Author's note: I promised another chapter once Kubo reveals another lieutenant, and because he just did, here comes the new chapter. More chapters will come if more lieutenants will be revealed (and by revealed I mean showing their personality, not just name and appearance).

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Hitsugaya's nightmare 3


"What's the meaning of this?" Captain Hitsugaya asked, pointing at the paper in front of him.

"This is the report about the latest mission, sir," Lieutenant Kuchiki Rukia answered.

"You call this a report?" he asked, not believing his ears.

"Yes," she answered innocently. She honestly couldn't see what Hitsugaya's problem was. It was a perfectly good report.

"I call this something a five-years-old child scribbled for his kindergarten art project!"

"What?" Rukia blinked. Did the young captain insinuate he didn't like her art?

"A report should be an intelligible written account of what happened," Toushirou explained. "This is a jumble of cartoon sounds and childish drawings that make absolutely no sense."

"What do you mean?" Rukia was angry, but not angry enough yet to insult her superior. "This is a perfect graphic description of the battle with the Hollow!"

"Is it?" the white-haired boy raised an eyebrow. "It might have been better if it was possible to tell which one of the deformed rabbits was the Hollow!"

"It's perfectly clear! It's this one!" she pointed at a doodle that looked the same as all the others.

"Maybe to you it is clear. To everybody else there is no difference," the Tenth Division taichou said.

"You don't understand art!" Rukia pouted.

"What art?" Hitsugaya asked. "It's just some childish scrawls of some ugly rabbit. Probably. It might be the SRDI's discarded experiment too."

"An SRDI's discarded experiment?" the lieutenant echoed, like she couldn't believe her ears. "It's Chappy! How can you insult Chappy?"

"So it's Chappy?" Hitsugaya raised a white eyebrow. "Wasn't it supposed to be a Hollow and a unit of shinigami?"

"Of course!" the girl stated proudly.

"You're not making any sense, Kuchiki-fukutaichou," the captain concluded.

"That's because you don't understand art! It's the Hollow and shinigami painted like Chappy!" Rukia enlightened him. Hitsugaya sighed.

"That still doesn't explain two things: first: why are they painted like Chappy?"

"Because it's Chappy!" the fukutaichou answered like it explained everything. To her it probably did.

"Second: why are there pictures at all?"

"To make it easier to understand!" How could the supposed prodigy not comprehend something so obvious?

"In that case you failed," Hitsugaya informed her. "It's impossible to understand. Please rewrite it, and this time no illustrations."

"What?" Rukia blinked, offended. "But I spent the whole day making this! You can't make me redo it!"

"Yes, I can," he replied coldly, tossing the 'report' into the waste bin. Rukia watched with disbelief.

"How dare you..." she whispered crestfallen. Then she roared, her eyes bright with unholy light. "HOW DARE YOU?" With one swift motion she drew Sode no Shirayuki and charged at Hitsugaya. Every infidel who dared to throw Chappy into the trash bin had to die. Slowly and painfully. And she would relish exacting the punishment.

The resulting fight was vicious, because Rukia was powered by her righteous fury. But she was still just a lieutenant and Hitsugaya was a captain, so he eventually won. But not before they turned half of the Tenth Division compound into an arctic wasteland. The second half was merely covered in snow. In the middle of destruction, Captain Hitsugaya stood, Bankai active, holding the blade of Hyourinmaru to Rukia's neck.

"You will redo the report," he growled.

"I'm going to complain to Nii-sama," Rukia barked back. Hitsugaya jerked away. She was going to invoke the wrath of Captain Kuchiki on him? So not only were the Tenth's barracks, including his office, completely destroyed, which was bound to piss off the soutaichou, who'd scold him until his ears would fall off, he'd have to deal with a furious Kuchiki-taichou as well? Crap. Today just wasn't his day.