Rini sat on the green grass for her free period. "Tomorrow is the big day." She kept telling herself. Suddenly, two arms wrapped around her waist. Rini turned and saw her romantic, chivalric boyfriend Dylan. He kissed her cheek sweetly and sat down. "Hey, what's wrong." He asked. She looked up into his beautiful green eyes. "Dylan it's the prom." She said. Dylan quickly went down on one knee as in proposing. Rini looked startled and confused. "Uhh, Dylan?" she stuttered. He took out a blue rose. That is right, a blue one. Rini smiled as if she was about to cry. Dylan got up and began speaking. "Rini, I know we've been through a lot. In addition, the annual eighth grade prom is coming up so I wanted to ask you if you would go with me. Rini gave him a stupid look and hit him playfully. "Ow! What I do?" Dylan asked. Rini laughed. "You're so dumb; I'm your girlfriend princey." She told him. Dylan shrugged and gave Rini the flower. Rini remembered when her father would always give her mother red roses. Then, she gasped and turned to Dylan. "Dylan, the prom." She said. Dylan looked confused. "What about it?" he asked. "It said that the kings and queens would be there. MY MOM AND DAD WILL BE THERE!" she yelled. Dylan turned a little pale at the 'dad' part. He remembered how Rini would tell him that her dad was overprotective of her. "It's going to be alright. We just need to tell them calmly." He said. Just then, the bell rang for the next class, which was art. As they got up, Dylan grabbed Rini in a relaxing hug. "Everything will be fine, you'll see." Rini smiled and nodded. "How could she ever resist one of Dylan's hugs? As Rini walked away, she tried to think of the positive side of thing. "Well, I still have to pick out my dress and shoes." She told herself. "I'll look like a princess." Then she stopped. "Oh wait." Then she burst out laughing as people stared at her. She regained composure and walked on.