Chapter 1. The war begins.

Rini sat in her room thinking about going back to the twenty first century. Serenity and endymion come in. "rini darling. A word." She tells her daughter. Rini nods and sits on the bed. Her parents sat beside her. "the war is becoming very chaotic, and we want to make sure your safe." Endymion began. Rini knew where this talk was going. "we are going to send you away for a while, honey. A school for princesses and princes." Serenity said holding a paper. Rini looked shocked. "mommy, daddy I don't want to leave! I love everyone here! I'll miss you all!" she protested. Serenity and endymion looked sad. "please rini, for us." Serenity asked. Rini began to cry silently. Endymion saw this, and hugged his daughter. "don't cry, please rini." He comforted. Endymion and serenity loved their daughter to death. Rini wiped her tears. "alright, I'll go." She gave in. her parents smiled and got up. "pack your things, we leave tomorrow." Serenity said smiling, knowing her daughter will be safe. Then they left. Rini began to pack her things. "I'm going, only for my parents." She told herself.