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Warning: yaoi, explicit lemon pie!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Zack x Cloud

Cloud tapped his boot clad foot on the linoleum floor of the waiting room, nervous about his doctor's appointment. Sure, he's been to the clinic plenty of times, but this time was different. He had to go in for a prostate exam; and Minerva help him if his doctor was hot. If the doctor was hot, there was no way Cloud could stop the erection from coming when the man put his finger up his ass. And you guessed right, Cloud had a bit of gay streak in him, especially for hot, sexy men. If the doctor was sexy… Cloud wouldn't know what to do with himself.

"Cloud Strife?" the receptionist called. "Doctor Fair will see you now."

Cloud stood and walked towards the door that led into the hallway that held many examination rooms. The blue eyed blond rolled the name around in his mind, finding the last name pretty sexy. Damn! I wonder what his first name is. He followed the receptionist until they reached the very last door at the end of the hall, the whole way praying the doctor was ugly. But it proved to do nothing for him because when the door opened, there stood the sexiest man Cloud had ever seen standing next to the cushioned examination table.

The woman left with a smile towards Fair's way before leaving Cloud and the doctor alone. Dc. Fair was busy eating a brownie at the moment and was a little embarrassed when the blond came in. He smiled toothily, brownie covered teeth showing themselves to Cloud. The blond lifted an eyebrow at the grotesque sight and licked his teeth, hoping the man got the hint. Cloud blushed when the dark haired man followed his tongue before it finally clicked and he quickly sucked his teeth, ridding them of the chocolate.

"Sorry about that," Dc. Fair said, wiping around his mouth with his fingers to make sure there weren't any crumbs left around his mouth. "A nurse came by with a plate of brownies and I couldn't help myself." He grinned apologetically, grinning wide in the mirror to make sure he got rid of the specks in his teeth before popping a mint in his mouth. He picked up chart from the small counter that held a sink, looking through it.

While the man was busy, Cloud decided to take that time and check the man out. The man's hair was jet black that spiked back behind his head, only a strand of hair falling in front of his eyes, which were a beautiful dark blue. His skin was lightly tanned and looked soft to the touch. He gazed down the man's neck, down to his collar bone that poked out through his V-neck T-shirt. He wore dark blue slacks and white sneakers. All that he could think of was 'hawt damn!'

"So you're Cloud Strife?" Fair asked (he certainly was fair). Cloud nodded. "Hello, I'm Zack Fair. You can call me Zack if you like." He grinned goofily at the blond and motioned for the blond to sit on the cushioned table. "It says you're here for a prostate exam. I can see that you're nervous, but there's no need to be; I'll be as quick and professional as I can. But first, let's check your vitals. Can you please take off your shirt?"

Cloud did as asked, blushing as Zack stood behind him, his hands on his back. He checked his spine before taking off his stethoscope from around his neck and putting the ends in his ear and putting the round bit on one side of Cloud's back. The blond shivered from the touch, hoping the doctor would think he shivered from the cold. Zack apologized, huffed on the scope to warm it up before putting it back on Cloud's back.

"Now breath in, breath out," Zack said, listening to one of the blond's lungs, going to the next one and doing the process over again. "Well your lungs look fine. How 'bout your heart." Zack moved in front of Cloud and put his scope where the patient's heart would be. "You're heart sounds good." He set the stethoscope aside before pulling out a thermometer, sticking it in Cloud's mouth. "Ninety-eight point 5, good." He wrote it down on his clip board. He opened one of the cabinets above the sink and pulled out a tongue compressor. "Now open wide and say 'ah'."

Cloud gave the doctor an odd look, making Zack shrug with a grin. Cloud opened his mouth and Zack put the tongue compressor on his tongue, holding it down so he could look at his throat and tonsils. "Alright, tonsils look good. Now it's time for the horrible prostate exam."

It's not going to be so horrible with you doing it 'doctor'. Cloud blushed as he stood up, unbuckling his pants and pulling them and his boxers down to his thighs. "Uh, how do you want me?" Oh god, that sounded more perverted than it should have! Cloud's eyes widened just a smidge and hoped Zack didn't hear the profanity in the way he said it. Nope, the doctor looked clueless and didn't look at all embarrassed.

"Well, the best way to do it is with you sitting up and your feet up on the table," Zack answered. That too sounded more perverted than it should have, but the man was oblivious to it. The man thought that Cloud's blush was from nervousness instead of arousal.

