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"Everyone, now that the new school year has finally commenced, after my personal summer of heavy advanced vocal training, I think we should immediately start recruiting as many new students as possible-" Rachel was interrupted.

"Before everyone finds out nobody like glee club." Tina finished. McKinley High had just gotten a surplus of new students, transfers from the Oz Private Schooling District (OPSD). There were the kids from Gillikin High, Vinkun High and Munchkinland High. The district had been shut down when it was discovered that the superintendent was stealing money from all of the rich student's politically "blinged" parents.

"What's so special about these new kids any way?" Finn asked, throwing his drum stick in the air. He reached up to catch it. As he reached he tried to calculate at which the exact point would be for the drumstick to fall into his hand, but by the time he had thought up the word 'calculate' the drumstick had hit him in the face with a pretty cartoonist clonk, "I mean, am I going to have to bow or something? Because I think that would be really awkward…" he said, rubbing his face, accustomed to being hit in the face when he zoned out thinking about how many eggs were left in his refrigerator.

"No Finn, you don't have to bow. However, they are all extremely rich with parents that are Governor's and heads of major companies and in Prince Fiyero's case, King's and Queen's. Do you know how much Glee Club's popularity could boost if we got just one of these students to join? Soon people will be dying for just an audition!" Rachel's hands went back to her hips and she beamed blindingly at the possibilities.

"Prince Fiyero? So they are royalty, damn. Do I have to start calling people 'your highness' cause that would be really awkward…" Rachel just rolled her eyes at Finn's queries of awkwardness.

"Finn, every situation will be awkward if you're there because you are freakishly tall!" Rachel snapped. Finn looked down, making a sad face and Rachel rolled her eyes again, letting out a dramatic sigh as she went to comfort him.

"So what's the deal with this Fiyero chick?" Puck asked, grabbing one of Finn's drumsticks before he poked his eye out.

"Prince Fiyero is a man." Kurt snapped, glaring at Puck, "Even before the Oz district scandal, I was an avid reader of the Oz tabloid magazines and let me just say, Prince Fiyero has guns with a lot more powder than you Noah Puckerman! So if anyone should be doubted about their gender, it should be you!"

"Jeez, what do you have a man crush on the guy or something?" Puck sneered, though he was obviously offended as he surveyed his muscles self consciously.

"Hey Santana, you think I'm buff right?" he asked the cheerleader, holding out his arm. She just crossed her arms and ignored him. Kurt's face turned red and Mr. Schuester chose to intervene.

"Ok, ok," he stood up, gently nudging Rachel back to her seat, "I think that Rachel made a good point. I think it'd be a great idea to try and recruit some more members for the club. So you know, try to spread the word to all the new students, we'll post audition signups in the hall."

"This school sucks." Avaric said sourly as he pulled his locker open, "I mean back at Vinkun high, at least we had real food. I could swear they're feeding us prison food, I feel like an inmate. And not even like a rich white inmate at the jails for celebrities, like an illegal alien inmate at the crappy prisons that only have burly lady cops."

"They're football team sucks too." Fiyero threw his Vinkun High football into his locker, "No chance I'm signing up for that loser team." Avaric agreed. All of the new students from the Oz district had come to school sporting school pride from their old school, obviously not happy about being transferred to public school. Avaric and Fiyero came sporting their Vinkun High blue varsity jackets.

"And they don't even offer the language I was taking," Avaric complained, "I was level 5 in Ancient Vinkun and now I'm forced to learn Spanish." he pulled his Spanish textbook out of his locker, "Hey, how do you say 'Hello' in Spanish?"

"Um…I think it's burrito." Fiyero nodded knowingly, "But you gotta roll your r's or it means salad."

"Yeah, that sounds about right." Avaric nodded , "What about 'Goodbye'?" Fiyero paused to let his mind wander through it's extremely shallow musings, like how many M&Ms could he fit into his mouth and was it his accidental overdose of cough syrup that made him see green people, or were elf's really existent? And if elf's were existent were they supposed to be pretty? And...oh wait, Spanish...um...Spanish words...spanish words...

"Senorita!" Fiyero exclaimed, that being the only Spanish word he could think of.

"What?" Avaric asked.

"Senorita, that's how you say...goodbye..." Fiyero said, "I think."

"I think you're right. Well, Senorita!" Avaric waved goodbye as he walked down the hall.

"Senorita!" Fiyero waved back as he walked the opposite direction. Will was walking down the hall when he saw the exchange. He was about to tell Fiyero he had the wrong word when a voice in his ear made him jump.

