Oh hey guys, this is my first completely original story for BCB. Well, as original as you can get in a fanfic anyways.

Enjoy this crack baby creation of mine, I hope you enjoy it and remember to have fun with it. So without further ado, I present:

Abbey in Wonderland

Abbey was beginning to get very tired of sitting by his sister on the bank, and having nothing to do. She was currently flipping through a book, waiting for her friend Justin to show up so the young pair could go off and play, leaving Abbey alone and bored. He sighed as he picked up a small stone, rolled it in his hand a moment, threw it in a large arc into the river and watched the small splash it made. He wrapped his arms around his legs and sighed again as Molly looked up from her book and put her hands on her hips.

"If you don't want to stay," She said tartly, "You don't have to. I'm a big girl and can take care of myself now." Abbey sighed and shook his head.

"I just wouldn't feel right leaving you here by yourself." Abbey stated as he picked up another rock and looked at it a moment. Molly huffed and crossed her arms, gazing up the hill they were sitting at the bottom of. As she did, however, she noticed a pair of small white ears cresting the top of it. After a few moments, a pair of goggles joined them. She smiled happily as she jumped up and began shouting.

"Justin! Juuuustin!" She yelled as she waved her arms wildly and turned to Abbey with a smirk. "Well now you can leave." Abbey sighed again as he turned towards the object of Molly's shouting and waved at the small white dog. Justin returned the gesture as he walked down the hill.

"Alright, alright." Abbey said as he turned back towards the river and pulled his arm back to launch the stone from his hand. It sailed through the air and he watched its decent. "I'll leave now-" He stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a movement of white in the corner of his eye. He quickly jumped to his feet and gazed across the river, Had he just seen someone lurking in the woods? He though he might see the tip of a ear.. "Molly did you see-" He started again, just to turn around and see Molly had already run off to meet Justin. He sighed angrily. There was no way he was going to leave Molly and Justin here without finding out who the white person was.

He dashed to the river bank and quickly hopped across a few stepping stones to get to the other side. Once there he hesitated on the edge of the forest and cocked his head to the side. Using his large ears, he listened for any movement. It was just a moment before a twig snapped and there was the sound of feet quickly moving over leaves. Abbey darted after the sound, pushing limbs this way and that, swerving past tree trunks and jumping over bushes. Suddenly he stopped in the middle of a small clearing and looked around, his ears picked up a small rustling sound to his right and he slowly backed towards it while trying to look confused. Once he was near the spot he heard the sound, he turned on his heel and pushed the leaves back just to be greeted by Lucy's face.

With a startled yelp, he stumbled backwards but managed to stay on his feet. Lucy looked shocked for a moment before disappearing back into the underbrush. Abbey blinked in confusion, What was Lucy doing out here?

"Lucy?" Abbey called confused, "Lucy!" He quickly followed her to try to figure out what in the world she was doing out here. He returned to his previous actions of running through the woods and tried to follow the white blur. She was faster than he expected, and there was something off about her. For one she seemed to be fully clothed and her ears seemed odd, almost like they were longer than normal… He came upon a second clearing and as Abbey busted through into the small circle, he got his first good look at Lucy. She was sporting gray and maroon boots, a berry colored skirt, a gray vest with maroon accents over a light pink, long sleeved, collared shirt with an unnecessarily large pink bowtie. She was currently looking at a gold pocket watch connected to her vest pocket by a pink ribbon, muttering something about "Being late." when she looked up and noticed Abbey standing gapping at her and hopped back. But this odd outfit was not what grabbed Abbey's attention, on "Lucy's" head were two very large ears, they almost looked like…

"Lucy" suddenly jumped into the bush she was standing beside and disappeared from view as Abbey stood there in shock. Slowly and with quaking legs, he shakily crossed the clearing, approached the bush and lowered himself to the ground as he peered underneath it.

"Lucy?" He called softly as he crept closer to the bush. "Lucy." He whispered harshly, as he moved the bush limbs aside and saw…Nothing. She was gone, vanished into thin air. Abbey let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding as he tried to figure what in the world was going on. He looked around a moment before his eyes settled on a large black hole in the ground partially covered by leaves. He crept towards it slowly and hesitated a moment with his hands resting on the edge.

"It is a very bad idea to stick you head down holes you don't know where they lead." he suddenly stated to no one. He must have imagined seeing Lucy here, yes he was just tired that's all. He chuckled softly to himself as he leaned on his hands. Well this would be an interesting story to tell at school tomorrow-

He was still laughing softly as the dirt gave out from under him and he slipped forward and down into the rabbit hole. The dirt and pebbles hit his face and he closed his eyes in reaction, coughing to the side to clear his lungs of the debris. The slope steadily steepened and he gained speed at an alarming rate until suddenly he was falling vertically.

