Abbey saw with despair that he was currently twenty feet above the surface of a large, blue ocean, then that length shortened to ten feet, then five, then none. He hit the water with a splash similar to that in which the stones had made in a time that seemed like another life. He was shocked by the coolness of the water, his muscles froze in place.

For a moment he thought he was going to die, he might always try to save others, but here he was and he couldn't even save himself. That thought got him moving and he kicked with all his might to get to the surface of the water, emerging with a large breath. His whole body ached from the fall as a large green platform slowly floated towards him. He grabbed the edge of it and pulled himself up without hesitation and shook the water from his fur. That's when he noticed that the platform was in reality a large leaf. And then he realized that the large leaf was in reality a small leaf in a large puddle.

Abbey sighed deeply as he realized that he was still minuscule size on this side of the door. He wasn't willing to go back under the door to the ranting knob for anything in the world, and he couldn't reach to door at this height even if he wanted to. Taking hold of a small twig, he began paddling towards the shore. Once there, he abandoned his make shift boat and hopped onto shore.

"Well Hi there stranger." A cool voice said behind him, he twirled around and his breath caught in his throat. Standing before him was none other than that Siamese cat Daisy liked to hang out with. What was his name? Augustus, that was it. Well, it would have been him if it wasn't for the fact that he had longer hair, and a skirt, and a larger….chest area. The female Augustus laughed at Abbey's confused expression.

"You look like a dog chewed you up and spit you back out." She continued with a smirk. Abbey frowned at her and clinched his fists.

"Who are you?" He demanded angrily. The Siamese lifted her eyebrow at him and smirked.

"And who put you in a bad mood? Didn't your father ever teach you manners?" She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest. Abbey growled in irritation.

"Look I don't know what you're up too, Augustus but-" Abbey started to say before being interrupted by the girl's laugh.

"I go by and am called many names, but Augustus is not one of them." She smirked and held out her hand. "You can call me C.C.." Abbey looked at the outstretched and for a moment but made no move to shake it. After a minute, C.C. pulled her hand back with that same grin still on her face. "I'll take it that you are not the social type?" She asked. "But that doesn't explain why you are running around naked." Abbey looked down at himself.

"I'm always 'dressed' like this. I never wear clothes." He said simply as C.C. raised her eyebrows in surprise and grinned wider.

"Well I don't know what world you come from, but here we wear them every day." She motioned to her own outfit that consisted of a gray skirt, with large purple diamonds covering the hem, a matching gray top under an eggplant jacket. Her thigh high panty-hose matched the jacket and purple heels adorned her feet.

Abbey huffed, "And look like rejected video game characters, so no thank you." He said as he turned away, C.C.'s grin only widened.

"Very well, if you won't accept clothes, allow me to leave you with this other parting gift."

"And just what would that be-" Abbey started to asked as he turned back towards her and was suddenly hit in the chest by a small wooden box. The air was knocked out of him, he looked up and was about to yell at the weird cat, when he saw that she was gone. He looked around a moment more before turning his attention down to the box. It had fallen to the ground and laid open, the contents spilling across the beach. He leaned down and scooped up what wasn't on the ground and got a better look at it. After a moment he realized that they were cookies. Perplexed, he picked the box up and peered inside. A simple inscription was written on the inside of the lid.

"Eat Me." Abbey read out loud as he looked at the cookies in his hand. "Well how many do I eat?" He asked himself as he inspected them closely. "And for all I know she could have poisoned them!" He put them all in the box and was about to throw the whole thing away when a thought struck him. "And so what if she did? This can't possibly get any worse than it already is, I might as well try one." He gingerly picked one out of the box and lifted to his face. He peered at it a moment and slowly took it to his mouth. With a deep breath, he tossed the whole thing and grimaced as he chewed.

"Huh, these aren't half bad-" As he spoke the words searing pain tore through his body. He yelled in pain as he gripped his stomach and dropped the box. He felt like his body was being ripped to shreds, and as suddenly as the pain appear, it disappear again. He opened his eyes and slowly stood up and looked around. The first thing he noticed was that he was normal size again. He sighed in relief as he then gazed around and better assessed his surroundings. He looked behind him and saw that the door was still there, and that he could still faintly hear the door screaming on the other side. He turned away from it and looked forward towards the forest in front of him. It seemed normal enough, not much different from the one he had traveled through to get to this odd land in the first place. He looked down and realized that the box with the cookies was at his feet, no bigger than his palm and closed again. He leaned down and picked up the odd box and headed into the woods.

