Lou-pie: so I see that some of my subjects wanted a continuation of the Hot Doc. I was gonna do one anyway, just didn't know how I should start it and shit. But wait no more and be amazed by the hot sexiness that is yaoi! Enjoy!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Seph/Zack/Cloud

Hot Examination

Tap, tap, tap, click, tap, tap.

Cloud yawned tiredly as he worked on the finishing touches of his new manuscript, drawing a look from Sephiroth. The blond caught the look and gave a reassuring smile towards the older man. "I'll go to bed when I finish editing the last chapter," he promised. "Just have a few more paragraphs." He blinked heavily, stretching before going back to work on his laptop, setting his feet on the coffee table.

Sephiroth shook his head, but went back to reading his book. The silver haired man had been noticing that his newly found lover was staying up most nights to finish his new book before the deadline next week. Now that he was practically finished with it, Cloud could now catch up on some rest and actually have time to have drawn out sex with him and Zack. Ever since their first time with the younger male seven months ago, he and Zack could not let go of the blond and had sex with him with every chance they got before the blond gave them his cell number and his address, which he no longer lives since last month. Yup, Cloud now lived with them and it was the unruly puppy who got the blond to agree.

The couple's interest in the blond was starting to turn into a three way love triangle, which Zack didn't seem to mind; but Sephiroth was skeptical. He thought that one day the love between the three of them would disappear and one of them wanted to be with only one of them, not two. It was a scary thought, but that didn't mean Sephiroth wasn't going to at least try to love Cloud; the young man was beautiful, calm, and never wanted to fight with either of them. He was the one that usually kept him and Zack from spewing hurtful words and then only to regret it later. Life had seemed to become much smoother and easier now that Cloud was around.

Speaking of the blond, Cloud gave a relieved yet tired sigh as he closed his laptop, a small smile tugging on his lips. He set the machine aside on the coffee table and got up to head for their shared bedroom, doing exactly what he had promised. Sephiroth looked at the clock to see that it was past five in the evening; Zack should be arriving home soon. As if by magic, Zack walked into their apartment with a small happy groan, glad that it was the weekend and got to have it off.

"Fuck yes. No work until Monday. That's at least two days off from fingering other men's asses!" the raven haired male cried in relief, slipping off his shoes so he could lounge on the couch. He was quickly shushed by Sephiroth, making Zack wince and look down the hall where their room was. "He asleep?"


Zack gave a sigh of relief as he settled next to his silver haired lover, a small smile etching onto his face. "Good, he needs it." The raven sat in thought as Sephiroth went back to reading his book. "It's a good thing you're off for the weekend too."

"And why is that?" Sephiroth asked without looking up from his book. A hand soon closed his book, making it to where the older male had to look up and see what Zack wanted. He didn't particularly like the look in the man's eyes nor did he like the smirk; it didn't fit the raven's personality… though it was sexy from time to time.

"Because… we get to have all the fun we want with Cloud; no more of those quick, separated fucks just because we need to get off." Zack shook his head as he straddled Sephiroth, putting his hands on the older man's shoulders, close to his neck. "No. We get to have long, drawn out sex with our little kitty." He whispered this in Sephiroth's ear and nipped the lobe afterwards; smirking when the silver haired male gasped that was almost unheard.

Sephiroth chuckled at his lover's enthusiasm, setting his hands on Zack's ass and giving the cheeks a firm squeeze. "Yes, we will, but only until Cloud is well and rested up." He captured Zack's lips with his and forced in his tongue. The raven moaned into the kiss and submitted into it, opening his mouth wide as his head tilted to the side. Tongues played and wrapped around each other, saliva slipping past their lips and dribbling down Zack's chin. Before long, Sephiroth pulled back with a smirk, noticing the look in his lover's eyes. "Something tells me you have something planned for this weekend."

Zack returned the smirk and got up to walk back to the front door to pick up his forgotten bag, bringing it back over to Sephiroth. He handed it to his lover and let Sephiroth pull out a few objects that were hidden in it, causing the older man's eyes to widen. The first thing he had pulled out was medal with a little screw that made two round metal plates to separate. The next thing he pulled out looked like a dildo that was almost in the shape of a 'C' with a button on one end. He clicked it and it began vibrating in his hand. The last thing he pulled out was a small funnel (Sephiroth didn't even want to know why Zack had a funnel in his bag).

"What the hell are these?" the silver haired male asked at the objects that were now laying on the table.

