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Chapter 12

It's the Monday before the TLC Pay-per-view where Randy Orton challenges The Miz in a Tables Match for WWE Championship. Well tonight is the Slammy Awards and so far: Shocker of the Year went to The Debut of Nexus, the Despicable Me award went to CM Punk for his version of "Happy Birthday" to Rey Mysterio's daughter. The Holy beep Moment went to John Cena for him giving Batista an FU off the top of the car through the stage(RANDY ORTON WAS ROBBED THIS AWARD, the Shooting StaRKO was more impressive than the FU off a car). However instead of John Cena accepting the award it was Wade Barrett, who brought it down to the ring and called John out.

The slight problem is that the Englishman did it to tell him that he was rehiring Cena, but after he was rehired Nexus stormed the ring and attacked John with one of their classic "Nexus Beat downs".

The Guest Star Shining Moment went to Pee Wee Herman(Mike Tyson was robbed, him faking out Jericho before punching Y2J in the jaw was simply AWESOME!), WWE Universe Reaction of the year went to the Little Girl: Cayley for her face that she made when Miz beat Randy Orton for the championship. The Oh Snap Meltdown went to The Rated- R Superstar Edge for destroying the anonymous general manager's laptop, LayCool and Mae Young won Knucklehead Moment for Mae Young beating LayCool.

Michelle McCool than beat the RAW and Smackdown Divas in a Diva Battle Royal and was made the Diva of the Year(I think the Diva of the Year should have been either Natalya or Eve). WWE Moment of the year went to Undertaker vs. HBK in Shawn's final match, and now it's time for the second match the Anonymous General Manager set up earlier in the night, Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley and David Arquette. The winner being of course Randy Orton.

The night went on with Michael "Dumbass" Cole winning the "And I Quote" award and John Cena winning the "Superstar of the Year" Award(I personally think either Randy Orton or The Miz deserved the award more the John Cena did, but that's what happens when WWE let's the WWE Universe vote for who should get that award). After John Cena won the "Superstar of the Year" Award, he finished his speech and went straight down to the ring, where he ultimately ended up beating David Otunga by submission.

~ Myka's P.O.V ~

It was the Tribute To The Troops taping for next Saturday at Fort Hood, and Myka was really surprised to see all the troops that were in attendance for the event. However she was gratefully for them and couldn't wait to be apart of it, to show her support to the men and women in the U.S. Military.

Tribute To The Troops was wonderful I got to see live music performances from Diddy and Trace Adkins, as well as Kofi Kingston and Big Show beat Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Now it's time for the main event match set up for the troops…

~ Normal P.O.V ~

Booyaka, Booyaka 619

Rey Mysterio came out to the cheering of the troops and did his entrance, as well as high five some of the members that were ringside. "Now it is time for the main event, first from San Diego, California: Rey Mysterio!" Justin Roberts announced for the crowd.

I Hear Voices In My Head

Randy Orton and Myka walked out on to the stage, again to the troops cheering, Randy and Myka walked down to the ring as Justin announced, "And his partner; being accompanied by Myka; from Saint Louis, Missouri: Randy Orton!" Randy got into the ring as Myka took her place ringside.

Your Time is Up, My Time is Now

John Cena's theme played and Myka could swear the cheering of the troops, if possible, got 10 times louder for John then it was for Rey Mysterio or Randy Orton. "And their partner; from Boston, Massachusetts: John Cena!" Justin echoed into the microphone, over the crowd as John ran down the ramp and slid into ring, before completing his entrance.

'I have a feeling that Alicia is going to watch this match!' Myka thought to self, as she was watching John finish his entrance.

"And their opponents, first from San Luis Potosi, Mexico: Alberto Del Rio!" Justin Roberts announced as Alberto drove to the ramp in one of his many cars he owned as well as a clearly visible cocky grin on his face.

We Walk Alone, In The Unknown

Wade Barrett came out to the Nexus's theme as Justin said, "Next his partner, he is the Leader of The Nexus; from Manchester, England: Wade Barrett!" Wade finished his entrance, as soon as he got into the ring the final theme played throughout the area.

AWESOME, I Came To Play

"And Finally, being accompanied by Alex Riley; He is the WWE Champion; from Cleveland, Ohio: The Miz!" Justin finished up as Miz and Alex did the entrance and Miz held up the WWE Championship.

The bell rang and the first two people in the ring were Alberto and John, Myka stood on the floor, in Team Cena/Orton/Mysterio's corner… while Alex stood in the corner of Team Barrett/Del Rio/Miz. However, about half way through the match Alex started and failed in flirting with me from across the ring.

Near the end of the match it was chaos, the two legal men were Cena and Del Rio, but Randy got in and was going to deliver his Second Rope DDT to The Miz… but Riley saved his mentor in time. So The Viper instead delivered an RKOto Wade Barrett, just as John Cena got Alberto Del Rio up on to his shoulders and delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the cocky Mexican. Just before the CeNation Leader went for the pinfall…


"And here are your winners: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and John Cena!" Justin Roberts announced as John's theme echoed throughout the area and Myka got into the ring and giving Rey, John and finally victory hugs.

~ Randy's P.O.V ~

I watched as Myka climbed up and got into the ring, only to first give Rey and John victory hugs, I couldn't help but be a little jealous of them until she gave me one. I smirked slightly, before directing my attention at Mike and Alex, who were stand by the start to the ramp. 'One more day and that championship is back around my waist!' I thought as I stared daggers at Mike, who was hugging the championship with dear life.

After Tribute To The Troops was over the 6-7 people all slowly made our ways backstage; Rey, John, Myka and myself were high-fiveing or hugging some of the soldiers ringside as he moved backstage.

~ Randy's Locker Room ~

Myka went to get something from catering, so well she was gone I decided to change out of my wrestling attire; since we had to leave and head to Houston, Texas for the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay-per-view the next day. I pulled out a black t-shirt and some jeans from my bag, before heading to the bathroom and changing out of the tights. However, my mind was still going through something that Vince wanted me to do before 2010 came to an end and I don't think I can actually be able to pull it off.


~ Vince's Office ~

"wanted to see me, Vince?" I said walking into Mr. McMahon's office and slowly taking a seat across from his desk.

"yes, I did Randy!" he said looking up from his papers, "I wanted to tell you that after your match against Mike at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay-per-view.. I would like you to take Myka out of action for awhile!"

I was shocked and immediately asked the question, that I knew everyone would be asking if I did, "Why do you want me to take her out?"

"Randy, it's just for storyline proposes because I'm planning on having Myka head over to FCW and train to see if she'd make it as a Diva!" Vince explained, which still didn't ease the thought that I'd have to punt her in the head.

"I know your uneasy with this task, Randy… however, if the reputation you've built for "hearing voices in your head" it works!"

I sighed and nodded, "I'll go tell Myka than." I still didn't like the fact that I had to punt her, but he was right my character isn't really someone to put a whole lot of trust into being with and this should remind the audience that… I got up and walked out of the office.

End of Flashback

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