Cloud gulped, taking off his shoes so he could fully take off his pants and boxers. He sat himself back on the table, leaning back on his hands and putting his feet on the table. He was now completely exposed to the man and he could feel his dick coming alive. Shit! He watched the doctor wash his hands before putting on a pair of latex gloves, grabbing a bottle of lube.

"I have some lube here to make the intrusion go a lot easier and I'll to make it as quick as I can," Zack said, putting some of the lube on his finger. "Now just take a deep breath." Cloud did as told, taking in a deep breath as Zack's hand moved closer to his exposed hole. He bit back a moan as a long, smooth finger entered him rather easily, feeling around for his prostate. The man had no idea what this was doing to Cloud.

The blond leaned his head back, a blush spreading across his cheeks as his eyes closed. He bit back another moan as the finger found his prostate and moved around it, examining it. However, when the finger pressed down on it, Cloud let out a moaned filled curse. The blond froze in horror as did the finger inside him. Gulping, Cloud looked down to see Zack staring back at him in shock. Bring in the awkward silence, please.

"Uhhhh, was that a moan of pleasure?" Zack asked stupidly, keeping his finger still. A blush blossomed on his face when he noticed Clouds growing erection. "Is that for me?"

"No, it's for the tooth fairy. Of course it's for you!" Cloud hissed, glaring at the dark haired man's stupidity. He looked away in embarrassment, gritting his teeth. But he soon gasped when he felt the finger move again, slowly thrusting in and out of his willing hole. He looked down to see Zack smirking up at him.

"Well, since you are my last patient for the day and I am feeling kinda horny myself, I might as well take up this opportunity and have some fun before going home." He pulled out his finger and then took off his gloves. "Luckily for me, eh?" He patted Cloud's leg before leaving the blond's side to throw away his latex gloves, coming back to sit back in front of Cloud's hole.

Cloud's eyes gazed at the man in arousal, lifting up his feet a little higher to expose his entrance better. Zack chuckled at the blond's eagerness and leaned forward, lapping at the blond's entrance. His half-lidded eyes gazed over the blond's pale skin, defined pectorals, and hard abs. The blond was a major hotty, especially the way he sat with his feet flat on the table and his ass practically off the table; his pink, little, hairless hole, feeling so soft against his tongue. The only hair the blond had was the drapes on his head and the carpet framing his cock.

"You are one fuckable looking twink," Zack complemented, after pulling away before going back to lap at Cloud's hole. He pushed his tongue in slowly, loving how the blond was just swallowing it in, moaning. "Mmmm." He pulled away again, grinning. "It seems that you like to take it up the ass."

"We would have problems if I didn't, wouldn't we?" Cloud guessed, leaning his head back as Zack brought his tongue back to the blond's delicious entrance.

Zack only hummed in agreement, causing a pleasurable sensation to run down Cloud's spine. His lips surrounded the blond's hole and he was now thrusting his tongue in and out rhythmically.

"Ah, yeah," Cloud mewled, dropping to his elbows. He bit his lip as Zack continued to pleasure him.

Zack chuckled at the blond's eager face and kept up his thrusting with his tongue, sometimes pulling it out so he could suck at the hole.

"Uh, Zack, that feels really good," Cloud moaned. "Fuck." I guess getting an erection at the doctor's wasn't bad at all. Cloud lay down fully on the table to bring his hands down to Zack's hair, weaving them into his luscious locks. "Mmmm, you're good at this."

Zack pulled away with a wet smack, rubbing his hand up and down it the blond's now hard rock dick as he smiled up at the blond. "I've had a lot of practice, being a doctor and all and you are one major hot twink." He licked the side of the soft length, gazing up at Cloud with aroused filled eyes. He brought the other's dick into his mouth and started bobbing his head, sucking it harshly.

"Oh fuck! Zack, please…" he trailed off with a mewl when Zack started preparing him hurriedly. The first finger went in easily, so did the second, but the third was a bit tight and it stung a little, but it was a delicious sting.

"Please what?" Zack asked after he pulled away, smirking sexily up at the blond. "Fuck you, is that what you want?"

"Oh god yes," Cloud gasped, leaning his head back. He groaned when he felt the fingers leave him, making him feel empty.

"How do I want you? Hmm, I want to go as deeply as I can, but I want to see that pretty face while I'm fucking you." Zack pulled away from the blond, glancing over his body again with appreciation. "Would you mind getting on your back on the floor?"

"Not as long as you're dick is inside me," Cloud replied with a shy grin. He got up from the table and laid down on the floor, pulling his legs up with his hands. "Does this work for you?"