After a few minutes of traveling, he came to a small river cutting through the forest. He leaned down and cupped his hands to scoop up some water. Just as he was about to bring the drink up to his lips, two girls suddenly busted through the underbrush in front of him. They were chattering excitably as he stared in shock.

"Dee, when will you realize that the Queen does not want us in the court?" The first girl said. She was a tan cat with her hair resting softly on her shoulders and her large brown eyes glared at her companion.

"She doesn't mind me in her court, it is you she doesn't like, Dum." Her friends was a bit darker than her, but not much, and she too was a cat. Her dark brown hair was cropped short and her front bangs were a light pink. She rested her fist on her hips and huffed loudly as the two continued bickering.

"Well maybe if you fixed your hair-" the first one, who was apparently Dum, stated.

"Well maybe if you would stop correcting her every other sentence-" the second one, who Abbey assumed was Dee, countered. Neither one took notice of Abbey as he stared in shock. He was startled for two reasons: the first was because they looked eerily similar to Sue and Tess; the second was because they too were wearing clothes and he became aware of the absence of his yet again. They wore matching dresses similar to those you might have seen in the 18th century with corsets, hooped skirts, and frilly cuffs. Abbey coughed in surprise and they both turned to him in unison. They gasped and then screamed in unison too. Abbey grabbed his ears in pain as they stumbled over each other scurrying away.

"A heathen!" Dee/Tess squealed. "A naked heathen!"

"Oh my!" Dum/Sue exclaimed as she covered her eyes.

"I am no heathen." Abbey said loudly as he stood up. They squealed again and covered their eyes in fright.

"Oh dear, please don't harm us!" Dee/Tess yelled frightfully as Abbey sighed.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said calmly.

"Oh please don't defile us!" Dum/Sue cried.

"I'm not going to defile you- Wait, What?" Abbey yelped surprised. "Why I would never-"

"Oh poor us!" Dee/Tess yelled, "We are to die defiled and alone out in these horrid woods and it's all your fault!" She screamed turning to Dum.

"My fault?" Dum/Sue echoed shocked. "It's your fault! You offended the Queen and she transported us here because of you!"

"The Queen?" Abbey questioned them just to be given the cold shoulder.

"No I distinctly remember that it was you who offended her." Dee argued while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"No it was you!" Dum yelled crossly as she uncovered her eyes and glared at Dee.

"Who is this Queen?" Abbey asked again just to be ignored again.

"It was not!" Dee screeched. The two started arguing yet again and completely ignored Abbey yet again. He sighed in frustration as he finally threw his hands up in defeat, picked up his box and walked away perplexed.

"First that weird cat that looked like Augustus and now two girls that could be twins to Sue and Tess?" Abbey pondered out loud, "What in the world is going on around here? Everything just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser…"

"Well this place is pretty odd." A voice stated behind him. Abbey jumped in surprise and turned to face C.C. yet again.

"Oh," He said with a sigh, "It's you again. What do you want this time?"

"Is that anyway to speak to someone who helped you out?" The girl asked, "If you aren't grateful I could happily turn you back to the size I found you in. Maybe you would stop scaring people for being cloth-less then." She stated calmly.

"No!" Abbey said quickly, "I would prefer to stay this size, but I would like you to answer a few questions for me if you could." C.C. crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow again.

"Okay, what do you want to know?" She asked as she leaned against a tree. Abbey thought for a moment before asking:

"Where in the world am I?" He asked finally.

"The kingdom of the Red Rose Queen." C.C. answered bitterly.

"Who is the Rose Queen?" He asked next.

"The Red Rose Queen.' C.C. corrected. "And she is the tyrant that rules this land with an iron fist and an gentle smile. It's sickening." She spat sourly. Abbey tilted his head to the side.

"Why don't you like her?" He asked intrigued. C.C.'s eyes suddenly narrowed and she clinched her fists as she stormed towards him.

"I will answer many questions for you, but that is not one of them. If you ask again I have to answer but that is the last of any assistance I will give you. Do you understand Earthling?" She hissed furiously at him. Abbey thought for a moment, she was the first not completely crazy person he had met and he didn't much fancy losing her help just yet. He nodded slowly when he finally realized what she said.

"Wait, Earthling?" Abbey repeated shocked. "Do you mean I'm not on Earth any more?" As quickly as her fury appeared, it disappeared again and was replaced by her smirk.

"Yes, that is correct." She answered calmly. Abbey blinked in surprise.

"Well then where the heck am I?" He finally asked.

"Welcome," C.C. said with a dramatic curtsy, "To Wonderland."