Author's Note


First of all: Thank you very much for reading my story! I think it's my best so far! I'm proud of it and I doubt if I could've written it any better.

I'm pretty sure some words are spelled wrong and the grammar's slacking here and there. I'm not a native speaker of English, I try the best I can and I've improved very much since my first FanFiction! Haha, I remember that fic, I used the word 'embraced' instead of 'embarressed', multiple times! Well, thát was embarrassing!

I think it's time for the copyright: I don't own Crackdown or it's characters. Though Chris and Eliza are mine, I don't care that much about them and I don't think people would like to 'steal' them anyway!

I came to the idea for this story while playing Crackdown with one of my friends. We were messing around with Rabotkinov (we picked up his body as soon as we eliminated him) but poorly we lost him in the harbor - that's the part where he escapes in the story.

Later, we went to Romanova, who's also involved in Pacific Love.

We decided to call the Agent Clone 947 (or 'Cloontje') and when we were bored at school we wrote a novel about him and the other narrators of this piece.

The 'novel' is nothing serious, little chapters with the length of ca. one page written in a sloppy handwriting with a funny drawing next to them. I consider them as a sort of first draft of the story and I was very excited working it out!

The Eliza chapter is way longer than planned, but I guess it doesn't matter. It's rather exceptional 'cause before I really started out I had not much inspiration for Liz. Well, I hope the readers don't mind.

If you're upset that I didn't really mention the Shai-Gen, don't worry, more Crackdown FanFiction is on it's way! It will contain two very interesting Gang Bosses... I'm looking forward to it, how about you?

Lots of Love