A/N This is suppose to be one of Mary's last entrie's reflecting on what has happened the past couple of years. Enjoy!

The Last Entry

Tuesday, March 18, 1849

Dear Diary,

It has been about more than a couple years since I bailed Sean Riordan out of jail with Laura. He was very grateful at the time, but seemed as if he was in a hurry. Laura was extremely excited to finally get to see Boston. 'Twas colder than the mines, so Laura liked it. For me, 'twas a wee bit too cold. 'Twas rather beautiful. We had fun looking out over the harbor into the sea. 'Tis amazing when the sun's bright rays hits the smooth, clear blue water just right. I just loved breathing in the misty air. I was worried though, and thought we should get back soon. I wanted to know how everyone else was doing. I hoped everything was okay. We headed back to Lowell, but somewhere along the way Sean left, and we haven't seen him since.

Everything is so different now. My sister, Kate, has met a very nice young man named Dennis Kelly. I saw Dennis hanging around a jewelry store. I think they may get married soon. Annie finally left the mills. She traveled west for a while. 'Twas hard traveling alone because of the harsh weather conditions, but she made it. She stopped in Racine, Wisconsin. Over there, she met Silas Marks, a lawyer. She's rather fond of him. They got married pretty quickly, but they're happy together. I'm very happy for her. Laura and I, with the help of Quinn, put Alice into Perkins Institute for the Blind. She is learning how to communicate in different ways. I'm so happy she is being cared for. 'Tis like a big boulder has been lifted off me. I know her parents would be happy.

Although I am glad all my friends are okay, I'm not. An epidemic is starting. Lots of people are getting sick from this bacteria called Cholera. About a fourth of the girls from the mill have already fallen sick. I think I am beginning to also. I feel even more tired than usual and get enormous cramps in my legs. I've even fainted a couple of times from dehydration. I'm starting to feel nauseous. I'm getting too weak to write anymore, but I'll stay strong. I have to…