"This is a speculum," Zack said as he pointed at the metal piece. "It's what us doctors use on female patients for pelvic examinations." He smirked evilly as he gazed at the object. "And now, I'm going to use it on Cloud." He picked up the odd looking dildo, smirk gone as he observed it in curiosity. "I don't know what this is called, but I'll just call it a dildo for now. Genesis gave it to me and told me that it was the right length to message one's prostate." He clicked it on, excitement filling him at the thought of putting this inside their small lover and making him scream.

"What's the funnel for?"

"That, my dear Sephy, is a secret until later when Cloud's awake."

Cloud slept the rest of the day and night away, waking up around eleven-forty AM the next day. His two lovers were already awake and up out in the living room. The blond slid off the bed, stretching as he stood; he felt refreshed from a goodnight's rest and feeling a little frisky today. Stepping out into the small hallway, Cloud made his way into the living room, spotting silver hair immediately from the couch before him; Zack was hiding in the kitchen, making something for their younger lover to eat.

"Good morning," the spiky haired male mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Sephiroth's shoulders, leaning over the back of the couch to do it. A hand sought his and grabbed it to pull it to soft, pink lips to give the appendage a light kiss.

"Good morning my kitty," Sephiroth murmured against Cloud's hand, taking in the scent of the other. "Are you feeling better?"

"Mhm." Cloud walked around the couch so he could straddle the other and remove the book from his lover's hand. "I feel refreshed. So refreshed that I'm feeling rather..." the blond gave a small lick to Sephiroth's neck, "playful."

Sephiroth smirked rather sexily and pressed Cloud against him, wrapping his arms around slim hips. "Oh really? Has our kitty been thinking naughty thoughts? Maybe I should punish you, don't you think?"

"And I have the best way to do it!" Zack butted in as he ran into the living room, giving the older male a knowing look. "Cloud, why don't you eat and take a shower; make sure to wash everywhere. And I mean everywhere." The raven gave an evil grin over his shoulder, making Cloud shiver in want, as he walked back into the kitchen to fetch the blond's food.

Full and clean, Cloud walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and into the living room. His lovers were sitting on the couch and whispering heatedly to each other, only stopping when they spotted Cloud. They both gave the blond an appreciative glance down at his chest as they stood up, approaching the blond eagerly. Sephiroth was the first to reach him and he pulled the blond towards him so he could capture his lips. Zack slid in behind him with his hands on the blond's shoulders, kissing a trail down Cloud's spine.

Cloud shivered as he grabbed the silver haired man's forearms, moaning when Zack's lips reached the small of his back where his towel began. Hands-Cloud didn't know whose-pulled on the knot of the towel and pulled the cloth away from the blond's naked body. The lips continued their way down the valley between his cheeks after being pulled apart until they reached his sphincter. Cloud had to pull away from Sephiroth when a wet muscle lapped against his hole and over his valley, causing the slim male to gasp and lean against Sephiroth's chest. Zack did it several times until Cloud was a shivering, wanting mess.

A dry finger breached him and wiggled around inside him while the raven's lips traveled back up his spine and to the back of his neck. Zack chuckled against Cloud's throat as he continued to draw his finger in and out of the blond's tight heat.

"Is he clean enough?" Sephiroth whispered over Cloud's shoulder, reaching down to run over taught muscles with one hand while the other reached around to join Zack's. Another finger pressed in easily, causing the young male to gasp and close his eyes. "It appears so. And he's all wet and slippery inside. Tell me Cloud, did you… use the syringe to spray your insides to clean yourself properly?"

The blond couldn't answer right away when both of the fingers pressed against his prostate, crying out at the pleasure that rolled over his body like a heated wave. "Y-yes!"

"Good boy." Sephiroth pulled out his finger as well as Zack and the silver haired male dragged the blond over to the couch, pushing him against the plush cushions into a sitting position. "Shall we get started, Dr. Zack?"

"Of course," Zack answered with a lewd smile, pulling out the somewhat 'C' shaped dildo from beneath one of the pillows on the couch. "Cloud, could you put your feet on the couch and scooch your ass forward?" As Cloud did this, Zack looked through the drawers of the coffee table and pulled out a small tube of water based lube to lather the toy in his hand. "You ready?"

The blond raised an eyebrow and gave the other a dry look.

