*Coughs awkwardly at how long it took to write this.*

"W-wonderland?" Abbey repeated surprised. "As in the book?" He asked amazed. C.C. shrugged in reply.

"I suppose it could be a book on your side, I don't know I've never been there." She answered calmly.

"My side?" Abbey asked in shock, "What do you mean by my side? How do you even know about it? And how could you tell I was from Earth?"

"I know a lot more than you should assume." C.C. answered shortly. Suddenly her ears twitched in and she glanced behind herself before she sat up swiftly. "I have to go now." She said as she turned on her heel and started to walk deeper into the woods.

"Wait!" Abbey called after her as he followed. "I'm not done asking you questions yet. And you haven't even answered any of my others!"

"Well I no longer have time to answer them." C.C. said sharply. She stopped and thought for a moment before turning back to Abbey. "Do you want to keep following the White Rabbit? Some of the questions I can't answer might be found by continuing after her trail."

Abbey froze in place. "Well I suppose I could do that, it would be better than standing here in the woods, aimlessly walking around." She nodded and a crooked smiled played across her face.

"Well then, I will point you in the right direction and leave you with one more present." She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. Smoke enveloped Abbey's face and he coughed while waving his hand in front of his face. After the smoke cleared, he looked down to see himself fully dressed in a blue button up shirt, a darker blue tie and pants, and a brown Waistcoat. He sighed as he loosened the tie and inspected his new outfit.

"Well I can't say you has a lack of taste but I hardly thing this is necessary." He stated, looking up to C.C, just to see that she had already disappeared but a thin purple vapor floated in the air down a small path that Abbey hadn't noticed before. He sighed once more and began walking deeper into the woods. He moved branches out of his way as he followed the small rabbit trail.

Then suddenly in a flash of white and pink, she was standing in front of him once more. The tall slender rabbit dressed in pink was once again looking at her pocket watch and saying "I'm late, I'm late!". And just like the girls from earlier, she closely resembled a girl that he knew from his world. Taking a deep breath, Abbey stepped from the woods and uttered a weak, "Excuse me, but what are you late to?"

The rabbit twisted her head up to Abbey and after inspecting him for a moment, knitted her eyebrows together and asked, "What do you think? The Queen's Party of course!" She answered like he was an idiot.

"The Red Rose Queen?" Abbey asked her, hoping for a better answer than he got from C.C. The Rabbit nodded and gave him a look that said, Of course the Red Rose Queen, who else would I be talking about, you fool?

"Okay then, Why is she having a party?" Abbey asked cautiously, watching the Rabbit's body language carefully. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms before answering.

"Because it's the 5th annual celebration for when she took over Wonderland. Everyone knows that-" she suddenly stopped and glared at Abbey. "Everyone should know that, Who in the world are you?" She asked angrily while storming towards him.

Abbey gulped and started to back up, "Oh just a visitor from another country." He said quickly while smiling and waving his arms. "Nothing more."

"From where?" the Rabbit asked as she quickly stowed her watch away, "People don't just walk into Wonderland, you have to have the right papers. Show them to me immediately." Abbey froze in place. He most certainly did not have any papers on him.

"Of course." he answered calmly while reaching for his pocket like he was getting the papers. The Rabbit relaxed a bit and crossed her arms, seeming to believe he really could produce them. Abbey took this opportunity to open his pocket, search it a moment, and then suddenly turn on his heel and dashed back into the forest.

The Rabbit stood stunned for a moment before she turned red with anger and screamed, "Come back here right now!" Abbey didn't even look back as he ran through the woods. He jumped over limps and slipped under branches like his life depended on it, which he felt like there was a very real possibility it did.

He turned around once, to see if she was chasing him, when he unexpectedly tripped over an extremely large mushroom. He coughed as he lifted himself up and saw that it was large enough to sit on.

"Well hello there." A voice suddenly said above him. Abbey turned his head up and felt the color drain from his face as he was met with another familiar face. Mike sat on a mushroom above him. He was dressed only in a green vest, baggy brown pants and a blue scarf while calmly smoking a wooden pipe. "And Who are you?"

"Oh no, not again." Abbey breathed defeated. He let his head drop as the Mike look alike tilted his head to the side.

"Ono Notagen has to be the oddest name I have ever heard." He stated bluntly, "And I have heard a lot of strange names before."

Abbey sighed while rubbing his eyes. "That's not my name, I'm Abbey."