Zack lifted an eyebrow as he licked his lips, rubbing the front of his boxers. "Hells yes." He gripped the edge of his boxers, pulling them down and letting his long, thick cock spring out. Cloud moaned at the sight of the large cock, anxious to have it inside him. Zack kicked his boxers away and got down on his knees, keeping his shirt on, grabbing the lube and lathering his cock with it. "Have you ever had a cock this big?"


"Good, I'll be your first then." He leaned over the blond and between his lifted legs, replacing the blond's hands with his own. He pulled the blond's legs further apart and licked his lips as his the crown of his length kissed Cloud's puckered entrance. "Before I go in, are you clean?"

"Yeah. You?"

"I wouldn't be a doctor if I wasn't."

Cloud chuckled, wiggling his ass anxiously against the other's cock. "Hurry up already." Wow, he never whined like this before; he was so turned on by this one hot doctor that he starting to sound like a whiny bitch. He moaned as Zack teased him with the tip of his dick, rubbing it around the blond's hole. "Zack, come on; give it to me."

"You really want it that bad?" Zack asked teasingly, watching the blond's hole wink at him.


Zack chuckled, steadying himself before pushing the head of his cock in slowly. He didn't want to hurt his little twink now did he? He heard Cloud take in a sharp breath as the worse was over, Zack's crown now fully inside him. The raven haired man paused, letting Cloud get adjusted to his rather large size. He only moved when Cloud gave a shuddering sigh and wiggled some to let Zack know he was ready. The taller man pushed in slowly, relishing in the moans and gasps from the blond underneath him as he brushed against the twink's prostate. He didn't stop moving until he was fully inside the blond. Even then, he only stopped for a second before pulling halfway out pushing back in with a hard thrust.

Apparently, the blond liked it rough by the way he was moaning.

Zack started the pace as fast and hard, making Cloud moan loud and long. This twink had a rather sensitive g-spot by the way the blond was moaning and gasping wantonly, and the raven was hardly even brushing against it. This gave Zack an idea. He stopped when he was fully inside Cloud before rotating his hips, brushing up against Cloud's prostate hard. The blond let out a rather loud mewl and grabbed onto the taller man's shoulders. Zack licked his lips again, giving his own little groans and grunts as the blond's passage squeezed him just right.

"Fuck, you have one nice ass," Zack moaned as he continued his thrusting, removing his hands so Cloud's legs could wrap around his waist. The raven's hands found their way around the blond, pulling him up as he leaned back. Now Cloud was straddling the raven as Zack laid down on his back, hands on the blond's hips. "I want to see you ride me, sweet thing."

Cloud blushed at the ridiculous name as he placed his hands behind him and on the other's legs. With his feet planted on the floor, he rotated his own hips this time, wanting that wonderful feeling again. He grinned to himself as Zack gave a rather loud moan when Cloud squeezed his anus around the hard and hot length inside him. He mewled when Zack bucked up against him. Closing his eyes, Cloud decided it was time to move his hips up and down.

"You really are one fucking hot twink…" Zack bucked up every time the blond came back down, causing such a delicious friction between them. Cloud chuckled before giving a moan as he fell back down on the doctor's cock.

So into their fucking, they didn't hear the door knock before it opened it. "Excuse me doctor, I heard some noise and-" the nurse that had disturbed them stopped, eyes widening as blood suddenly burst from her nose. She quickly closed the door with a bang, causing the two having sex to look up. They shrugged and went back to their delicious fucking.

Cloud could feel the coil in his stomach and groin about to burst and knew Zack was going to too by the way he had his eyes closed and was panting. Sweat was dripping off of both of them, making their skin glisten against the florescent lights and sweet sound of skin slapping filled the room. Cloud raised a hand to his length and started jerking off to help make him come faster as Zack started thrusting up into him erratically and harshly.

"Fuck, I'm gonna come…" Cloud whimpered, his thumb rubbing over his crown before several bursts of white streams fell onto Zack's shirt. It wasn't long when Cloud felt a large amount of hot semen fill him, Zack moaning loudly as he came. "Mmm, I love it when men come inside me," Cloud mumbled randomly, drinking the afterglow of the best sex he had ever had.

Zack laughed quietly when he heard this, setting them both up. "Oh really? Then I guess you need to be refilled." He smirked as he slipped out, feeling his own semen drip out of the blond's hole and onto his thighs. He chuckled when the other blushed before he gave a goofy grin. "Let's go to my place and we can do all the fucking we want."

Cloud smirked, lifting an eyebrow at the raven man's bluntness. "Sounds good to me."

