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"What? Avaric you can't quit! If you quit I'll be like the only cool guy in glee club." Fiyero said, chasing Avaric down the hall. Finn looked up from the water fountain.

"Hey-" he started but Fiyero and Avaric weren't listening.

"Yeah and if you stay you'll be totally uncool okay, you'll be un." Avaric hissed, closing his locker.

"I thought you liked glee club!" Fiyero protested.

"That was before I knew how much everyone hates it! I mean c'mon! Have you even looked at the bunch of people signed up for that club? It's a club containing psychos and crazies!" Avaric said and they both made it to English class.

"You know that was really redundant. A synonym for psychos really wasn't needed, Avaric." Rachel said, from a seat behind them. Avaric jumped nearly a foot from his chair.

"See what I mean? They just creep up on you!" he exclaimed.

"Nobody in the club is crazy Avaric, except for maybe Rachel, but that's cause she eats estrogen bars." Fiyero waved off Rachel's protests.

"Yeah, well try explaining to me how any club with a green girl in it could be cool." Avaric muttered, turning away from Fiyero as he flipped open his book.

"You mean Elphaba?" asked Fiyero.

"Who else moron?" Avaric scoffed.

"She's nice!" Fiyero defended her, feeling offended himself.

"Nice?" Avaric asked in disbelief, "I asked her if I could borrow a pencil last hour and she almost burned my face off with her eyes."

"You should've been prepared." Fiyero shrugged.

"What?" Avaric asked.

"For class." Fiyero explained as though it should've been obvious, "You should've been prepared for class. Elphaba doesn't like people that attend class without bothering to even bring the materials they need to enhance their education and progress their fields of knowledge. I mean it doesn't take an Einstien to know to bring a pencil to class, it's common knowledge Avaric. Jesus, no wonder she was pissed." he said.

"Are you serio-" Avaric began. Fiyero held up a hand for a pause as he turned around to talk to someone behind him.

"Hey, Kurt, can I borrow a pencil?"

"Oh that's right, I forgot all about that show! It was hilarious!"

"I know right? Comedy gold!"

Emma felt her nerves prick at the laughter coming from the corner table. A table normally occupied by herself and Will and now occupied by Will and….Shelby. Emma clutched her sack lunch tightly before primly and nicely walking over to them.

"Hello, might I join you?" she asked. Will looked up at her, finally noticing her. He usually noticed her when she walked in the door.

"Oh sure Emma, here's a seat." he smiled at her, pulling a seat over.

"Thank you Will." Emma said, sitting down with a smile, "You must be Shelby." she said to the dark haired woman across from her. She smiled at her.

"Yeah, nice to meet you…Emma I guess it is." she nodded to Will.

"Yes, I'm the guidance counselor here." Emma chirped, "But mostly I just counsel Will."

"That's not true!" Will let out a loud laugh and Emma gave herself mental props for being so humorous and coming up with that catchy line. Oh the cleverness of redheads. Will turned to Shelby to explain, "I come to Emma a lot with glee club problems." he said.

"Oh God, don't tell me you have one of those drama glee clubs." Shelby sighed with a smile.

"What do you mean?" asked Will.

"Oh c'mon Will, let's not pretend like we've never watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy." Shelby laughed.

"We've had our fair share of soap opera reenactments." Will laughed.

"Just as long as there's not a teacher student affair thrown into the mix." Shelby winked and they both chuckled.

"Oh now, Will would never do something like that, he's too good." Emma said dreamily.

"Um…thank you Emma." Will said as an awkward silence settled among the table.

"Hey gang." Sue said surprisingly amiably as she strode into the teacher's lounge. She knocked the French teacher off his chair and proceeded to slide it over to their table before sitting down.

"Que diable est votre problème? Je vous hais! Je vous hais! Si vous n'étiez pasune femme, et j'ai mes doutes, je te tuerais!" the French man yelled at her angrily as he dusted himself off. Sue whirled around in her seat.

"NO ABLA ES SPANIARDOLA!" she said loudly and slowly at him.

"Sue, he's not speaking Spanish." Will said, "And uh…spaniardola isn't how you say-"

"Ok look at me William, do I have a thick, bushy mustache? No. Do I have a guitar and bottle of hot sauce cornered in my pocket? No. Am I wearing a colorful cacophony of bright, dreadful colors disguised as a poncho to attract gay Liza Minelli fans?"