Now I don't know if you have ever fallen straight down a dark tunnel with no light or bottom to be seen, but it is quite a horrifying experience, so Abbey reacted in much the same way that you or I would have if we ever found our selves in this unfortunate situation. He closed his eyes tightly and yelled in fright as he fell at an terrifying speed. And because his eyes were tightly closed, he did not see the pile of sticks and leave he tumbled into until after the tumble. Laying in a dazed heap, Abbey stopped yelling and blinked in surprise at his surprisingly soft landing. He slowly gazed upward toward the shaft he had fallen down. Far, far above him was a pinhole sized dot of white in a ocean of darkness.

"How in the world did I survive that?" He asked in wonder as he brought his attention back to the bottom of the well. Glancing around, he soon discovered that he was sitting in the middle of a fully furnished hallway. As he looked down the hall he noticed "Lucy" hopping down the tunnel off in the distance. Since it was obvious he was not going back the way he came, he hurried to his feet and ran after the white furred girl. Even though she was surprisingly fast, he was faster. Soon he had almost caught up to her blurry figure when they both came to a circular room that housed a round table in the middle and many, many doors of all shapes and sizes around the circumference of the room. "Lucy" stopped in front of the arched door at the opposite end of the room and then Abbey finally confirmed his suspicions. As the white furred girl flipped through a ring of keys, Abbey stared transfixed on her ears that were much larger than the Lucy he knew. In fact, this was the moment that he realized he had just been chasing a white rabbit.

He stood there in shock, he tried to make since of the situation, all the while the rabbit ignored him or didn't notice him. Finally she found the key she was looking for, put it into the lock, turned it and ran inside before Abbey udder a stuttering, confused "W-w-wait!" The door slammed behind her as Abbey dashed to the door and grabbed the handle, just to pull his hand back in surprise as it bit him. He nursed his injured and as the doorknob growled at him and glared.

"Watch who's face yer grabbin' ya blooming idiot!" The door handle snarled angrily at the cat. "I don't have a clue where yer hand's been!" It complained as Abbey started in growing concern for his mental health.

"Um, sorry?" He offered weakly as the doorknob huffed at him. "Can I go in?"

"No!" The doorknob said curtly as it snubbed Abbey. "I doubt you would let someone enter you if they rudely woke you up from a pleasant nap by grabbing their face!"

"Look," Abbey said exasperated, "I didn't mean to and I didn't know you were asleep, I didn't think about since that white rabbit just walked through you."

"I don't have a clue what yer yappin' 'bout." The handle said with a rattle. "No white rabbit when through here." It lied. Abbey stood stunned for a moment.

"But I saw her pull out a key and enter you!" The cat insisted. The door handle closed its mouth and gave another rattle with Abbey assumed was something like it shaking it's head. He looked around room at all the other doors. "Well if I can't go through you, can I go through another door?" He asked the handle. It have a short bark of a laugh.

"I suppose you could, all doors lead somewhere, but that doesn't mean they'll lead where you want to go." The handle answered with a smirk. Abbey sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Okay then, is there another door I could go through that would take me to the same place the white rabbit went?" He wasn't sure if he wanted to follow her but he had no where else to go, and at least she was similar to a familiar face. The doorknob smirked and rattled again.

"Nope, all doors lead somewhere but they are different somewhere and the somewhere you want is right behind me." It jingled with laughter and Abbey sighed and turned his back on the door and walked over to the small table in the middle of the room. It was a plain, round oak table with two tiny vials sitting on it. There was a piece of paper sitting between them and Abbey leaned over to read it.

One drink makes you tall

One drink makes you small

If you do not choose wisely,

You won't be able to choose at all.

Abbey read the odd little poem out loud and tilted his head to the side. "What in the world does that mean?" He asked. The door handle jingled with laugher again.

"Why don't you try one and see?" It said with a smirk. Abbey gave it a quick glare before turning back to the bottles. He realized then that neither one was marked, there was no way to tell which one did what. The bottles were identical in every way.

"If I choose the one to make me bigger I could punch that smug look right off that door's face and break it down." Abbey contemplated quietly. He sighed as he grabbed the bottle on the left and twisted the cap off. He took a deep breath and drank straight from the neck. The liquid inside tasted horrible, and Abbey quickly pulled the bottle way and grimaced as his body started to tingle. Suddenly, the table and hall grew to an unbelievably large size and he looked around as the door laughed.

"Looks like you choose wrong cat!" It said snidely, "Good luck beating me down now!." It continued to laugh as Abbey turned around and glared at it. Then he realized something very fortunate for him. He dashed straight for the door and dove under it, easily sliding underneath it to the shock and horror of the door.

"Cheater!" It screeched, "Cheater!" It continued to screamed at the top of its lungs. "You can't do that! Cheater!" Abbey smiled as he dusted himself off and came to the next horrifying realization.

Cliffhanger! Well tune in next time for the next exciting chapter of Abbey in Wonderland!