Another story! I know! But, after much much much much much trying, I have finally managed to start an actual Dean/Cas story! Yay! My mind likes to stop me but I think I have managed to find a way around it, so let us rejoice! Bwaha! And yes, I'm a little hyper...and very tired. Damn you, insomnia! Bah!

Anyway...This is AU. Very much so. Like, nothing supernatural in it at all...that I know of right now, anyway, lol. I have recently discovered that I like acting. I am in a Dramatic Literature class at my school, which I thought was just going to be a bunch of reading, but no...we have to act. A lot. And I hate being in front of people I don't know! But this class has helped me with my shyness and I have become more open. I love it! So it has a special place in my heart and was heavy on my mind while thinking and writing this first chapter. Enjoy!

Summary: Castiel Novak was always part of the 'background', as it were. He wasn't like his twin, Jimmy, who got all the attention and was popular. He's been to three different schools already and it's always been the same. He is the background, really. He's quiet, shy, and doesn't talk much at all. He has very few friends and mostly hangs out by himself. His parents, worried about him, force him to join Lawrence Northwest Central High School Drama Club, where he meets exuberant Dean Winchester and his life is changed forever. (Bad summary, name is completely made up!)

Disclaimer: Wish I owned it. Oh, the things I would do! A girl can dream, right? Sadly, I don't own it. Never have, never will, sad sigh. I do, however, own Aeron, Sage, Tawny, Kelly, Logan, and Hunter. They are mine. Anywho, Supernatural characters aren't!

Onward with the story!

Hear Me Now

Chapter One

Castiel Novak was new to Lawrence Northwest Central High School, and to him the building seem to tower like a leviathan giant waiting to sink its teeth into him. Thankfully, there were few students here at the moment - after all, it was after school hours, even if only twenty minutes so. In his hand he held a map of the direction he needed to go to find his destination. Heaving a heavy sigh, he continued through the hallways reluctantly. He did not wish to be here, nor did he want to become any part of this school. However, his parents - and twin brother, Jimmy - had thought it best for him to do this and he would not go directly against their wishes. He would do as they asked but that did not mean in any way that he had to like it or actively participate.

Ah, there. Room 124. Castiel took a moment to breathe before he closed his eyes and pushed open the door to the room that would soon change everything in his life.

"Hey! Get back here, you hellion!" a voice shouted. It was the first thing Castiel heard before a body slammed into him and knocked him to the ground. The person who had crashed into him lay on top of him, groaning, and Castiel couldn't breathe, the air knocked harshly from his lungs at the rough contact.

"Ugh…" the person groaned before they jumped off of him. "Shit, I'm sorry." Castiel looked to see a pair of bright green eyes staring at him in apology, sincere and amused all at once. "I didn't know you were going to be coming in at the exact moment I was trying to leave, but-"

"Dean Winchester!" a voice snapped.

The guy flinched. "Aw, um, I'm outta here! Sorry about crashing into you! Have fun!" He jumped up and started to dart out of the still-open door, but before he could, a hand snatched out and grabbed hold of the back of his shirt, yanking him to a halt. "Busted."

"I should say so," said a girl with narrowed eyes. Her long red hair flowed down over her shoulders and Castiel stared up at the two of them from his position on the ground. "Now you get back over there and get slapped. It's your scene."

"But-" the guy - Dean, Castiel presumed - started to protest.

"Now," the girl snapped, cutting him off.

Dean's shoulders slouched in defeat. "Fine. Who died and made you Mommy Dearest?" he muttered before he stalked away, moving toward a group of people who were watching with amused interest. "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up! Ruby! You'd better not hit hard! I did nothing wrong!"

"I wouldn't hit a girl," Ruby giggled.

"Then you can hit yourself, 'cause you sure as hell ain't one," Dean commented, moving closer to them.

The red-haired girl looked down at Castiel. "You must be Castiel, right?" she asked, reaching a hand down to help him to his feet. "I'm Anna." She nodded in the direction Dean had gone and began walking that way. Castiel followed after her silently, looking around in wonder.

The room was…larger than he would have pictured. There was a stage on it, and curtains, and side doors that boasted 'PROPS' and 'COSTUMES' in proud, bright letters. A few people were seated at one of the two long tables near the far corner, in the light, the stage mostly covered in darkness as people stood up on it, including Dean, the guy who had toppled into Castiel when he'd first entered the room.

"Ow! Woman!" Dean complained as a loud 'slap' resonated through the room. Various people started laughing and Castiel turned his head to see Dean standing on the stage, holding a hand to his cheek as he glared at a girl with long, straight, blonde hair, who was chuckling faintly as she watched him. "Was that necessary?" Dean drawled, frowning at her.

"Yes," she told him matter-of-factly. "Yes, it was. You had a bug on your face! I was trying to kill it. With my hand."

"Uh huh, and how's that working?"

"Very well."

"Right." Dean shook his head and then glared at the guy standing next to him. "You did this!"

"I did no such thing," the guy said. He had long hair in the back and short in the front, and he wore a shirt with the sleeves cut off.

"Liar, I know you planned this. It's because I refuse to call you 'Dr. Badass', isn't it, Ash?" Dean grumbled accusingly, pointing a finger at him.