"It may just be my ears playing tricks on me, but did those two young men just depart by calling each other young unmarried ladies?" Sue was always right there. Will scowled at Sue before walking up to Fiyero.

"Hey, Fiyero, you do know that Senorita doesn't mean goodbye right?" Mr. Schue asked. Fiyero looked at him for a second and shrugged.

"Of course it does. Well, I've got to go, I promised this girl I'd sign her forehead before class," Fiyero said, "Senorita Mr. Schue!" he waved. Sue grinned at the jab she was about to make.

"I couldn't agree more," she said, "William is indeed a young lady."

"Good to see you too, Sue." Will sighed.

Elphaba hated the transfer. It wasn't that she was disgusted by public schools or that she was in love with her old one, but at least the kids at Munchkinland High were used to her coloring. Now all of these stupid McKinley kids were gawking at her everywhere she went. Their stunned looks and constant running into lockers was infuriating to say the least. Within her first 20 minutes at the school, she'd managed to inadvertently send three students to the nurse with bloody noses as they ran into walls gawking at her. One student had gone crazy, thinking that the dead were finally walking the Earth and they were sent to a mental hospital. It was moments like these that made her miss the rich expensive walls of her private school, Munchkinland High. She just wanted to crawl back to her family's giant Thropp Family Mansion and read a book. Rachel Berry spotted her in the library and marched up to her with purpose, clutching her glee club signup clipboard with the gusto of an enthusiastic girl scout selling those of so delicious thin mint cookies.

"Hi, you must be Elphaba Thropp." Rachel Berry stuck her hand in Elphaba's face. Elphaba stared at her hand but didn't shake it. Rachel mistook Elphaba's strange look, "I don't have any infectious germs, I swear."

"It's not that," Elphaba said staring at the hand in her face, "I'm just not used to people trying to shake my face." Rachel blushed and slowly lowered her hand.

"Sorry about that. I'm Rachel Berry, president of McKinley High glee club. I would like to speak to you today-"

"I don't do school clubs, sorry." Elphaba said, returning to her book.

"Oh, but this is much more than just a school club-" Rachel began, using her salesperson voice as she quickly sat down next to Elphaba.

"Even worse." Elphaba sighed, scooting her chair away.

"But glee club is-"

"Isn't your Director a Goat? I love Animals, don't get me wrong, but Goat's really can't sing." Elphaba snapped her book shut and quickly walked out of the library. Rachel stood up and began to go after her.

"No! Dr. Dillamond was fired last year for eating the paper supply in the teacher's lounge! Our new director is amazing I swear!"

"Biq, I've decided that I actually like this new school." Galinda beamed as she flounced down the stairs.

"It's Boq-"

"Boq, if you want to hang out with me, you have to change your name to Biq." Galinda turned on him, "Ok?" she jabbed a pink nail into his chest.

"Anything for you." Boq sighed and followed behind her carrying her books, "What class do you have next?"

"Spanish 1." Galinda said, stopping at her locker to check her hair and makeup.

"Oh, well then I guess we'll have to split, I have French…" Boq said. Galinda slammed her locker shut.

"No, no." Galinda grabbed Boq's shoulders, "You can't go to that French class, you're coming with me. My nails are still wet from when I skipped second hour to get them done at that Asian place across the street. And if I pull out my own chair the paint might smear. You need to come with me to my Spanish class Biq. Besides, I think you'd look good in a sombrero. And who knows? We might even get to do a conga line!" Boq shifted her books in his arms.

"But I can't just skip French…" Boq said, feeling queasy at the idea of skipping.

"Yes you can." Galinda said, "And you will. You're switching to Spanish." Boq sighed as he followed her down the hall into the Spanish room.

"But I can't roll my tongue like those Mexican people….and I don't have a super awesome mustache like Mario either…" Boq complained. Galinda told him to shush as she walked to Spanish. However as soon as she reached the door, she stopped in her tracks as she saw Mr. Schuester. She felt like she'd just eaten a million carbs and not gained any weight, it was amazing. There he stood, smiling nicely at the class, he had amazing teeth, like super white and straight. His curls were adorable and by the amount of product Galinda could tell he was a man who cared for his hair. He had the cutest dimple in his chin and he dressed professionally. It was all too good to be true. He had to be gay. Galinda marched up to him, she had to know for sure.

"So Mr. Schuester," Galinda said, "Is there a Mr. Schuester?"

"Um, I am Mr. Schuester." Will said, confusedly, giving her an odd look.

"Yeah, but is there another Mr. Schuester?" Galinda asked slowly.