The two were dressed and were now at the doctor's apartment complex, ready to have another round. But when they entered, Cloud was surprised when Zack suddenly called out,

"Oh Sephy!"

Cloud lifted an eyebrow in confusion before a tall, pale skinned god (in Cloud's terms) walked into the living room, his long silver hair flowing behind him with each stride. He had piercing green eyes and was wearing only a pair of black sweatpants. His chest was out in the open for everyone to see and Cloud was drinking in the sight of it. A chiseled chest that held rock hard pectorals underneath that glorious skin and a nice six pack on his stomach.

Cloud was almost drooling when Zack suddenly walked over to the man and was being devoured by the long haired god. Zack moaned as the man dominated him with one passionate kiss, wrapping his arms around the taller man's neck. The raven haired doctor sucked on the man's bottom lip before pulling away, walking back up to Cloud.

"Wait, you two are lovers?" Cloud asked in bewilderment.

"Yep!" Zack replied excitedly.

"Then why did you… you know?"

Zack laughed at the blond's sudden nervousness and threw an arm over the twink's shoulders. "We have kind of an open relationship. But Sephy here is a little possessive; so when I fuck someone, I have to bring them home and let Sephy have his way with them too."

"What?" Cloud was almost ready to pull out his hair when he was suddenly sandwiched between the two tall men, Zack behind him and Sephy in front of him. "Uh…" The sudden closeness of the two frazzled his brain and he found himself not able to think of something smart to say, especially with the silver haired man's mouth close to his ear.

"My name is Sephiroth, but you can call me whatever you like," Sephiroth purred in the blond's ear, his hands traveling down to cup Cloud's ass, making him groan. "Mmm, you have such a nice ass; I can't wait to pound it." He sounded smug, but it fit so nicely with him.

Cloud couldn't wait either.

"He's a nice twink, isn't he?" Zack purred as well as he ground his now hard cock against Cloud's ass.

"Exceedingly so," Sephiroth agreed.

The tall silver haired man pulled away, grabbing the blond's hand and leading him into the bedroom. Cloud shivered in anticipation, letting himself be led into wherever they wanted to take him. Zack followed behind them, a smirk finding its way on his face. Soon enough, Cloud found himself on the bed, being stripped of his clothes by both men. Cloud didn't know how he came into this predicament, but he didn't mind because of the two hot bodies in front of him. It felt like he was whoring himself out but he didn't care about that either.

Zack and Sephy pulled off their own clothes before standing at the foot of the bed, their cocks jutting out impressively from their now naked bodies. Cloud got the message of what they wanted him to do and scooted down towards them. Grabbing both their cocks, he wrapped his mouth around Sephiroth's first, tonguing the opening of the silver haired man's cock. Sephiroth's cock was larger than Zack's and Cloud couldn't wait until he had that monster cock in him. He smirked around the man's cock when Sephiroth moaned and weaved his fingers in his golden locks. He pulled away, wanting a taste of Zack now. Zack groaned and weaved one hand next to Seph's in blond hair.

Cloud went back and forth between the two, swallowing them as far as he could without gagging, loving their bitter taste on his tongue. The two men complimented him with everything that he did; either it be him sucking harshly around their heads or running his teeth up and down their cocks. Soon afterwards, Cloud could hear the wet smacks of them kissing and looked up Sephiroth's body to see their tongues out in the open, flicking against each other before Sephy's delved into Zack's mouth. The raven haired man accepted the other's tongue and sucked on it with a groan.

Feeling like he couldn't take it anymore, Cloud pulled away from the silver hair god with a pop, standing up to greedily take Sephiroth's tongue into his own mouth after pulling Zack away. The raven haired man rather liked Cloud's greedy side and let himself grope a feel for the blond's ass, pushing his nose into the to the other's hair and sniffing the blond's delicious smell. Sephiroth chuckled into the kiss at the twink and devoured the blond's mouth like Cloud wanted him too, delving his tongue deep into Cloud's throat.

"I pick 'em good," Zack whispered, kissing down the blond's neck, running his hands over Cloud's chest. He moaned when he felt his lover's hand press itself against his cock, rubbing it softly. "I think he's ready Seph."

"Is he really?" Sephiroth asked after he broke the kiss, his free hand running down the blond's body to rub against his entrance. He pushed in a dry finger, lifting an eyebrow as it went in easily. He took it out and lubed up three fingers from the bottle of massage oil Zack had given him. He slipped in two fingers this time before adding a third when the first two went in easily. With the third in, it was a little tight, but still easy to move his fingers around. He smirked when some left over semen dripped down his fingers. "My, you came a lot if there's still some semen left in him."