"Right, don't even have to ask." Zack brushed the tip against Cloud's hole to warn him before pushing the leathery feeling toy inside, the rounded tip slipping in with a wet 'pop' which had Cloud gasp. When it was fully inside with the tip pressing nicely against the younger man's g-spot, Zack pressed the small button on the end.

"Holy shit!" the spiky haired male yelled, gasping and moaning at the feel of the vibration on his pleasure spot, closing his eyes tightly. Cloud ground his hips down on the toy to take more in, but that resulted in moving away from his prostate, though it still felt very good against his walls.

"Touch yourself," Sephiroth demanded while unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off, his shirt following and now only in his underwear.

Cloud obeyed and sucked on his middle finger of his right hand while his left traveled down his chest, stomach, and finally to his hardened length, grabbing a hold of it to rub it up and down. Now that his finger was nice and wet, Cloud let it travel to his right nipple and rub around it, pinching it here and there before moving to his other. He shuddered in lust as Zack began to move the toy inside him around, his lips pressing wetly against his inner thigh.

The dark haired man grabbed the hand that was around the other's cock and moved it to grab the toy. "Pleasure yourself while I undress myself." Zack moved away when the blond obeyed and began thrusting the toy inside him while the raven slipped off his clothes. Zack was about to grab the dildo again, but stopped when he noticed how enthralled the blond was in pleasuring himself and seemed to have forgotten about the other two.

The two older lovers licked their lips and rubbed their straining erections through their briefs, watching their little sex kitten gasp in lust each time the toy was pushed back in. Cloud's free hand moved down to jerk himself off and bring himself closer to orgasm, oblivious to the other two eyeing him like a piece of juicy meat set out in front of hungry wolves. And when the blond came against his hand, the two rabid wolves pounced on him, pulling the toy out of him and bending him over the couch.

They calmed down once Cloud was bent over, letting the blond catch his breath as Zack found the speculum that was still on the small table from last night and rubbed his hands over the cold metal to warm it before wetting it with the lube. The blond grunted and looked over his shoulder curiously when something cold and wide slipped into him, not able to see it since it was already fully inside.

"What is that?" the slim blond asked as he rested his forearms on the cushions, laying his head on top of them. He got his answer when the object suddenly widened a little from Zack spinning the small screw at the end of it. He felt his hole widening with each twist, feeling Zack's warm breath going inside him between the two round metal plates that were stretching him. He flushed in embarrassment when he felt two pairs of eyes gazing into him. He reached around to cover himself up, but Sephiroth quickly grabbed his hand and held it behind his back.

"This is embarrassing," Cloud mumbled into the cushion.

"Don't be embarrassed," Zack started after giving a small lick to the blond's left cheek. "You're a beautiful pink all the way inside. You really did clean yourself thoroughly."

"Take it out."

"I don't think so." Zack gave another twist, causing the blond to gasp loudly at how far the contraption was stretching him. "Dr. Fair hasn't gotten a good look inside this beautiful asshole yet." The raven turned the object to the side so that the metal plates were now pressing against the left and right side of the blond's walls. "Your prostate is rather healthy looking; makes me want to touch it." A finger slipped inside and pressed against the small lump that was now plain in sight.

"Zack, come on!"

"Zack," Sephiroth warned, though he was a little disappointed.

"Ok, ok." The raven twisted the screw the opposite way to close the metal plates and pulled it out. He replaced the speculum back onto the table and grabbed the funnel that sat next to it. "But I have one more thing I want to try before either me or Sephiroth take you; it's been one of my fantasies I've been wanting to do." He grabbed the blond and had him sit on his elbows and knees on the floor before placing the funnel inside the blond.

"What are you doing?" the silver haired male asked when Zack slipped off his underwear and placed his cock over the funnel.

"You'll see." Right after he said that, a golden stream flowed out from his penis and fell into the funnel to drip down into Cloud's anus. "I've been holding that one in ever since I woke up, so it's going to be a lot."

Cloud gasped when hot liquid began to fill him, flushing at what it was since neither of his lovers had gotten up to grab anything. The funnel began to slip out, but he quickly reached back to push it back in so he could feel the delicious urine fill him some more. When Zack was finished, he pulled back but didn't pull out the funnel.

"You wanna a try? It appears that our pet rather likes it," the dark haired man said to Sephiroth, nodding his head towards the blond.

Sephiroth accepted without a word and began to piss into the funnel, finding it fascinating when the golden liquid slipped inside Cloud. He finished rather quickly since he didn't really have to go and the funnel was taken out. Cloud gave his best to hold the liquid inside, wanting his lovers to hurry up and fill him with something other than a toy.

