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Even though I've only been able to rewatch the first episode of K-on2, I was struck again by Listen! I still remembered how captivated I was by the ED, especially by a certain airhead. "KakkoYui" was the term commonly used in the chats, literally meaning "Cool Yui." She is, isn't she? Without those clips and with those awesome boots, she's like a completely different girl. Her blank expression makes me wonder what kind of back story she has :3

So, as summary stated, this is somewhat AU based on Listen!

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Prelude – Come here, Kitty-kitty


"Azusa, where are you going?"

"Home, why?"


Nakano Azusa blinked at her friends' surprised expressions. What did she say?

"Don't tell me you forgot what's happening tonight!"

Azusa blinked again, looking from one incredulous face to another. What was today again?

Someone's phone started to ring, cutting through the nosy classroom easily with its powerful music. Azusa's eyes widened at the ringtone of "Don't Say Lazy."

"Looks like she finally realized it! Let's get going then! Our seats are pretty good but we should still go-"

Azusa zoned out her friends' excited chatters, her mind filled with the hit single of the famous band Houkago Teatime.

Known as HTT – the most popular band in the entire country of Japan.

The small black-haired girl berated herself inwardly. How could she have forgotten? Of course it was HTT's concert tonight! She clenched the ticket in her pocket, determined. I only forgot about it in the first place because of my parents…I think they arranged something for me tonight, most likely more tutors… well, I don't care. I'm going to the concert!

Months ago, such rebellious thoughts would have never entered Azusa's mind. Good grades and great social relationships, responsible and hard working. Nakano Azusa was what every parent and teacher would want as their child and student, respectively. She obediently listened to her parents' wishes and followed the teacher's requests. In society's eyes, she was perfect.

Yet by chance, Azusa came upon a CD single her friend had forgotten at her house. At first, the strange band name caught her attention. Seeing that her parents were not home yet and that she had finished everything she was supposed to do, she had decided to listen to it.

She was completely and utterly captivated by the band.

Immediately, she went online and watched the music video of the hit single "Don't Say Lazy", and was amazed once again. Their stylish, unified costumes, their harmonious playing techniques, and the way they held themselves – Azusa found herself completely glued to the screen.

After that, she could not get them out of her mind – she looked up all the available information about the band in a crazed manner, desperate for more knowledge. How astonished she was when she found out they were only a year older than her. And as captured as she was by their music, she was also drawn by the unique personas of the band members.

Sexy, devil-may-care Tainaka Ritsu. Drummer with roguish grins.

Beautiful, serene Kotobuki Tsumugi. Keyboardist with gentle smiles.

Gorgeous, cool Akiyama Mio. Bassist with seductive pouts.

But most of all, Azusa could not stop looking at the image of their last member.

Charming, mysterious Hirasawa Yui. Guitarist without any expression.

The guitar skill was godly, the way she seemed to devote herself into the songs, a peculiar trance that was apparent in all the videos. While Azusa was watching the music video, Yui had intrigued her more than any other members.

The guitarist was the only one wearing white, while the other all wore black. The color had given her a fairy-like appearance, ready to spread to joy to others - except there was an almost-melancholy expression on her face. To Azusa, unlike the case for many other fans, it wasn't the billowing dress that made Yui stand out - no, it was her eyes. The pair of serious, burning brown orbs that just seemed to draw people in, making people to want to know more about her.

Azusa was no exception.

Even Azusa's own stubborn mind admitted that she had become their fan, through and through. She tried not to act on her feelings too much –after all, she was supposed to be the calm, quiet Nakano Azusa who never went out of the line.

Yet whenever HTT was mentioned, she found herself transforming into someone completely different. Someone who was not her.

No, someone who was the real her.

The real Azusa who was not suppressed by any expectations.

The real one who actually had her own will.

"Come on, Azusa, we need to run!"


Just like that, Azusa threw away her worries and her tedious robotic self.

It was too good to be a dream.

Azusa watched the performance dazedly with her mouth slightly gaped.

While her friends and other fans were screaming the lyrics and waving their arms with the beat, Azusa could only stand there dumbly, her eyes completely focused on the four members on the stage. They were so close – she couldn't help but wonder how she was able to acquire such good seats.

Their music was reverberating through her entire body, slamming into her soul in unstoppable tides. She had no idea she could feel so much emotions – she felt like there was only her and the band in the grand stadium – something was changing in her, she could feel it.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she finally joined the others, screaming their supports for the most incredible band she had ever known.

"Listen!" ended with a resounding crash, and the whole stadium burst into an uproar. She felt her eardrums ringing with her own cheers.

"This is it!" Her friend shouted, jumping up and down.

"What is!" Azusa yelled, hoping she could be overheard through all the noise.

"Didn't you hear? HTT is looking for another guitarist! That lucky person will be chosen right here, in this very stadium! Oh my god I can barely wait! I wonder how they're going to chose them though… I mean, they never announced the method or whatever…like, what was the qualification..."