Zack growled lightly. "He was that good, alright?" He watched the delightful sight of his lover's fingers disappearing inside the blond and couldn't help but grip his cock and rub up and down, moaning.

Cloud was gone in his own little world of pleasure, moaning as three long fingers thrusted inside him, stretching him. He blushed when some of Zack's left over cum slipped out of his ass and onto Sephiroth's fingers, moaning gleefully at the thought of being refilled by Sephiroth's essence. The fingers pulled out and he was suddenly pushed down onto his back on the bed, his legs being spread apart. Sephiroth settled between them, a hand massaging oil onto his large and hot length. Cloud grinned up at the man sexily, waiting for him almost impatiently.

Zack suddenly appeared before him, hovering over his cock. Cloud stared in shock while Zack winked at him, taking the massage oil from Seph so he could coat Cloud's cock with it. "What, you're not the only one who takes it up the ass," Zack groaned out as he sank down on the blond's length easily. After having Sephiroth inside you so many times, cocks smaller than his were easy to put in without preparation.

Cloud moaned when his dick was suddenly surrounded with Zack's heat. It soon turned into a groan of pain when Sephiroth's butted against his entrance before pushing in. This had to be the largest cock he had ever had and it was painful! But Cloud knew that the pain would soon turn into a blissful kind of pain. He forced himself to relax as the older man slid in, but the man was only halfway when it became too painful for the blond. Sephiroth stopped thankfully and waited for Cloud to relax some more.

Zack decided it was time to move and began to bounce on the blond, moaning as Sephiroth reached his hands around to twist and pinch at his nipples. Cloud moaned back; it had been a long time since the last time he was seme and he could tell now that it wouldn't be the last. Sephiroth smirked at his two hotties, licking his lips when Cloud relaxed around him enough to where he could fill the blond the rest of the way.

Sweat dripped from their bodies as they began a rhythm between them. When Sephiroth thrusted in, Zack would drop down on the blond's cock before both retreated and so on and so forth. Cloud was a writhing mess, moaning, groaning, and gasping at the feeling of filling and being filled at the same time. It was delicious and fantastic, the best thing Cloud had ever felt in a long time. Even though he had been tricked to come here, he sure wasn't regretting it. Not with Sephiroth's cock stretching him to the fullest and not with Zack's heated passage; nope, he wasn't regretting it all.

"Oh fuuuuuck!" Cloud yelled, his orgasm springing upon him suddenly. It took him by surprise and was his biggest yet. He heard Zack moan loudly as he filled him, feeling his semen drip down his sedated cock and down his inner thighs. The hot passage was gone and he suddenly felt Zack's heated cock next to his face. Turning his head, he brought the raven into his mouth, sucking on it like it was the most delicious thing he had ever had.

Sephiroth growled possessively and happily at the sight, claiming Cloud for his own now as Zack had before. The blond was perfect and he defiantly enjoyed the sight of his naked body underneath him. He tilted his head back with a low and long moan, thrusting erratically as he came, milking out his orgasm just as Zack pulled out and came all over Cloud's face with a few loud grunts. Cloud had his mouth open, catching some of it in his mouth as the rest sprayed across his face. The two men found it erotic and Sephiroth couldn't help but slap the blond's round ass, making Cloud yelp even though he enjoyed it.

"That had to be the best threesome we have ever had, no offense to Genesis," Zack said through his panting, smiling down at the blond. He turned his gaze towards Sephiroth, who was pulling out of the blond, grinning goofily at his lover. "Can we keep him?"

Sephiroth quirked an eyebrow, smirking at his lover. "I don't see why not. He is the perfect twink; who could pass up such an opportunity such as that?" He slapped the blond's ass again, receiving a moan this time.

"A twink who likes to be spanked," Zack mussed. He lay down on his stomach next to the blond, leaning over to kiss the hot blond lovingly. Sephiroth joined them and pressed against Cloud's side, turning the blond's head so he could have a turn to kiss him. "It's almost dinner time, shall we go out to eat or stay here and eat junk food 'cause I don't feel like making anything?"

"I say we stay here," Cloud suggested, not wanting to leave the comfort of Seph's and Zack's arms. "So we can stay naked for the rest of the day." He blushed after he said this, hiding his face in Zack's shoulder.

The two older men laughed. This seemed like the beginning of a perfect threesome.

Twink-a young, handsome gay man who has little to no hair on his body.

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