the Kuchiki manor doing the walk of shame. He was the one who had seen Byakuya send Ichigo off with a soft smile that was usually absent on the usually stoic face. He was the one who had taken the picture of Orihime getting out of his totaled car. He was the one who had taken the picture of Ichigo yelling at Orihime. That stupid paparazzi had exposed Ichigo more than any other paparazzi Ichigo who had ever met. He was an asshole and Ichigo didn't even know his name.

"Anyways." Renji pulled Ichigo out of his thoughts as he drummed on his snare. "We shouldn't bother which such lowlifes who have nothing better to do than spread rumors about people. We have a show to worry about."

"Hell yeah we do." And with that, Ichigo let his mind forget about the blue-haired paparazzi and began to think about the show he was about to put on.


Three hours, fifteen songs, three thrown bras, ten broken drumsticks, five lost picks, and six water bottles later, the three members of Zangetsu found themselves panting from the exhilaration of being on stage. Ichigo striped of his sweat clad shirt as he began to rub a towel across his sweat drenched skin. He could hear Toshiro and Renji laughing as the changed into their normal clothing. Just as Ichigo was pulling on a clean shirt, he saw the first flash.
His eyes widened as a series of photographers stood in the doorway of the dressing catching photos of the three shirtless males. Ichigo flushed as he tried to push the door shut so that they could finish changing. He stopped when he felt a strong hand stop his pushing. Ichigo glared at the blonde standing in front of him wearing a green and white striped bucket had and a green robe.

"Mah, mah, Ichigo you wouldn't want to shut out all these magazines! I set up an impromptu press conference." The blonde flicked a fan in front of his face has he laughed to himself, clearly amused by the situation.

"Urahara, get out. We don't want to do an interview."

"Now, now, Ichi-kun is that any way to talk to your manager. Now, go take a seat and let's start the interview."

With a sigh, Ichigo sat down in one of the make-up chairs in between his two other band mates. Renji fiddled with his drumsticks, drumming softly on his knee as the first questions of the interview were fired off. The questions were easy to answer, and the group was able to answer the questions without exposing too much information on themselves. It was halfway through the interview when Ichigo saw a certain paparazzi saunter into the room, quickly catching all of Ichigo's attention. Teal met brown for the second time that night. Ichigo choked on air at the sight. He watched as the paparazzi smirk as he lifted his camera and snapped a shot of Ichigo.

Throughout the rest of the interview, Ichigo tried his hardest to ignore the presence of overly large paparazzi who, was standing in the corner of the room taking pictures of the band, or…Ichigo. Once the interview was finished it was well into the early morning, and all Ichigo had wanted was to get into his bed and crash before he had to go to the recording studio in the morning. He parted ways with his band mates, telling them he didn't need a ride because his loft was only a few blocks away. With a couple of conscious looks over his shoulders, along with pulling up his hood, Ichigo started his voyage to his apartment.

He didn't notice the sound of the falling footsteps behind him. He didn't hear the soft sound of a shutter clicking. He didn't notice the large body with a head of blue hair that had been following him since he left the venue. When Ichigo had finally rounded the corner to his house he heard the sound of leave crunching, echoing his steps. Ichigo froze in his spot and turned around. The paparazzi hadn't even tried to hide himself; in fact, he hadn't even looked guilty for following the celebrity to his house. No, his face held no guilt; all that it had was an eat-shit grin that actually seemed amused by the whole situation.

"Holy Shit!" Ichigo visibly jumped when he saw the nameless paparazzi standing behind him. "So you're a stalker now too?"

"Not a stalker. Just doin' my job."

Ichigo shivered at the sound of the deep rumble that had emitted from the male. Under the soft glow of the street lights Ichigo stared at the man across from him. Since the first time that Ichigo had seen the man hiding behind the camera, Ichigo couldn't deny the forbidden attraction to the man. Tall, well-built, odd hair coloring, he was exactly what Ichigo defined as sex on legs. Well, the odd hair coloring was a perk, not a requirement. But hearing the man talk, his deep gravelly voice was just the cherry on top. Ichigo's eyes scanned the body before he looked up at the smiling man.

"I believe the terms paparazzi and stalking go hand in hand."

"Ah, but that is where you're wrong." Ichigo cocked an eyebrow as he stared at the man across from him. "As paparazzi, you get paid."

"You're a creep."

"And you're a celebrity. Together, we make bank." The photographer lifted his camera and pressed the shutter, capturing the ever present scowl that plagued almost every picture that the photographer had taken.

"You need to leave. Isn't it an invasion of privacy to follow someone home?"

"Tsk, sidewalks are public property, strawberry."

"My name is Ichigo, blueberry." Ichigo narrowed his eyes. Why was he still talking to this creep? Shouldn't he be inside pressing charges, filing for a restraining order? Something? Ichigo took a step forward so that he was standing closer to the taller male. He furrowed his eyebrows in attempt to look menacing. The grin on the blue haired paparazzi grew as he watched the celebrity try and look tough. "You need to leave before I kick your ass, you creepy, worthless piece of trash."

The man laughed and Ichigo couldn't help but let the shock wash over him. The man was actually laughing at his threat. "I'm sure the press would love to hear the story of how you assaulted a poor innocent man who simply wanted a picture of you."

Ichigo felt anger rumbling within him. This guy was unbearable. He was worth than trash. He was scum. "You're sense of a picture of me is someone deluted, asshole."

"You know, it's really rude to insult people." The paparazzi pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket, pulling bringing one to his mouth as he offered the pack to Ichigo. "Want one?" When Ichigo simply stared at him, the man stuffed the pack back into his pocket. "Ah, that's right. You prefer a different type of grass, didn't you?"

Ichigo felt his eyes widen briefly before he narrowed them again. "What are you talking about?"

There was undeniable glint in the nameless man's eyes. "I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, berry."

"No. I don't." Ichigo shifted his weight. The man couldn't be talking about…"

"You sure?"

The man reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a photo. He flicked the image and Ichigo watched as it fluttered to the floor, face side up. Ichigo hesitantly bent down as he picked up the picture, staring at the scene before him. He remembered everything that was occurring in the picture. The picture had to be taken two weeks prior. Ichigo was taking a hit from something that was clearly not a cigarette. Ichigo tore his eyes away from the incriminating image, looking up at the man with fear in his eyes. How, how had the man gotten this picture? This one picture alone was worse, much worse than any of the rumors that were currently going around. This one picture could ruin Ichigo.

Ichigo looked down at his feet. "What do you want?"

"Eh, what was that?" Ichigo could feel the taller man lean into him. Ichigo felt disgusted.

"I asked: what do you want? What do you want for the photo?"

Ichigo met the teal eyes again, hoping that the man had some form of dignity within him. But of course he didn't. He was paparazzi. He took photos of celebrities in questionable scenes for money. His job was to ruin people. His job was to ruin Ichigo. Ichigo watched as the man grinned. He was chuckling now. The stranger had Ichigo just where he wanted him.

"I'll get back to ya on that." And with that, the man turned on his heel and started to walk away from Ichigo.

"Wait." Ichigo took a step forward, ready to run after the man if he wanted to. The man slowly turned around and cocked his head as he looked at the orange-haired youth. "What's your name?"

The man grinned, like he had been waiting for Ichigo to ask that. "Grimmjow. Grimmjow Jaggerjaques." He did a small mock salute. "I'll be in touch, Ichigo Kurosaki."

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