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"Hey B'Elanna check this out."

B'Elanna lifted the data padd she had been reading to look down at her husband who was sitting beneath her legs as she lay back on the arm of the couch in the living area. She eyed him questionably. He leaned a little closer to her pulling her shirt up to expose her very pregnant belly.

"Tom what are you doing"

"Shh… just watch" he said as he took his index finger and poked gently at her stomach. A few seconds later he was rewarded with a response as Miral kicked back. This late in the pregnancy the movement could clearly be seen from the outside. The sight caused Tom to laugh out loud, his blue eyes were light and sparkling and B'Elanna couldn't help but imagine what he must have been like as a child. That thought along with Tom tickling her stomach as he "played" with their daughter caused her to laugh out loud also.

"How did you know, she would respond to you?" B'Elanna said running her fingers though his hair.

"Ahh, well Miral and I play when mommy is sleeping, don't we sweetheart?" Tom said leaning down to place kisses on B'Elanna's stomach.

=====^^ FIVE YEARS LATER ^^=====

B'Elanna sat cross legged on the floor constructing a model of the Delta flyer with her three yr old son J'Vyn. She mused at his determination, which was evident as he bit his bottom lip while he worked on the puzzle. Snatching various pieces from his mother's hand, he was obviously annoyed at her lack of progress in his mission.

"Hey mommy, watch this"

B'Elanna broke her gaze on her son to look up at her daughter who was crouched down at the end of couch where her husband lay sleeping soundly.

"What is it Miral?"

Miral held a finger to her smiling lips, and in the other hand she held up a feather. B'Elanna knew exactly where this was going as she spied Tom's bare feet resting on the arm of the couch above Miral's head.

With that Miral held the feather up and tickled her father's foot causing him to kick his leg reflexively. Miral put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. As she repeated her actions and Tom unknowingly repeated his. B'Elanna laughed at her daughter who was now caught up in a fit of giggles on the floor her own blue eyes sparkling in delight.

"What's so funny" Tom said sitting up, awakened by all the laughter around him.

"Nothing much just a little bit of Karma."