Well we go, this is my newest fanfiction story... it's going to be a WWE Wrestling/Warehouse 13 Crossover. I got this idea after I... A) saw the ep of Warehouse 13 that WWE Superstar: Cody Rhodes starred in and B) I read ExtremeRainbowRaiderPrincess Wrestling/Warehouse crossover(pairing: Cody/Myka) and loved it, this is the second Wrestling/Warehouse 13 Story that has been created yet: ExtremeRainbowRaiderPrincess wrote the first one(check it out if you haven't it's called Puppy Dog Eyes it's a great story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing that is in this story...

Summary- After Myka left the Warehouse... left Pete... she wanted to forget everyone there, so she got a new job as a World Wrestling Entertainment Manager for non-other than superstar Randy Orton. However will she realize that she's developed feelings for The Viper? How will Pete take the news when he finds out that Myka, his ex. partner of the Warehouse is now working as a manager in the WWE?

Prologue ~

Well I'm Myka Bering and it's been about 6 months since I stopped working for Warehouse 13, so now I was hopeing to try and get a jump doing desk work at the World Wrestling Entertainment building. However I instead end up managing one of the superstars, meaning that I'm going to be traveling around the world and going out to the ring. The superstar I'm going to be the manager of is "The Viper", Randy Orton, I know that people say he loses it when he's in the ring, but as I found out 4 weeks ago he's a really nice guy off camera.

Well anyway I probably should let you all know why I left the Warehouse the only reason is that well after a run in with Helena G. Wells, who wanted to put the earth into a second ice age, I started second guessing my abilities.

I just hope the other members of the Warehouse are doing ok without me, especially Pete, I mean he was my partner on assignments.

Ok, it's time to forget about the Warehouse, Bering… that's not your job anymore, you quit from it and left… time to move on to my new job as a World Wrestling Entertainment ring manager to Randy Orton.

~ Chapter 1 ~

I woke up to my alarm giving me a buzzing racket after I turned it off, I saw sitting on the bedside table was a picture of me and Pete Lattimer after one of our first missions for the Warehouse. I shook my head needing to clear it. "Damn, I must of forgotten to check my bedroom." I stood up and grabbed the picture and walked to the closet, opening it and pulling out a bin labeled old memories I lifted the lid and inside were pictures or papers from my days at the Warehouse. I set the picture of me and Pete on top before closing the lid.

After closing the lid of the bin and shoving it back into the closet, I stood and pulled out a tank top and jeans before heading to the bathroom for a quick shower.

~ Warehouse 13 ~ Claudia's P.O.V ~

"how could Myka just leave like that?" Pete sighed running his hands through his hair, before sitting down in the closet chair to him.

I sighed to myself thinking, 'God, every since Myka left us Pete hasn't shut up about her leaving… everyone here can see that he cares about her in more ways than just a partner, so he should just go talk to her about it.' I was getting annoyed with Pete's non- active actions on getting Myka back, instead he just walks around here and complains about her leaving non-stop.

"Pete, just go talk with her now." I said in frustration, just as Pete gets up again and paces around the Warehouse.

~ Myka's Apartment ~ Myka's P.O.V

As I was making a quick breakfast, Randy said he'd pick me up on his way to the airport at 9:00 and it was 8:50 at the moment, so that gave me about 10 minutes before he got here. I sighed as I sat at the table and nibbled at some toast, my bags sitting next to the door, waiting for me to go. Just as I was standing up a knock on the door happened and I went to answer it… "oh, hey Randy!" I said smiling at WWE's newly crowned WWE Champion(after he won at the Night of Champions pay per view).

"hey Myka, you ready?" he asked with a smirk, that made him look hotter than he did already, I smiled at him and nodded yes "yeah, I'm ready." I said as he moved to lift my bags up.

As we walked out the apartment, I turned and locked the door, before following Randy to his rental car(I don't know what it is). He put my stuff in the truck as I got in the passenger seat, resting my head on the headrest thinking 'I wonder how Claudia, Pete, Artie and the rest are without me!' Randy got me to snap out of my thoughts when he shut his door, making it slam, I sighed as Randy said "so starting next week you accompany me to the ring… this should be interesting!"

"why's that?" I asked looking at him as he started the car. "because of my character 'The Viper' isn't really a character to have a girl hanging around with me!" he explained.

"ah, yeah… these last couple of weeks I've been watching your match's," I replied, "your right I'll just have to watch myself when around you on camera." I finished smiling.

Randy and I talked as he drove to the airport, once there he unloaded the car in the rental car parking lot, I grabbed my bags and he grabbed his as we made our way inside and to the terminal(Randy picked up tickets before he picked me up). As we passed the terminal, after dropping are non care on luggage off, we headed to seats and were heading off for Dallas, Texas for the Hell in a Cell pay per view tomorrow.

Ok, so next chapter will feature Hell in a Cell that happened this past sunday. I might even have it featuring Raw the night after... but this story isn't going to follow alot of the storylines that WWE has going on at the moment, I'll use some of them if they tie into my story at the point. So I'm going to be trying to get updates up after Raw(or a PPV) that happens until this story is done.

I'll try and make the next chapter longer than this one was :D Hope you enjoyed it, Please Review and let me know what you think of it