Somehow, you've stumbled upon From Ordinary Change to Extraordinary Strife, the first book in my a series, Chronicles of Rokhius. As you might be able to predict, this story takes place in Rokhius. What you might not guess is that Rokhius is an alternate reality of my own creation based on the Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog universes. The characters are mostly based on Pokemon guys, but the plotline and concepts are influenced by Sonic stuff.

Taking place in a very unique and different universe, this story clearly does not have a firm grip on either Sonic or Pokemon, and has all sorts of outrageous stuff from my own imagination. Many parts of the plotline are very unique. Most of all, though, the characters are DIFFERENT. Even though their names and appearances are those of pre-existing characters, you'll realize pretty quickly that they aren't the same characters you all know and love (or hate). For example, Ash is not as dumb, James is Brock's friend, and Misty is a mysterious character indeed. For the rest of the ins-and-outs of this universe, you'll have to read on.

You might think this story is great, but you might think it's too farfetched and dumb. You might become its biggest fan, or you could announce it to be public enemy #1. Who knows? But if you have some free time, maybe you'll want to try a little bit of it out and see if it agrees with you.

Oh, yeah, I fused the Prologue with Chapter 1 'cause the Prologue is so short. And some movesets might *gasp* NOT REFLECT GENERATION V STANDARDS! NOOOO!

From Ordinary Life to Extraordinary Strife

by StoryMaker

Book 1 of the Chronicles of Rokhius


The walls of the throne room were pure black steel, and the entire place was lightless...and it felt pretty lifeless. That room could give anyone an insecure feeling - not only because of its dark appearance, but also because of the man who was sitting in the boxy chair near the back of it. Dr. Robovonni.

In the corner of the room a teenage girl who always seemed to have a defiant expression stood. Her right arm and left leg were robotic.

Robovonni spoke. "So, Misty..." His tone became angry. "What did you do to that rebellious bit of hardware?"

Misty felt angry. She hardly felt that refusing to answer 2+2 was "rebellious". And she felt upset. She swallowed bile mixed with tears. "I told a Robospearow to throw him in a river," Misty said, trying to restrain her feelings from her tone of voice.

"Well," Dr. Robovonni said. He paused. "I would prefer throwing the scoundrel in a pit of molten lava," he continued, "but this will do."

Especially since there are no pits of molten lava around here, Misty thought angrily. She was careful to hide her true feelings, but she couldn't help but worry that soon, Robovonni would find out what she really did...

Chapter 1

"Pika?" A little yellow rodent crawled out of a small hole in the ground and looked around. Electricity crackled cautiously in the Pikachu's cheeks as he scanned the area, but sure enough, he was the only one there. No person or Pokemon in sight. He picked a little Pecha berry off the ground and popped it in his mouth. He chewed slowly and thoughtfully. A long time ago, he would've grinned at eating just a bite of Pecha. It was his very favorite fruit! But now, things were different. He was really angry and sad. What had those...those mean villians done to his trainer? He narrowed his eyes, but then relaxed them and cried. Tears flowed freely down his cheeks, which crackled with pathetic electric bursts. "Pika-chu...pi-ka-chuuu..." He started to wail.

"Pikachu?" Pikachu stopped. He looked upward. The shadow of a metal bird passed overhead. It was carrying a small brown sack...which he promptly dropped on Pikachu's head.

Pikachu yelped. That hurt! That must mean something hard was in it, Pikachu discovered. Curious, he slipped a paw into the sack, felt around, and pulled out a strange, small object.

"Pikachu..." Pikachu said dreamily, his eyes brightening in curiousity. The thing in his hands looked a bit like a chunky steel calculator, but it lacked number buttons. Instead it had a speaker, a small dial, and a few holes that composed what seemed to be a microphone. Cocking his head, the yellow mouse Pokemon turned the dial.

Ash felt a little nervous. He stood in front of the intimidating iron gate. The marketing blurbs that decorated posters on the sides of it comforted him a little. "The City of Dreams!" one said. "Great Job Opportunities - Not to Mention Opportunities for Family Time!" another said. He tried to ignore the strangely uneasy feelings which plagued him. He needed to see his friend, Brock.

He didn't really know what he was supposed to do, so he knocked on the door.

"Blurp!" Screens all over the door sprang to life, glowing green. Then, a voice sounded. "What is it that you want?" it said. "Make it quick, I'm busy."

Ash felt very nervous now. He gulped down his fear and said, "Well, I have a friend who moved here...named Brock...I was...I was...wondering if I could visit him, or at least see what's happening."

"Err.." the voice said. It seemed to be a bit unsure. "Oh, well, you can't visit him right now," it said. "Well, actually, you will probably never be able to visit him."

"Why not?" Ash whined sadly.

"Uh, he's busy," the voice said unconvincingly.

"But surely he's not busy all the time! Why can't I see him?"

"That information is classified," the voice said.


"That information is classified," the voice repeated.

"I'm his friend! What's so super-secret about why I can't visit him?"

"Why it's super-secret? That information is classified, too. Now go away."

Ash's head dropped. He accepted defeat and walked away. "City of Dreams?" More like "City that Makes Me Want to Scream", Ash thought.

Suddenly, a Pikachu walked up to him. Ash noticed something. The Pikachu had brown feet. That meant it was Brock's Pikachu!

(Yes, in this universe, Brock has a Pikachu. Ash doesn't. So there.)

"Oh! Hi Pikachu," Ash said, trying to sound friendly. "What are you doing away from Brock?"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said cheerfully. He held up a small, calculator-like gizmo.

"Oh! What's this?" Ash asked.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said enthusiastically. Ash assumed that meant "Find out!"

Ash picked it up. "How do I get it to work?"

"I'm already on," the computer said.

Ash jumped. "Can you understand what I'm saying?"


"How?" said a shocked Ash.

"Umm..." Afraid the truth would stress Ash out, the gadget said, "I have very advanced technology." And it wasn't exactly a lie - just not the whole truth.

"Wow!" said Ash. "Who made you?"

"Umm...some people who are really good at designing stuff," the gizmo said. And it was one way.

"Wow!" Ash said again. "What can I use you for?"

"Well..." The computer did not really know what it could do in practical situations. "I guess you could use me to help with your homework. I can calculate stuff and sort information...and stuff." He felt sad he could now do so little.

"Yeah, you would probably be a great help! I will hold on to you!" He stuffed the computer in his backpack.

I hope I will be a great help, the computer thought. I don't want to be useless now.