"But when I asked a moment ago you said Ono Notagen." The Mike said while crossing his arms, "Can't you make up your mind?" Abbey started to counter when he heard the White Rabbit's yells and her hurried shuffling through the woods after him.

"Look, can you help me first?" Abbey pleaded up to the Mike. He crossed his arms looked at Abbey.

"How can I help you when you don't even know who you are?" The Mike asked as Abbey sighed and pulled at his own ears in frustration.

"Look I'm just trying to escape the White Rabbit and-"

"The White Rabbit?" The Mike asked while jumping up. He looked towards the yelling bending his ears back and grimacing. With a flip of his wrist, the mushroom Abbey was sitting on suddenly rose to the same level as the Mike's, the trees around them bent down and covered the two. The Mike Cupped his hand over Abbey's mouth just as the White Rabbit rushed through the bushes and past the mushrooms.

She stood under them a moment, surveying the area, before hopping off in a different direction calling for Abbey to present his papers. After a few moments more, the Mike lifted his hands and the trees lifted off of them.

The Mike sighed and leaned back, smoking his pipe once more. "That was a close one, she's been looking for me for months." He stated as Abbey sat up and started at him.

"She's looking for you too?" He questioned, "What for?" The Mike laughed hardily and smirked.

"Because dear lad, I'm the Blue Caterpillar." He announced proudly. Abbey looked the cat in front of him up and down. The Blue Caterpillar frowned and crossed his arms. "Well actually I'm the Blue Cat at this moment but Cat is in Caterpillar."

"You don't look very blue to me." Abbey said as the Cat huffed and held out his arm, sure enough, his fur had a very distinct blue tone to it. Abbey looked him over once more before asking, "And why are you the Blue Cat at the moment instead of Caterpillar?"

The Blue Cat turned his head to the side and huffed, "Because I'm hiding from the Red Rose Queen and her minions like the White Rabbit." He answered while looking at Abbey. "Why is she after you?"

"To be honest," Abbey stated, "I haven't even met the Red Queen yet, the White Rabbit only wants to see my papers for crossing over into Wonderland, which I don't have."

"Why not?" Blue inquired while smoking his pipe.

"Because I just fell into Wonderland!" Abbey sighed exasperated, "And then I met a weird cat named C.C. and she sent me after the White Rabbit and-" Blue suddenly interrupted Abbey with a laugh.

"Really now? Well that girl is playing a very dangerous game I see, bringing an outsider here." He shook his head with a grin. "But then again I can't really blame her either, I suppose I would do the same if I was in her position." He laughed again as Abbey looked on in confusion.

"Wait what are you talking about? What kind of game is that cat playing with me?" Abbey asked frustrated as he stood up.

"It is not my place to explain." Blue said simply, "Besides I'm sure you will figure it out soon enough, or rather, you will need to figure it out soon if you want to survive. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm quite tired and would like to rest." He flipped his wrist to dismiss Abbey and his mushroom began to lower as the Blue Cat's rose.

"Hold on a minute now! Why won't anyone one ever answer my questions?" Abbey yelled frustrated.

"Maybe because you aren't asking the right people the right ones." Blue yawned as he curled in a ball and the trees bent down to shade him once more. "Go ask your patron why don't you?"

"And who would that be?" Abbey yelled up to the bulge that was Blue, but he received no answer or even a sign that he had heard Abbey's question. With a huff, Abbey jumped of his mushroom and stalked away deeper into the wild forest.

As he went farther in, that landscape started to change. Trees began twisting in unimaginable shapes and sizes. They became colors of all kinds and the flowers and bushes matched them. Then the flowers began to huddle together and whisper things like: "That's him." and "The Otherworlder". Abbey picked up his pace and started to hurry through the odd forest.

Still the flowers whispered and began to grab at him. He tried to wiggle out of their reach, but their thorns and leaves caught at his pants legs. He hurried on and was so preoccupied with the flowers, he didn't notice the root until he had already tripped over it. He twirled around and braced himself for impact, when two firm hands caught him under the arms.

He looked up just to see C.C. looking down and grinning at him. "Why hello there Abbey, did you have a nice chat with the White Rabbit?" She asked as she helped him up.

He pushed away from her grip and glared at her, "Why did you send me to her when you know for a fact that I have no papers on me?" He yelled at her as she laughed.

"Because it was the best way to get the Caterpillar on our side." She stated with a grin before grabbing his wrist, "Now come on there are other people for you to meet yet before the day is done. It's almost Tea time now."

"Tea time?" Abbey repeated as C.C. pulled the confused boy through the woods.