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I got this idea while pm with CC from CC and Sasu. This first chapter may seem a little serious because you don't go from running a rebellion to being a talk show host so easily. Obviously this is AU and some of the characters will seem OOC. Okay all the characters but Euphie will seem OOC because it is a lot funnier that way.

After Princess Euphemia makes her announcement for the Special Administrative Zone, Emperor Charles is so surprised that he falls down the stairs. With the emperor in a coma, Prince Odysseus takes over as temporary ruler. Schniezel and Cornelia take a more assertive role in the running of the empire. Schniezel decides to make peace with Zero and the Black Knights. The Special Administrative Zone is expanded to include all of Tokyo.

As peace talks begin, Zero decides to take advantage of the marketing possibilities. Sure most of the Black Knights will have a hand in the new Japanese government, but money has to come from somewhere. Zero begins to market his own line of actions figures and games. Deithard is able to secure a deal with Hi-TV for Zero to have his own late night talk show. It's going to be called Late Night Rebellion with Zero.

Lelouch is getting his Zero costume for a commercial shoot. In a few days he is starting his new television show. He is looking over the costume when the door opens. At first he thinks about hiding, but he assumes that it is only CC.

"Do you remember your lines? I don't want any problems when we go on the air."

CC is silent so Lelouch turns around. Instead of CC standing there is a very angry Kallen. She jumps at him and begins to choke him. After a few seconds she lets him go. Finally Kallen begins to cry and then laugh. Lelouch is obviously a little scarred. Then much to his surprise she begins to kiss him. Despite the almost asexual attitude he has had most of his life, Lelouch is very much a hormonal teenage boy. Although it is very tight Kallen's Black Knight uniform comes off very easily. Seconds later Lelouch's clothes goes flying off as well. A few awkward moments later they both lose their virginity. They lie there exhausted.

Kallen snuggles in next to Lelouch. She feels very satisfied. She still doesn't understand what happened or why it happened. If Lelouch is Zero, then her place is by his side. She wonders if he is going to bother to return to Ashford or if she should return back. Then she remembers Nunnally. What will Lelouch do about her? Kallen is certain that Nunnally does not know Lelouch's secret. Well if he managed to lead a double life while leading a rebellion, he could probably do it now with the SAZ. Others would most likely have to take on important administrative roles as well. Before Kallen can say or ask anything, the door opens. This time it is CC. She looks over and sees Lelouch and Kallen lying very comfortably on the bed.

CC smiles. "I see you told her the truth. Don't get too comfortable your highness. We still have a lot of work to do."

Lelouch hopes that Kallen did not catch that your highness or that she simply assumes that it is CC being CC. But he can tell by the look in her eyes that she heard it and understood what it meant. Lelouch sighs and tells Kallen his and Nunnally's story. She seems to be going though many different emotions as he tells the story. He only has one, anger. When he is done telling the story, he is very unsure about how she feels. He gets up and gets ready for a meeting. Kallen stops him by putting her arms around him. For the first time since he met Milly, Lelouch feels like he has a real friend that cares about him rather than about who he is.

"Come on Q1 the others will be waiting for us."

She nods, and they both get dressed. The meeting is all about the SAZ. A few of the Black Knight leaders are still unsure about it. Lelouch knows that now is not the time for Zero to step out of the limelight. He will have to take an even bigger role than before. Nobody in the Black Knights knows much about running a country. In fact very few of them have ever been in any sort of position of authority. Lelouch almost feels like revealing himself to them and telling them his life story. These people were worrying about the wrong things. In a few days Lelouch is also meeting with members of Kyoto to help finalize a few things.

After the meeting Tamaki comes over to Zero. Lelouch notices that he is a little nervous.

"Yes Tamaki, did you need something?"

"Well Zero see, I heard about your television show."

Lelouch nods. It was all part of Deithard's plan to bring Zero to the people. In fact apart from commercial shoot, he is meeting with toy and game makers, cereal makers, a few well known fashion designers, etc. The plan was to put Zero's face on everything. Much to CC's delight a deal was already being worked out with Pizza Hut.

Tamaki begins to fidget as Lelouch's mind wanders off. "Yes Tamaki what did you want to know about the show. I'm sure I can get you some tickets."

Tamaki probably wanted to impress some girl by taking her to the first ever taping of Zero's new talk show.

"Well you see a while back me and some of the boys started a band."

Under his mask Lelouch blinks. Tamaki plays music.

"We wanted to know if you were having auditions or if you had already selected a group."

Lelouch hadn't thought much about it. He knew the show was going to be on after the local news, and he would have a few guests. Mostly people trying to promote some project of theirs. Every once in a while he would have an important political guest. He shrugs his shoulders. He figured that there would be some kind of band. "Tamaki, you will have to speak with Deithard about that. He is handing all those matters."

Lelouch sighs as Tamaki walks away whistling. The next few months were going to be difficult. He almost turned down the show, but Deithard said that it would be a big boost for him at work. Having just experienced it himself Lelouch wonders when the last time Deithard got laid. He looks over at a grumpy looking Tohdoh. He wonders when was the last time he got any. If Tohdoh didn't jump Chiba soon, Lelouch was considering doing it himself. As if reading his thought Kallen came over and slightly nudges him.

"Zero we have to talk about those new upgrades Rakshata talked about."

They all watch as Zero and Kallen walk away. That night Lelouch goes back to Ashford. Kallen decides to go with him. There is no point in her going home now. Nunnally is very excited because she just finished talking on the phone with Euphie. She is even more excited because Lelouch is taking an interest in girls. First CC and now Kallen. She wonders if Lelouch is planning a return to the royal family and having his own harem. Maybe he will finally let her get some friends of her own because his are a little weird.

Lelouch spends the next few days in meetings. Zero has to meet with Kyoto and Euphemia on how exactly the SAZ will work. Once things are sort of settled, it is announced that Zero will take more of an advisory position in the SAZ. The actual ruling council will be elected by all those that registered with the Special Administrative Zone.

Zero is busy shooting commercials. To maximize his earning potential Lelouch has CC and Kallen dress up as Zero to shoot commercials. Deithard gets him deals advertising everything from cars to toys to feminine products. There are even Zero brand condoms. Remember don't be a fool wrap your tool. Bathroom decorations and towels with pictures of Zero on them. To make sure that Kallen does not go out in disguise to buy any of the Zero stuff, Lelouch gets them for her.

It's the day of the first show. It will be shown live here in Japan for the first week and on tape delay elsewhere. It can also be watched online. Lelouch and CC are in the dressing room getting ready. Kallen decides to tag along. She has decided to stick by Lelouch/Zero no matter what.

The music starts and Zero comes out in full costume ready to go.

Author's note: The next chapter will be more humorous. The first guest on the show is a sort of obvious.

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