"Do you need to be prepared?" Zack asked as he placed himself behind the spiky haired man once again after lathering up his cock. He chuckled when Cloud looked over his shoulder to give an 'are you serious?' look and grabbed his hips as he aligned his with Cloud's. The tip of his dick pressed against his lover's entrance and popped in. He could feel his and Sephiroth's piss around him as some dribbled out and dripped down the blond's thighs.

Cloud moaned lowly as Zack sank into him, feeling so full with all the liquid that was inside him, but a little sad when it began to slip out. When the dark haired lover began thrusting in a slow pace, Cloud gasped and reached behind to pull Zack into a wet and messy kiss. Sephiroth purred at the kiss and slipped underneath the blond so he could suck on the blond's dripping length, placing his own cock in front of the slim male for him to do the same which Cloud greedily grabbed and brought it to his mouth to suck and nibble on.

"Fuck that's hot," Zack murmured through his panting, bending over so he could place small kisses over Cloud's back and shoulders, now thrusting in hard and fast. "Mmm."

Cloud let Sephiroth's cock slip from his mouth so he could run his lips over it and nibble on the head over the urethra, causing Sephiroth to pause in his sucking and grunt around the blond. More urine leaked out until it was almost gone, pooling around his knees.

Cloud felt a little daring and wet his fingers before reaching down and pushing a finger into the silver haired man, causing him to almost choke on the blond in his mouth from surprise. Sephiroth grunted when another finger was added, hissing when they began to stretch him. To make matters worse, that delightful mouth was back on him and sucking harshly on the head, the tip of his tongue playing with the small opening found there. Zack found this rather arousing and came deeply inside Cloud, a little disappointed when the small male didn't come.

Knowing that the raven haired man was done, Sephiroth moved out from underneath their lover and replaced himself behind Cloud after taking out his fingers. The silver haired man pushed in, in one thrust, making Cloud yell in pleasure. The older lover was nowhere near gentle and was thrusting away into the blond as revenge, drawing delicious gasp, mewls, and groans of pleasure. Zack watched from his spot on the floor lazily, feeling rather refreshed and yet rather tired. The two older lovers loved the sounds Cloud was making and shivered each time he called either one of their names.

"Yes, Sephiroth! It feels so good!"

The blond was suddenly turned onto his back with Sephiroth still inside him and his legs were spread far apart as the thrusting male picked up where he left off. Cloud grasped the other's thigh and arm as he felt himself drawing near to completion, crying out loudly by the way Sephiroth was going to town on him. Their bodies were soaked in sweat and it caused Cloud's hand that was grabbing the other's arm to slip a little up towards his forearm.

"Ah! Z-Zack, come s-suck me!"

Zack bit his lip as he crawled over towards Cloud and leant down to bring the blond's cock into his mouth. He didn't have to suck for very long before Cloud was yelling and coming down his throat in long thick squirts. Sephiroth spilt inside of the blond after a few more thrusts, pulling out and letting semen mixed with piss bubble out from the younger male's hole.

Panting, Sephiroth rolled off of Cloud and lay down on his side while Zack lay on the other side, kissing both the blond and silver haired man and letting them taste Cloud's seed. Cloud was rather sedated from all the activity this morning (most likely afternoon now) and was on the edge of falling asleep. He was in Zack's arms in moments, being carried back to their room while Sephiroth got up to get something to clean up their mess; Zack soon joined.

The two older males came back to lay in bed with their now sleeping kitten, ready to sleep themselves.

"That was rather fun," Zack mumbled tiredly to Sephiroth, their hands grasped together over Cloud's hip. The blond was nuzzled up against the oldest male now with Zack's other arm nestled beneath the sleeping blond's head. "We should try it again sometime."

"Yeah, but on you next time," Sephiroth answered devilishly with an evil grin etched on his face.

Zack blushed and hid his face in Cloud's shoulder, though there was a smile on his lips. "I wouldn't mind that."

Lou-pie: holy crap! I almost creamed my pants after I reread this to check for any mistakes! And if you want to know what a speculum is… look it up on Wikipedia or look for images on google. And yes, I did add the sequel as the second chapter to Hot Doc, but I did that one purpose so that it would be easier for everyone! So I hope you're glad about the sequel and hopefully it's hotter than the first. I was in a horny, typing mood and got this done in two days! Yay for me!