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"Thank you," she said bluntly, "for savin' my life."

It didn't exactly come out sounding gracious. But then, she hadn't intended it to. She didn't like being the girl who needed to be rescued, and she was by no means happy about being beholden to the very first space toy she had ever met. He may as well learn right off that she wasn't going to make a habit of playing up to his ego.

He was staring up at her with wide blue eyes. He blinked and shook himself, as if he hadn't really been in the here and now, and looked down at the hand she had offered to him. Slowly he took it.

"Thank you," he said seriously, "for saving Woody's life."

She blinked. Did he mean that?

He smiled. Slowly, one of her own, genuine, honest-to-goodness smiles lit up her face. He meant it.

She'd never felt more respected in her life.

Hello to All!

This will be a series of one-shots. Some short, some long, some friendship, some romance, but all about Buzz and Jessie. Everyone's favorite couple *wink* Plenty of other toys will get the limelight in future fics of mine, so if these two are not to your taste, never fear!

It's been ages since I posted anything on FFN (I'm sorry, fellow Narnians, but "Gytha" is stalled out indefinintely!), but the Toy Story plot bunny has been all over me recently. So in order to get myself loosened up and back in the habit of posting, I promise to do one posting to this fic per day at least until November 2nd... which is, of course, the day that TS3 comes out on Blu-ray. So excited! After that I'll try to start posting some multi-chapter fics.

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