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Tremble Beneath You

Chapter Two

The knock came softly at the door, followed by a familiar voice. "Sweetie?"

Brennan looked up from her laptop. "Come in, Angela." She was replying to some emails from her publisher and agent, as well as other forensic anthropologists. She hit send before opening the email following it. It was from Booth.

"Is now a good time to talk? I want to ask you something."

Brennan narrowed her eye at the email, still unsure if she wanted to read it. "Now is as good a time as any." She closed out of her inbox, not ready to deal with him today. Angela came in and sat on a corner of Brennan's desk.

"So you know its been almost a year since Hodgins and I got married…" Angela seemed almost nervous. Brennan looked at her curiously. "We didn't really have a proper wedding, except the one a few years ago that we left you and Booth at the alter at-"

"Angela, cut to the chase." She didn't want to be reminded of her and Booth standing at the alter. Marriage wasn't something she believed in the permanency of, but the thought of it didn't really leave her mind either.

"Okay, okay. Hodgins and I are going to have a real reception. And ceremony. With a wedding party, a pretty white dress, a bouquet… And I want you to be my maid of honor. Again." She smiled, and Brennan returned the smile. "The ceremony isn't going to be huge. There's only enough seating for like, fifty people, but the reception is going to be pretty big. And Booth is Hodgins' best man, so he'll be escorting you-"

Brennan sat up straight in her chair. "Wait," she interrupted. "Booth. Is the best man?"

Angela's eyebrows creased. "Yes, Bren. Just like the first wedding. Only a little different."

Brennan sighed. She didn't want to disappoint Angela by turning her down to be her maid of honor, but she didn't really want to be escorted by Booth either, not when he had a girlfriend who sat a table or two away. Angela caught on almost instantly. "I knew it!"

Brennan looked back up at her friend, her gaze having fallen with her thoughts. "Knew what?"

"You love Booth!" She clasped her hands together, a smile splayed out on her face.

Brennan stood up and smoothed her skirt out. "I do not."

Angela stood as well, albeit a bit more clumsily than Brennan, since the pregnancy was making her a little top heavy. "No, see? You're not looking at me. You're busying yourself with something trivial. You love Booth! Oh, Sweets is going to have a field day with this!"

Brennan groaned. "I hate psychology." She looked Angela square in the eye. "You cannot tell him, Angela. You can't."

Angela smirked. "Booth or Sweets?"

"Either! Booth has a girlfriend, and Sweets will just try to be a matchmaker and push me toward Booth, which will ultimately become the termination of our partnership and the demise of our friendship. You can't. Angela, I'm asking you as your best friend." The look of pleading in Brennan's eyes made Angela frown. Normally, it would have been a threatening look. But this one was different. There was fear.

"Alright," she said. "I won't." Brennan nodded in thanks, and Angela continued almost instantly. "But you should." Brennan narrowed her eyes at Angela. There was the look that she knew. "Okay okay. I get it. But will you? Be my maid of honor?"

Brennan smiled, previous argument momentarily forgotten. "Of course, Angela. You did not even have to ask. But I am glad you did."

Angela pulled Brennan into a hug. "Thank you, sweetie. And you really should tell Booth."

"Tell Booth what?" The gravelly voice came from the door. Brennan looked up and saw him standing there. She released Angela, who tried to hide the smirk on her face as she made her way to the door. She smiled at the FBI agent, and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Good luck, G-man." Booth made a face and opened his mouth to ask her why, but she'd already slipped out the door.

Brennan sat back down in her chair as Booth closed the office door. "Feeling better, Bones?"

She opened her inbox back up, hovering the cursor over the email Booth had sent her. "I was never feeling ill, Booth."

He came around to the back of her chair and put his hands on her shoulders. Feeling her privacy jeopardized, she closed out of her inbox again, but not before Booth saw she hadn't opened his email. "You know that's not what I meant. And you don't need to hide your email from me. I know you haven't opened mine." Brennan scoffed at him, standing up and grabbing a file off her desk, opening it and pretending to look at what was inside.

"My work doesn't revolve around you, Booth. I need to… I have skeletons to identify."

Booth frowned, taking the file from her and setting it down. "Bones. We need to talk." She picked the file back up and opened it, her eyebrows coming together as she noticed something wrong.

"I need Miss Holden…" Brennan stepped around Booth and opened her door, calling for her.

"Who is Miss Holden?" Booth asked, confused. Brennan looked at him.

"My intern." Through the door walked a tall girl, about nineteen, brunette, with red streaks and a nose ring.

"Dr. Brennan. You called for me?" She looked from Brennan to Booth, and back to Brennan again.

"Patience Holden, this is Special Agent Seeley Booth. Booth, this is my intern. Now…" Brennan handed Patience the folder. "I need you to reevaluate the X-Rays on the World War II skeleton. Tell me what was missed. Write it down."

"Yes, Dr. Brennan." The intern left quickly, as if being in the same proximity as an FBI agent made her nervous. Brennan frowned, knowing that her one way out of this conversation with Booth had just walked out the door.

"Alright, I get it, Bones. Take your time. Tell me when you're ready to tell me." Brennan sat down in her chair, and Booth leaned over the desk, right into her personal space. "But I'm still escorting you in Angela's wedding."

Brennan glared at him. "And what about Hannah?"

Booth stepped back and straightened up. "She'll be there. But she understands that you're the maid of honor and I'm the best man. Don't worry about her, Bones."

"Don't call me Bones."

Booth turned on his heel, laughed, and walked out of her office.

This was pretty much a filler chapter. It'll get angst again soon!