"No." Will said, raising an eyebrow.

"Then I don't speak Spanish." Sue said, "Thought it would've been obvious, Antonio."

"Sue, what do you want?" asked Will in a tired tone reserved for Sue.

"Naturally I came over to welcome the new faculty member." Sue said, extending her hand to Shelby. Shelby gave her a suspicious look before shaking hands.

"Shelby Corcoran." she said, "I'll be co-directing Glee Club."

"Good luck with that." Sue scoffed, "The club is an absolute vortex for weird and ill-fitting children."

"Sue!" Emma and Will yelled.

"Oh great," Sue rolled her eyes, "The love birds can communicate through the radiating hair waves emanating from Will's disastrous locks of grease. I am disgusted. I hope you two do what's good for you or I will go to Figgins and demand that your pants be fastened with a lock and key every day William Schuester." Sue got up then, "Alright, you people are boring me." she said, "Adios." she pointed at Will before strolling out.

"Wait, so are you two…together?" Shelby asked, looking between Emma and Will.

"Is there a problem?" Emma asked cautiously, though she had meant to sound affronted.

"I have to go Will." Shelby said, standing up.

"No Shelby, we're not-" Will began, but she was already out the door, "Shelby!" he called after her, "Jesus." he sighed, sitting back down, "Great, and I was going to introduce her to the club this afternoon."

"What's she so peeved about? I mean even if we were together," Emma blushed at the thought and tried not to giggle, "What would the problem be?"

"The problem would be that I just asked her out before you came over." Will sighed. Emma's large eyes reached new limits as she stared at Will.

"Uh Will? I have to go." she squeaked before hurrying out of the lounge.

"Wait! Emma!" he called confusedly but she was already speeding down the hall to her office where she would hyperventilate and then go see Sue.

"5, 6, 7, 8!" Mr. Schue called as he tried, unsuccessfully, to guide the glee club through the dance routine. He was teaching them at the moment a simply step which resulted in a human pretzel.

"Mr. Schuester, this isn't working." Rachel said matter-of-factly, disentangling herself from the fallen group, "I'm not going to say it's your choreography, but I just think that the choreography I had put together would've made for a much cleaner routine."

"Rachel, nobody wants to tap-dance." Quinn said, standing up as well.

"Who came up with the idea of synchronized choreography anyway? I can't dance Mr. Schue, this is hopeless." Elphaba sighed, walking over to an empty chair and slumping into is dejectedly.

"You guys, if we don't dance, we all look like emotionless, boring robots up on the stage! If we want to win sectionals we need some sort of choreography whether you like it or not." Will said, "Now, from the top. 5, 6, 7, 8!" he called and with a groan the class reformed their lines. They weren't three steps into the routine before Finn found himself tied to a chair, Kurt was hanging from the lights, Mercedes was the bottom of a stack of cheerleaders, Galinda had (coincidentally) found herself on top of Mr. Schue, Fiyero was beneath Elphaba and Elphaba's shoe had flown out of the open window.

"This is a complete disaster!" Artie announced, his wheelchair leaning against a toppled over Tina.

"Yeah, no shit Sherlock." Puck quipped sarcastically.

"Alright guys, I think we're done for today." Will sighed, waving a hand at the door as he helped Galinda up. The uncoordinated glee club members straggled out of the door dejectedly. Rachel murmuring about how if she were singing lead the dancing would be no problem. Elphaba sighed as Fiyero leaned out of the window to grab her shoe.

"Thank you Fiyero." Elphaba sighed, reaching out for the shoe.

"Ah, ah, ah." Fiyero shook his finger, pointing to an empty seat.

"Fiyero, I am fully capable of putting on my own shoe." Elphaba put her hands on her hips, "I don't need your help." she said. Fiyero shrugged.

"Then I guess you'll just have to walk around with one shoe the rest of the day." he said, holding her shoe behind his back. Elphaba stood there, arms crossed, shoe-clad foot tapping the tile floor like a metronome, waiting it seemed, for Fiyero to give up. But Fiyero simply whistled to himself in time to her tapping. Elphaba made a grab for the shoe, but Fiyero merely stepped back, causing her to crash into his chest. She huffed as she regained her balance.

"How immature." she walked over to an empty chair, plopping herself in it with a thud, her arms remaining strictly crossed over her chest. Fiyero grinned and slid to his knee in front of her, holding her shoe gallantly. He slipped it on her foot and she all too eagerly stood up for an escape. It seemed however that, she had misjudged Fiyero's reaction time and instead of moving out of her way, she tripped over him, knocking them both onto the ground.

