Rapunzel; A Small Twist.

Once there was a man and a woman, they longed for a child hoping that God would bring them a child. The man and the woman had a little window witch out looked a great garden filled with flowers and herbs; lust with green, but it was protected by a wall which no one dared to pass for a witch lived on the other side.

On a fine say the woman was overlooking the beautiful garden. There she saw a large patch of rampion, which looked so delectable that the woman threatened her husband if she didn't have any, she would die. So the man went off to get the rampion for his beloved wife. When he came back with the leaves, the wife made it a salad and ate it with glee.

The husband went into the garden again, clutched a handful of the leaves and went on his way back to the woman. But the witch saw him, and stopped him before he could get away.

"You dare?" she said, filled with rage, "You and your family shall suffer for you thievery!" and the man grew sick the next day, and then soon after his wife became pregnant with a child. The man was too sick to help his wife with the child, and the wife became a widow the day the baby was born.

The widow went over to the garden with the small baby tucked under her cloak. The witch saw her and stopped her before she could descend any deeper into the garden. "You dare? What is you're business here, woman? You don't seem like a thief; but you were the thief's wife."

And the widow fell to her knees begging with woe, "Please take the child I have bore; I am unable to take care of it without the aid of my thieving husband, and I will remain a widow with no gold or livestock for until my child is 12 years of age, for you have put a curse on her."

The witch took the child, leaving the widow in her misery until Rapunzel was 12 years of age. Then the witch locked her away in a tower; for the curse was too powerful. Even for the witch.

One day, many years later; the King was riding his steed down the road near the entrance of the beautiful garden. He heard the seductive tone of Rapunzel's voice; echoing from the tower she locked away in, she was brushing her long, magnificent golden hair. He feel in love with her and from time to time he would visit the entrance of the garden, and listened to her singing. Soon after, Rapunzel noticed the King from her high pretch and let down her long golden hair.

"Sir; I have been trapped in this tower for years, come and save me." Both the King and witch heard this; the Witch told the man never to come back again, or it will be his life, and with this the King rushed away on his horse. The witch scolded Rapunzel from the tower, but Rapunzel would not listen, and beckoned the King into the tower the next week.

"I shall let down thy golden hair for thee." she would call in a song bird tone.

And all the way up her hair the King would sing;



Let down thy golden hair."

He crawled inside the window of the tower, seeing the woman for the first time. But something was wrong. She smiled at him with shark like teeth, they flashed with yellow and were rotting. Around her lay the spatters of blood and the skeletons of young men, fair medians, and small children.

The witch called from the lowers of the town.

"I told you never to come back!" she called as the sound a screams and bones cracking filled the air, and the lovely garden was filled with a bloodbath. All but her long golden hair.