"What am I doing with my life?"

Elizabeta looked up from the novel she was reading, momentarily distracted by the words of the country next to her. "Hmm? What was that?"

"My life! What am I doing with it?"

"Good Lord, Gilbert, will you please get over the fact that you're not a country-"

"This is about my dreams, Lizzy!"

The impassioned declaration made Elizabeta give pause, exasperation mingling with curiosity as she examined her boyfriend. God, he was weird. "Dreams?"

"Yes, dreams!" Gilbert huffed, voice inappropriately loud for such a lazy afternoon. "You don't think I have dreams? Things I long for?"

"I thought the only thing you "longed" for was to get in my pants."

"One of many dreams!" he made a large gesture at this, the wild motion causing Gilbird to leave his perch on Gilbert's shoulder and fluttering up to nest on his head. "There are so many things I haven't done, haven't seen! For so long I've been held back! Oppression, your prudishness ("What the hell?"), that fatass and his fucking curtain! Everything's just holding me back!"

"Oh please," the brunette scoffed, setting aside her book and rolling her eyes. "No one's doing anything to you or "holding you back". The only person doing that would be you."

A light bulb went off in Gilbert's head, eyes widening in realization. She was right. "You're right..." he muttered in awe, standing to his feet. "You're right! I can do it all! Everything I've wanted...it can all be mine. Just because my land is gone doesn't mean my dreams are too! I'll fulfill my dreams, and you'll help me!"


"C'mon, Lizzy! Do it!"

Elizabeta looked into the face of her boyfriend: his eyes weren't pleading nor was his mouth pouting. Instead, his eyes were full of mischief and his lips were stretched into a smirk. He already knew her answer.

"Well, then what's first, moron?"