"Hey, look up there!" A random person on the street of wherever this takes place said. "It's a bird!"

Another person stepped by. "It's a plane!"

"No, it's just a flying nun, 'cause that's totally logical." Someone else said as they stepped up. "I mean, that is what this story is about anyway, so it has to be. Not like it's a hero from the future randomly appearing and killing one of the characters here, that'd be totally illogical. Excuse me, I now need to poop."

Meanwhile, in the sky.

Sure enough, up in the air was a flying nun. Whatever-her-name-was looked down upon the city as she flew, laughing. "I still don't see how this will last three seasons, but it's fun!"

Suddenly Iron Man flew up next to her. "I am Iron Man, and how'd you like to go and do..." He quickly realized who he was talking to. "Crap... nun. ...Wanna do it anyway?"


Iron Man quickly blasted her into a building and hovered there in the sky for a moment. "Even if we did do it, I'd probably end up doing that to her anyway, so...I still win." He flew away.

Back on the street...

"Alright, back from poopin', what I miss?" Cocky man from before said upon returning.

"A hero from the future showed up and killed one of the characters here. In other words, you're wrong, dick."