"Can't walk, can't dance, can't stand without falling, I'm starting to think you have no sense of balance or coordination what so ever." Fiyero chided her, offering her a hand up as he was the first to find his feet. Elphaba ignored his hand, standing by herself and brushing off her clothes.

"No need to be a jerk about." Elphaba quipped, not even bothering to deny his accusations. She brushed past him with a massive knock to his shoulder which was mean to send him toppling, but because of vast differences in height and build, she was the one sent back to the waiting floor. His loud laughter grated on her nerves and she kicked him in the back of the knee from her spot on the floor. Fiyero choked on his laugh and tumbled down to join her company.

"That was rude." he said, affronted as he picked himself back up. She stood as well.

"So was your laughing." she shot him a glare.

"So was your knocking my shoulder." he said and she blushed. Fiyero grabbed her bag from the floor and handed it to her, "You know, I could teach you how to dance." he offered.

"What makes you suited for the job?" Elphaba grumbled, snatching her bag.

"I can dance." Fiyero shrugged, "And you can't."

"I'm aware." Elphaba growled, crossing her arms.

Fiyero offered his hands up as surrender, backing up, "Hey, I'm only offering you something that normal people would pay me big bucks for."

"Thanks, but no thanks." Elphaba seethed, "I'm leaving now, and I don't need your help." she said as he made a move to grab her books for her. Fiyero backed away again as he watched her walk out of the room. He sighed, picking up his own belongings before heading home for the night.

"Really?" Fiyero looked up to see Avaric standing in the doorway.

"What?" Fiyero asked.

"Don't tell me the reason you're staying in this loser club is because you developed some ridiculous crush on the walking celery stick." Avaric said, disbelievingly.

"She has a name Avaric." Fiyero grumbled, brushing past his friend.

"She's green." Avaric followed him out to the parking lot.

"And that denies her right to a name?" Fiyero asked, whirling around to face Avaric. Avaric stared at him perplexed and he didn't bother furthering the argument and he let Fiyero get in his car and drive away.

"No, say it ain't so, say it ain't so." Kurt breathed, staring at the bulletin posted outside the glee club room.

"What is it?" Mercedes asked, coming up behind Kurt.

"Don't tell, Calvin Klein is coming to Lima with his new collection." Puck scoffed, sauntering up behind Kurt to see what he was looking at.

"What's everyone looking at?" Finn joined the group, peering at the paper.

"Finn? What're you doing?" Rachel joined Finn. Soon the entire glee club was crowded around the bulletin.

"Broadway agents are coming to Lima as part of a nationwide sweep for new and fresh talent for broadway!" Kurt shouted.

"No way!" Rachel pushed Kurt out of the way to get a better look at the poster, "Oh my god," she breathe, "I've got to get my audition material together and choose a monologue from a tear-jerking and emotional show to perform. My god, my voice! I've got to make sure my voice stays highly functional for the meeting! I've got to-"

"What is…B-rode way?" Brittany asked, pronouncing it like 'road'.

"Br-AWDway Brittany." Kurt patted her shoulder.

"Is it a candy bar?"

"Excuse me?" Kurt frowned.

"You know, like a milky way?"

"Oh Brittany…"

"Broadway is where performers go to shine!" Rachel looked heavenward dramatically.

"It's where gays go to be gay." Puck smirked.

"So I guess you won't be auditioning." Rachel glared at him.

"What? Hell yes, I'll be auditioning." Puck looked half-way hurt, "Just because I'm not gay doesn't mean I can't audition."

"Broadway sure could use another soul sister!" Mercedes clapped her hands.

"And Asians." Mike said, "Broadway needs more Asians." Tina nodded in agreement.

"It is of our belief, that society and media avoid Asians in this century and previous ones because the white man and apparently the Mexican man too know that someday Asians will overthrow them and rule the world."

"Alright, alright!" Mr. Schue walked into the room, beaming, "I'm sure you've all seen the post, and as a glee assignment, you are all auditioning! I booked everyone a slot for next Saturday."

"Yes!" Kurt shouted, "I always knew my Broadway debut would be when I was young and fresh. OH! I've got to call Blaine!" Kurt exclaimed, "Look out Broadway, cause here we come!"

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