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Chapter Summary: An elevator makes life easier and the sniper's identity is revealed. Will this make things easier or harder for the changes in England's and Prussia's relationship? Pr/UK

Chapter 2: When He Woke Up

When he woke up the next morning he found the chair sitting right next to the bed within reaching distance. He pulled it over and managed to struggle his way in groaning at the fact that he was only going across the room and would soon be struggling to get out of it again soon enough. He did feel better than he had the previous night, sleeping in his own bed certainly helped. It took him ten minutes to get into the chair and then three to wheel it across the room and into the loo.

It took him a further five minutes to position the chair properly to get himself from it to the toilet. And took him fifteen minutes to struggle out of his pants and onto the seat to perform his morning absolutions. There were many things he had never thought about before ending up in the chair. And now he didn't think it stupid for the handicapped stalls in the public toilets being larger than the non-handicapped stalls. Or the use of elevators when there were perfectly good stairs. Or even handicapped parking spaces. All of these he had thought were a waste of time...until he realized he would need them.

He had to look at the original building plans and have an elevator added to the house, now he had access to his office, it wouldn't be that difficult. He knew Gilbert would get him the blueprints, they were in the attic. Getting building permits would be more difficult. The stairs were too narrow for one of those stair sled things to be added, so an elevator addition would be needed. On the bright side if he ever had a boss, once he healed up, that was handicapped, he would be able to invite him over for tea in his study.

He struggled back into his pants and back onto the chair after wiping and flushing. It was a pain and another long struggle, made even longer by the lack of those nice bars that allow for better leverage, instead he had to use the arms of the chair and the toilet tank to get himself back into the chair. Not as easy as Lieutenant Dan made it appear in that movie about a retard's trip through American history (didn't take two guesses to determine who made him watch it).

He was washing his hands when a knock came on the main bedroom door and he called out, "Enter!" Prussia came in with a steaming paper cup from the café down the street and a bag that was probably a muffin.

"Brought you breakfast," he said unnecessarily. "You're out of tea and food, so I picked up a muffin and a cup at the café, figured you'd like English Breakfast than the other flavors. They didn't have a good selection."

"No, I know they don't, are you going grocery shopping?" England asked, taking the tea and the muffin even as Prussia stepped behind the chair and carefully steered him back out of the WC and into the bedroom.

"Ja, do you want anything in particular?"

"I'll write a list, and while I'm doing that, can you get something out of the attic for me?"

"What is it, and where exactly?"

"It should be in an old desk up there, the door at the end of this hall is the attic, my office is the third door on the right," Prussia pushed the chair towards this room. "I need the house blueprints, they should be labeled as such."

"Old desk, blue prints, I'll get them while you make the grocery list," Prussia said. Abandoning Arthur to his desk. With his tea and his muffin he began making a grocery list. It included the staples, bread, milk, eggs, butter, and tea (very specific instructions because Arthur was rather particular about it).

He decided to wait until Prussia got back with the blueprints before deciding what sorts of meals to write down, though he could write down his breakfast things and snack foods (biscuits and Jaffa Cakes along with fruits). He didn't know if Prussia was one of those people who preferred to go shopping once a week or everyday, so he decided he would have to ask.

As if on cue, Gilbert reentered the office carrying one of those tubes used to keep important documents from getting crinkled or spilled upon, though Arthur groaned at the site of it. It met that his blueprints would require all the paperweights to keep from rolling back up.

"Got a list ready?"

"Almost, I don't know if you want to do all the grocery shopping for the week in one trip or go daily," Arthur said.

"I would need to use your car if I get everything in one trip," Gilbert said. "I really don't care either way, though."

"Well, I think you'll need to use my car anyways," England said. "But I wanted your opinion on dinners, especially since you'll have to cook them, at least until I get an elevator built."

"I'm not picky on what to eat. I like eating for the sake of eating. As for what I can cook, I'm good at following recipes and there's a recipe online for everything now."

"So roast is okay? And beef stew?" Arthur asked, writing down the ingredients. "How about fish and chips?"

"Ja, ja, ja," Gilbert said with a smile. Arthur's lips twitched as he finished the list up with some shepherd's pie, bangers, potatoes, and a few other things that made up the staples of English cuisine.

"The best grocer is a few blocks away in the opposite direction of the café, they usually have everything on this list," he said.

Gilbert left with the car keys and the directions to the store allowing England to relax in his office and begin work on modifying the place for the second time in a century (the first had been wiring the house for high speed Internet).