"You're paranoid," Ash told him.

"You can sit here if you want," Anna said, dragging Castiel's attention away from the stage and its various characters. "I'll round everyone up shortly and you can meet them."

Castiel nodded, unsure as to what he was supposed to say. What was he even doing here? It seemed like everyone was comfortable here but him. His parents thought this was a good idea, but he couldn't see how or why. Sighing, he sat at the end of one of the two tables, away from everyone else in the back of the room. His intense blue eyes scoured the area and he fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat, watching as Anna walked toward the stage.

Dean jumped down in front of her. "Never again," he declared, "am I going to be slapped for absolutely no reason."

"It's a skit-" Anna started.

"By Ash!" Dean told her, like that meant something important and to be followed.

"We don't discourage creativity, Dean," Anna chided. "And he is one of the captains."

"Point?" Dean asked innocently, rocking back on his heels. Castiel could almost hear him whistling, his eyes wide, green, and innocent.

"Wait until you see his next idea," Anna said, chuckling suddenly.

"Oh, God. I'm scared. What's it about?" Dean asked with a frown as he started to take a step back as though that might stop whatever words were about to leave Anna's mouth. Castiel watched, vaguely amused.

"He has you fainting."

"Me. Fainting." Each word was said with a somewhat puzzled blink.

"Yes." Anna nodded as though she had just told him the sun was bright or the sky was blue, like it was something to be known already, something commonplace.

Dean blinked momentarily. Then he growled and spun around. "Ash! I'm going to kill you!"

"Gotta go!" Ash said before he darted off stage, disappearing into the darkness beyond the curtains. Dean leaped onto the stage and chased after him.

Anna chuckled and began talking quietly with the blonde girl, Ruby. Then she broke off and whistled shrilly. The sound echoed through the room and Castiel fidgeted even more as everyone quieted. Dean and Ash appeared from the shadows, Dean grumbling with his arms crossed and Ash looking very amused as the thumped Dean on the back of the head. Anna began leading the way toward the table Castiel was seated at and he realized she was bringing them to him. Swallowed, he looked up at the ceiling to distract himself from the fact that everyone was now approaching him, probably looking at him. He did not like being looked at by so many people - he preferred to become part of the background, silent but watching, there but unnoticed.

"Heya," Dean commented as he plopped down in the seat next to him, grinning. Castiel glanced at him and nodded in greeting, not knowing what else to do or say. "Sorry for crashing into you like that."

"And?" Anna prompted, thumping him on the back of the head. Dean groaned and glared at her.

"And I should have stayed helped you up."


"Sheesh, woman, don't rush me! I'm getting there!" Dean growled at her, smacking her hand away when she moved to thump him again for good measure. "You're worse than Ash and Ruby. Anyway." His gaze focused on Castiel once more. "Sorry. I'm Dean."

"Good. See? He can be kind!" Ruby commented with a laugh.

"I will smite you!" Dean told her.

Ruby snorted and Anna rolled her eyes. "Everyone, this is Castiel Novak. He's new to the school and to this club, so everyone be kind to him."

"Why do you look at me when you say that?" Dean grumbled. "I'm always nice. I'm so wonderful I make myself sick."

"Good, throw up and leave," said another guy with a smirk.

"E tu, Aeron?" Dean asked as though truly upset, even though there was an amused glimmer in his eye. "What is this? Gang up on Dean day?"

"Yes," everyone said in unison.

"Damn. I must not have gotten that memo, or I would have stayed home today," Dean said.

"Anyway," Anna said, dragging the focus back to her. "We want you to feel comfortable here, Castiel. We're all like a family here, right guys?"

"Sure," Dean said with a smirk, "a family that slaps you, hits you, makes you faint, and…I'm forgetting something, I know I am."

Ash and Anna both smacked him upside the head at the same time. Dean grimaced and rubbed at his head.

"Yeah, that. A family that likes you hit you, repeatedly, in the head and then they wonder why you can't remember anything," Dean told him with a nod, as though that answered everything. "Yeah. A nice family."

"Oh, shut up," Ruby said, rolling her eyes.

Dean shrugged.

"Anyway," Anna said, "like I said, I'm Anna. That's Ruby, Dean, Ash, Jo, Aeron, Sage, Tawny, Logan, Kelly, and Hunter. Everyone, this is Castiel, say hi."

"Hi," everyone chimed.

"Oh, um…hi," Castiel murmured, feeling uncomfortable. Why was Anna making such a big deal of his arrival? He was perfectly happy in the background, where no one noticed him. Why did everyone seem to want to change that? Like this school would be any different from the last one, anyway. Everywhere was the same, right? People were the same everywhere he went.

"We hope you have fun in Drama Club," Jo said, speaking up for the first time. She was also blonde, but her hair was darker than Ruby's, and she was shorter, probably a year younger than Castiel.

"Er…thanks," Castiel said.

What would be different about this year from any other at any other school? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was nothing to cheer about. In a day or maybe a week, everyone would go back to ignoring him. They would forget his name, forget he was there, and he would be free to be part of the background.

The thought relaxed him a little.

And then Dean grinned at him. "You're gonna wish you'd never joined. Welcome to the family."

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