Azusa zoned out her friend again. She could feel her heart rate go up in anticipation. Just who in the world would be good enough to join them? The Houkago Teatime?

The audience slowly quieted down when the leader of the band stood up from her seat, walking past her drums and grabbed the microphone.

"Thanks for coming! We Houkago Teatime really appreciate it!"

Tainaka Ritsu took off her black headband, running her hand through her tawny locks and winked at the audience, complete with a killer grin.

Many fangirls shrieked, including Azusa's friends. Azusa found herself blushing, staring into the pair of intense amber eyes on the huge screen.

Smirking, drummer took out a strawberry, eating it slowly with light growls. The girls shrieked again.

Then, the spotlight was switched to the keyboardist. Kotobuki Tsumugi bowed to the audience elegantly, taking off her sailor hat and twirled it on her long, delicate fingers.

"Yes, thank you all for coming. It makes us really happy (^u^)ノ"

She also took out a strawberry, popping it into her mouth cutely. She then bestowed a sweet smile and blew a lovely kiss to the audience, earning many more screams and hollers. Azusa's gaze was focused on the blonde's long eyelashes, which shaded her baby blue eyes demurely. She also couldn't help but stare at her silky blond hair, wondering if it was as soft as it seemed…

The spotlight turned over to the vocalist slash bassist. Akiyama Mio tilted her head with a sultry smile, her stormy grey eyes making Azusa tremble with unidentifiable longing.

"Houkago Teatime sends their love to you all."

Mio played with the microphone in her hand, then she gave her strawberry a suggestive lick.

The audience went wild again, littered with catcalls here and there. Azusa gulped, her throat suddenly feeling dry.

Finally, the spotlight reached the unmoving guitarist, who still did not say anything. Hirasawa Yui only stared at the strawberry on the palm of her hand coolly. The tension in the air was so thick that the audience quieted down, eyes completely focused on the guitarist as she slowly raised her hand, bringing the fruit closer to her mouth. Azusa's own heart thundered uncomfortably against her ribs.

Yui's lips grazed the fruit. Suddenly, she tossed it into the air.

The fruit sailed through the air like red silk. Garnet eyes followed it, wondering where it would go – then the fruit landed on her subconsciously outstretched palm.

Many people groaned in disappointment, while some were whispering furiously. Even her own friends were glaring at her in disbelief and jealousy.

Everything went silent, however, when Ritsu started laughing.

"Well well, who's the lucky girl? Come on, come up the stage!"

The sea of crowd parted obediently, though many were still glaring at her and muttering.

Azusa was frozen in her spot, still trying to process what had just happened.

Mugi waved at her direction, smiling softly, "Come on stage. Don't be afraid. It's ok."

Automatically, under such a soothing voice, Azusa walked forward with her eyes trained on the ground. She was breathing so fast that she was starting to feel light-headed.

Mio held out her gloved hand, her lustrous black hair fitting snugly against her alabaster neck as she bent down. Azusa tried not to look at the somewhat exposed shirt as she shyly took the offered hand.

Oh my god this is Akiyama Mio the Akiyama Mio oh my god the incredible bassist she smells so nice-

She was pulled onstage with surprisingly strong hands. Shaking slightly, she followed Mio meekly until they stopped in front of a pair of brown boots. Azusa still didn't dare to look up, keeping her gaze firmly affixed onto the ground.

"I think Yui's waiting for her precious strawberry back," Mio suggested playfully.

Swallowing nervously, Azusa held out the fruit timidly, depositing it into an awaiting palm that appeared in her line of vision.

Their skin came into contact, and an electrifying sensation surged through her body.

A startled mew left her lips; Azusa's face burned when she heard laughter somewhere in the background.

Unexpectedly, the strawberry re-entered her vision again, an inch from her lips. Confused, she finally looked up.

Garnet finally met chocolate brown.

Ritsu's teasing laughs, Mugi's amused giggled, Mio's light chuckles and even the audience's angry murmurs faded into nothingness. All Azusa could hear was her own heartbeat.

The red string of fate was finally connected.

Yui's eyes seemed to stare straight through her soul, while her own eyes were murky and impenetrable.


And exhilarating.

Azusa thought she was shivering again, and her breaths were coming out in light pants. There just didn't seem to be enough air.

Yui's lips slowly curved up in a small smile. Azusa thought she heard shrieks from the audience.

The brunette bit into the fruit, seemingly savoring every single drop of juice.

Then held the remaining piece in front of her once more.

Ignoring her own scorching face, Azusa leaned in, mesmerized, and closed her mouth around the sweet fruit. She was starting to feel really hot and dizzy.

A waft of perfume reached her nose when brown hair blocked her vision temporarily. Yui had leaned down, her face close to her own. Close, so close that Azusa could feel her warm breath against her ear.

"Nice to meet you, koneko-chan," Yui whispered huskily.

Azusa fainted right there and then.

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