The next few months flew by in a blur. They fell into a routine while the remodeling was taking place. Not only was a lift constructed as an addition to the house, but various things were made handicap accessible that hadn't been before.

During that time Prussia proved to be an invaluable assistant. He would make sure that England's (Arthur as the construction people knew him) natural irritability did not hamper the work and he made sure that the work did not hamper England's important work.

Gilbert was a good cook, England decided, though many of the other nations would disagree. English cuisine was very close to German cuisine, and by association, Prussian. A meat and two veggies was the meal structure, usually. Sausage (they're biggest argument had been in the name "banger" vs. "wurst"), potatoes, and mushrooms was actually one of their favorite things to eat together.

They took tea together at precisely three o'clock out on the balcony attached to England's room. It was the only way the now handicapped nation managed to get outside, he was really feeling stir crazy and couldn't understand how Japan had done it for years. But Gilbert kept him from pulling out his sword and run someone through. Fresh flowers appeared on the upper levels and, in the dead of night, light airy curtains replaced the old velvet ones he had since the early seventeenth century.

Windows were open to let the cool spring wind in during sunny days, even on cloudy or rainy days, the windows could be opened just to hear the sound of the rain droplets hitting the roof or the leaves of the trees.

The rubble that had been Heathrow was still being cleared, slowly so that it could be investigated for evidence of who had attacked England. Meanwhile, nearby Gatwick had taken the majority of London bound traffic, though many international flights had been re-routed through Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Gatwick received an upgrade as it went from the eighth busiest airport in Europe to the second.

Parliament had already decided that Heathrow would be rebuilt, though new building plans were in the works and a memorial would be included.

The case of who shot Arthur Kirkland was still being investigated, though the countries had a pretty good idea at this point who had, if not pulled the trigger, had at least ordered the trigger to be pulled.

As England was trapped in his house, he had asked Prussia to represent him him to the World Conference. He had been sent with a laptop that allowed him to conference with everyone even though he wasn't there in person.

The first time Prussia had shown up to one of the meetings, dressed in a suit that he managed not to look strange in and carrying a briefcase, he had been the subject of stares and many derogatory remarks concerning his non-state status. He had shown his remarkable disciplin by not saying a word and instead had found a spot that would be easily visible to the others and sat the brief case on the table, removing things from it. It turned out to be a laptop, speakers, a high-quality microphone, and an equally high-quality webcam.

A few minutes of setting it up and the addition of a G4 USB adapter and everyone got the answer of why Prussia was doing this, "Do you have a good view or should I move the camera?"

"That's fine."

Their relationship had changed a lot. Prior to this they had been drinking buddies with the occasional bout of drunken sex between them. But now they had become intimate in a way that many people couldn't. They knew each other, and not in the biblical sense.

Prussia surprised him by having an interest in similar types of music (they had actually had a discussion on the differences between The Beatles versus Pink Floyd, which were more similar than many people thought, and not just because both were bands from the United Kingdom and had formed in the '60s). England surprised him in turn with a love of nature, particularly bird watching.

They both knew that the other enjoyed a good fight, whether it be a pub-room brawl or a war, didn't matter. They had already known about their similar religious backgrounds. Prussia already knew that Arthur liked to take tea outside, even in the middle of winter, and quietly reflect on the past. England hadn't known what to think when Prussia had sat down next to him, served himself tea and sat quietly with him, except that he had enjoyed it.

There were no awkward silences between them. And even though England was surly most of the time, Prussia could still draw a chuckle out him with an easy that a master violinist could not imitate with their violin.

All in all, the months passed easily for the pair.

When he woke up and shifted himself into the chair. For the first time he would be able to leave the house today. The lift had been finished last week, but there had been things keeping him inside the house. Even though he had the power chair, he still used the one that had to be pushed around by hand, mostly because Prussia was the one to usually steer it.

And sure enough, he had just finished washing his hands when the other nation came in with his morning tea and the paper.

"There's a world conference today, are you attending?" Prussia asked, opening his closet to get the clothes Arthur would wear that day.

"Yes, I can leave the house now, there's no excuse for me to stay behind a computer monitor," he saw Prussia's shoulder's slump a bit as he got a suit and the necessary accessories out. "That doesn't mean that I don't want you there," he said, correctly guessing the reason for Prussia's change in demeanor.

"But wouldn't I be unnecessary?" Prussia asked.