"No, it's just me."Will said. He thought about Galinda's question before smacking his forehead, "Oh, I see. Um, listen, I'm not gay alright? See, look, my parents are genuinely loose fitting." Galinda stared at him in shock.

"You're not gay?" she let out a squeal and flipped open her notebook so she could make a new page devoted to 'Mrs. Galinda Schuester'. She started to draw hearts, and then smiled and drew a taco instead.

"So I understand you're concerned about getting into college." Emma said as she sat down behind her desk. She looked up to see the student she was talking to and nearly fell out of her seat, "Oh dear!" she covered her mouth, "Did you get slushied I'm terribly sor-"

"No, this is just the way my skin looks." Elphaba sighed.

"Oh." Emma smiled, wondering if the girl had any disease she might catch. Emma straightened some papers that were already straight and righted a pencil that was already right, "Now, my name is Ms. Pillsbury, and you must be Elphaba."


"Now, about your college concerns-"

"It's not that I'm worried about getting in to college, I'm just worried about my chances of getting into Shiz college." Elphaba explained, "Money isn't a problem."

"Well, do you have good grades?" asked Emma, rifling through Elphaba's transcripts, "Oh, top of your class! I hardly think you'll have any trouble…"

"But everyone says that to get into Shiz you have to have something more than just grades, like something extra. I don't even know what that means."

"Well, there are always extracurricular activities." Emma suggested.

"Extracurricular?" Elphaba gulped. Weren't extracurricular activities usually something like—

"Sports." Emma chirped, "Like soccer, there's a girl's soccer team here."

"I'm not good at sports." Elphaba said, "The last time I attempted soccer, I kept getting penalty cards for inadvertently tripping people because I blended in with the grass."

"Right," Emma bit her lip, "Well, there are lots of non-sport clubs here at McKinley."

"Like what?"

"Well there's a group that helps the elderly-"

"I'm not good with old people. The last time I was around an old person they thought I was a sign from the devil come to drag them to hell and they had a heart attack and died. The only reason I wasn't pressed for manslaughter was because it was my great uncle." Elphaba sighed.

"There's a community service group, they have lots of fun." Emma suggested.

"I hate the community." Elphaba grumbled.

"There's a celibacy club…"

"That just sounds awkward."

"There's cheerleading?"

"I'm allergic to whatever they use to make pompom's." Elphaba threw out.

"Oh, is that why you're green?" there was an awkward silence and Emma regretted asking, "Um, well you know, there's a worship Fiyero Tiggular club, he's a cute boy?"

"Fiyero Tiggular has his own club?"

"Well, I don't think he knows about it."

"Ugh, the only club I'd join involving him would be the bash Fiyero in the head with a textbook and see if it seeps into his brain club. And I doubt that any club revolving around Fiyero Tiggular would get me into Shiz University."

"Well, there's always glee club." Emma finally suggested.

"The singing and dancing club?" Elphaba asked, "I've never danced a step in my life."

"Well have you sung a note in your life?" Emma asked. Elphaba fidgeted in her seat.

"I don't think Glee club is for me."

"Glee club is the best club we have here Elphaba and if you want a shot at getting into Shiz University, Glee is the way to go. It's special and being in it will make you special."

"I think I'm special enough." Elphaba grumbled as she walked out of the room.

After class Galinda shooed Boq ahead of her, taking her time to put up her folder while Mr. Schuester tidied up his desk. He looked up.

"Galinda, you're still here?" he asked, "You'd better hurry, I think that was the warning bell." he smiled kindly at her and Galinda just about died.

"Mr. Schue, I was just hoping that you'd tell me the homework assignment again?" Galinda fluttered up to his desk, plunking down on his papers, "Please?" Will gave her an odd look.

"Um, I didn't give any homework." he said.

"Oh." Galinda hopped off his desk, "Well…I'll just be going…" she scurried out of his room, her face beet red. On her way out she ran smack into two cheerios, Santana and Brittany.

"We saw that." said Brittany.

"We totally saw you macking up to Mr. Schue creampuff." Santana said, "And let me just tell you, it's not going to work."

"Is he gay?" Galinda asked.

"No, he just has too many morals." Santana rolled her eyes and Galinda let out a relieved sigh.

"You wanna know how to get closer to him?" Brittany asked in a whisper.

"How?" Galinda whispered back. Santana shoved a flyer into her hand. The two linked arms and walked away. Galinda looked down at the flyer: NEW DIRECTIONS, GLEE CLUB! AUDITIONS, 4:00 in the AUDITORIUM, MONDAY - WEDNESDAY.

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