Something's never change

It was a normal day at Half-blood camp, Dryads going in and out of the forest and Satyrs chatting happily. Most of the campers were sword-fighting except for a few of the campers. One of those campers was Harmony Areselle Mcgavin, who was thinking about the nightmare she had. She was with her Father, Ares, Who was scolding her and disencouraging her, making her very uncomfortable this morning. She was scowling as she sat on a bench. "Hey Harm, Something wrong" A Male Voice said. She expected it to be Percy Jackson, The Cool Hero who defeated Kronos. But No, instead it was Nathan Pascal, A son of Hecate and her secret crush, surprisingly. She looked up at Nathan, His cool Brown eyes filled with concern and his Dark Brown hair in a ruffle. She nodded and he sat beside her."So what is it?" He asked His voice very sweet and comforting. She told him about her Nightmare, about Ares and what he said about her. Nathan's expression turned gloomy and hard. They all knew how hard he was to his Children, especially his Daughters. He took her hand into his hand and squeezed her hand. She blushed and her face turned hot, hoping that her face wasn't really turning red. "Harm, it was just a dream. He has no reason to be scolding you if you haven't done any quests lately" He said, offering her a cool smile. She nodded, knowing that he cared about what she felt."Your right" She said, turning to look at him."Well, I gotta go to the Arena, See ya" He said, running towards the camp's arena/training area.

She got up and began walking towards her cabin, when she came by Annabeth Chase, The Famous Daughter of Athena and Percy's girlfriend. The 18-year old girl smiled, heading towards the Arena as well. She was 3 years younger than Annabeth, and her hair was long and straight and of course that golden blonde colour. Annabeth and Percy had been dating for 2 years; of course there feelings towards each other had been totally longer. She finally came by her Cabin, and slumped onto her bed. She was bunk bedded with Her Famous Half-sister, Clarisse La rue and was currently dating her boyfriend, Chris-who she nurtured back to health. That made her think about Nathan and she blushed at the thought. Lucky no one is here to see me like this She thought and that when the door opened quietly."Hey Harmony" Said Clarisse, Chris's arms wrapped around her."Hey Clarisse, Hi Chris" She says, smiling at the handsome boy. He is handsome but they were only friends and she liked it that way."Let's get going" Clarisse says."Meet you there" She says to Chris and kisses him and then shuts the door. Harmony grabs her daggers and the electric spear and plops them on her bed and she changes into some armour. She then grabs the weapons again and walks with Clarisse to the Arena.

She met up with Sita, An adopted Daughter of Hestia. As Hestia time as human, she had found Sita and adopted the baby as her own. As she was a Chaste, she was forever a virgin so this was the perfect way to have a child. Hestia told her family about the child and they let her have the child."Hey Harm" She said, smiling her soft and warm smile." Hey Sita" She says smiling at her friend."Hey, Nathan's over there, why don't you talk to him?" Sita asks and Harmony nods. She walks over to Nathan and smiles."Hi Nat" She says and that's when...

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