"No, Francis may attempt to rape me or something," Arthur said. "And I may have trouble with doors. Not only that, someone has to move the chair already at the table away."

"Then I'm your body guard?"

"I suppose so," England said. "You make the decision of whether to take that seriously or not."

"I think I will," Prussia said, allowing England to put his clothes on and going to get ready. The conference wasn't until that afternoon, but it was in France this time, so they had to get to the station in London for a two and a half hour journey by train.

An hour later they were in the car (Prussia driving) heading towards London. "Do you really think we're ready for this?"

"As ready as we can be, I'm almost certain that we've uncovered the identity of your attacker, and he'll probably give himself away when he sees you."

"I don't want to believe it," England said, "but I've seen the evidence."

"And I hope for your sake that we are wrong," Prussia said.

The rest of their journey was in silence or rather there was no more discussion about such heavy issues as the identity of his attacker. They spoke of other things, the economy crisis that had most of Europe down with a case of the sniffles, the issue of global warming, and reasons why Ozzy Osbourne was better then Marilyn Manson.

They got some odd looks from other passengers, but they ignored them and eventually reached Paris where the conference was being held.

"Francis rented a conference room in a hotel this time," Gilbert said and drove them there in the rented car. England was surprised by how good Prussia had gotten with driving. But he really shouldn't have been. They arrived a little early, but not so much so that no one was here already.

As host, Francis was the first to arrive and he had been followed by Germany. The two were having a discussion when Prussia opened the door and pushed England into the conference room. Canada, Germany, Russia, France, and the Italy brothers were the only nations present, but they looked up when the door opened.

"Angleterre," France said. "You have finally decided to grace us with your wonderful presence?"

"The lift has been finished so I can move about with more freedom," England said, allowing Prussia to steer him to a nice spot at the table.

"I'm glad Angliya is now able to join us," Russia said, even though he said this nicely, he still managed to give off a creepy aurora.

"Ve~Inghilterra looks healthy~" Italy said happily, bouncing over.

Canada approached and hugged England, much to the other's surprise. It wasn't often that he remembered his other North American child, after all, compared to America, Canada was positively non-existent, but he had always been the better child.

"How are you feeling?" Matthew asked.

"I would be better if I were out of this blasted chair, but I feel good for the situation," England said.

Matthew smiled one of his face illuminating grins and said, "I'm glad."

People filed into the conference room, most making a comment about England's physical return (most were happy to see him, but there were a few who weren't). As usual, America was late.

He came in just as Germany was calling the meeting to order, being the only one with the patience to control the meetings.

"Iggy? Back on your feet already?" America said.

There was a gasp in the room, "And how would I be back on my feet with a centimeter diameter hole through my spinal column?"

"You're faking it," America said.

"And why would I be faking a spinal injury?" England said.

"Because you weren't supposed to be hit there," America didn't realize what he had said until after he had said it.

"Oh? And where was I supposed to be hit? The head? Maybe the sniper messed up a heart shot? I have nothing more to say, ever, to traitorous bastards who stab their allies in the back. You better hope that the missile attack on Heathrow isn't traced back to you, or you might end up with a declaration of war."

The rest of the meeting was on pins and needles, and no matter what France said, no one could lighten the mood. It was easy to tell that England had the EU on his side, and quite a few other countries, as well, if it came down to open war. The opinion of the attack was that it was a cowardly deed with no honor, and considering how honorable most of the nations liked to think they were, so America found himself without a friend through the whole meeting. Because most of the people opposed to England were also opposed to America.

The meeting was broken up early due to the tension and the fact they couldn't get anything done and everyone left, to hotels or home. Germany had them vote for a meeting next month in hopes that tensions had cooled down.

"You were right," England said. "I need a bloody drink."

"I wish I wasn't," Prussia said. "But you aren't drinking anything tonight, as there's no alcohol in the house and I'm not making a run to the store for it until tomorrow."

"Fine," England said. They got home and both of them went their separate ways. When he went to sleep the world was in chaos, what had provoked the United States into attacking the United Kingdom? He hoped the world made sense when he woke up.


England refers to the movie "Forrest Gump" in the fourth paragraph, which is a movie I actually like, but canon England is supposed to be hypercritical of American movies.

Also, I like both Ozzy and Marilyn. But Pink Floyd is better than both (and the Beatles :P ).

Translations: (don't worry I won't use too many)

Angleterre: England (French)
Angliya: England (phonetic Russian)
Inghilterra: England (Italian)