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Prologue: Trouble in Japan.

Another explosion sounded as yet another group of victims met their demise. "What did she do?" Rock all but yelled as pure pandemonium took over. Not only did Balalaika take out her intended target, she took out the entire apartment complex. "I thought she was only after one person!"

"Balalaika sure outdid herself this time." Revy cackled as she took in the sights of another destroyed building. "Hell of an explosion eh Rock?" She kicked a brick to the side, her untied boots clicking on the ground when she walked closer wreckage taking in the dusty smell of explosive. "Rock?" She looked over to her partner. Once a Japanese businessman who at one time lived in this country, he had been reduced into nothing, a common criminal though he didn't look it. "What you got there?"

He sifted through some of the rubble that had once been an apartment's kitchen. Balalaika had targeted the complex for stowing away a few people that she wanted dead. "I think I found a survivor." He motioned over to the tall body. "Some girl." His answer was calm. "She's alive, but she's banged up pretty bad." He pulled her from the broken bricks and twisted metal, her breathing ragged, her body cut up pretty good, and it was likely she hadn't been expecting anything. "Is she another one?" She seemed like a normal teenager, but Rock had quickly learned that looks were deceiving.

Revy caught the glimpse in emerald eyes. "Shit Rock move!" It was too late as the tall girl decked him in the face, sputtering blood as she stood. Her eyes hardening ready for a fight, the girl spun around to kick him in the face, sending him flying. "You dumbass!" Revy was tired of the horseplay and put her fists up. She didn't want to kill the kid, even criminals had morals after all, but even so, she couldn't help but get pissed that the kid had such nerve. She was met fist for fist as the man lay on the ground. Revy had to admit, this kid I hit pretty hard for her age. She was no slouch, and her eyes gave away the fact that she wasn't new to battle. This kid was a killer, or so she looked.

Punch for punch it looked like a common street brawl…or so it appeared to the outside observer, however the two combatants were both skilled in fighting and made it known. Using the broken bricks as leverage, sending punches flying, diving into the dirt, uncaring of the blood they drew, it was clear that neither of them were going to go down easily. From the nearby bush a small group gathered, taking in the sights of Makoto's now destroyed apartment, and the knockdown, drag out, fight before them.

"What the hell does she think she's doing?" Rei whispered aloud as she saw the fighting. She was being held back by Minako, but only barely.
"Are you sure that girl isn't a youma? I've never seen Makoto have such trouble in a street fight." Minako turned to Ami.
"Never mind that." Rei retorted. "I've never seen any human fight like that. She's as good as us, no way she's a normal person."
"That woman is human." Ami nodded. "There isn't any way she could possibly be a youma. I agree though, there's something not right about her."
"Well she's not one to anger by the looks of it." Rei rolled her eyes stopping the struggle. If it wasn't a youma she couldn't attack the older girl.

Makoto and Revy were still facing off when Revy had enough of the playtime and grabbed Makoto by the hair, pulling the girl back before pulling a gun. "What the hell's wrong with you? Damn kid." Makoto struggled in the hold but couldn't do much being held up by her hair. She was already weak enough having had part of the place she lived fall on top of her. Makoto wasn't in top form, and her opponent…she was too good. This girl was as tall as her, and just as strong. Makoto rarely came across such raw power. "Who're you with? You after Hotel Moscow?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Makoto rasped out as blood trickled down her cheek. The metallic taste was something she knew of well, but she couldn't say she liked it much. Her street fighting often got her into trouble, but she had been sure this girl had been an enemy. She had making lunch when her home came falling down around her. She hadn't the slightest idea why, but she had been sure it was youma terrorizing the city…but this woman was no youma. "I live here, or at least I did." She coughed again.

"Revy…" Rock groaned out. "It's ok…I think I just scared her." He held his head feeling the sticky blood she drew. "It's just a little cut."

"Like I care." Revy bit out to her companion. "This kid is too good a fighter." Then she addressed Makoto. "You're not a normal street kid." Revy shot back. "You're a killer too. You've got blood on your hands." She answered again, shaking the girl roughly. "Who are you with? If I have to ask again, I'll slice your throat." Revy shook her again before a voice called her in near panic.

"Wait!" Ami came out from the bushes as Revy whipped around to face the others that followed. "She isn't apart of anyone. She's our friend who just happened to get caught in the ruckus." Ami saw the man on the ground. "Her name's Makoto and I know she looks rough, but I'm sure she didn't mean it. So please, let her go." She walked over to the man, taking a look at him. Makoto had laid into him hard, a gash on his head being the result. "I'm sorry for my friend's behavior." She spoke to the man, looking at him will a level of sincerity.

"Let her go Revy." He sighed looking at her. "I don't think she meant any harm."

She did, albeit roughly, flinging Makoto to the ground, holstering her gun. "You pull anything stupid and I'll shoot you here and now." She warned. "You ok Rock?" He nodded and she pulled him up. "Fucking kids…learn your place. Damn gutter rats." She walked along a few more feet before she stopped, letting Rock to the ground. "Stay here. Something isn't right about those kids." She looked at them, they seemed like a pack in her mind. That was dangerous.

"What do you mean?" He held his bleeding head, unable to figure it out.
"Reminds me of those little vampire bastards." Revy answered before turning around, where the teens still were, marching over. "Hey, wait up!"
"What do you want now?" This came from Rei as she stood in front of her friends protectively.
"Tryin' to make sure I didn't beat the living crap out of your friend too badly." Revy growled out. "Don't test my fucking generosity."
"What's so generous about trying to kick my ass in?" Makoto spat out, blood covering her lips.
"Just as I thought…you aren't one of them are ya kid?" Revy smirked, she knew that look anywhere.

Makoto bristled as the others stood quietly. Revy only sighed… "You're not in their world. You're eyes…I know them too well…" She shrugged, something pulling her back. These kids just weren't normal. Most were afraid of knives and guns but these girls seemed to show no signs of true fear…apprehension? Yes. Fear? No. These kids had a chance. The fire they held in their eyes, the stances they used…that wasn't things normal kids knew about. "Aw, fuck it…" She pulled a wad of bills from her pocket. "I dunno what the hell I did to ya, go get yourself cleaned up. That'll cover it, now go on before the damn cops get here…I can't pay them off."

Revy returned to Rock, picked him up, and they took their leave. They didn't need to be around those kids any more than necessary. Still, she smirked a bit. Recently, a girl had been hunted down by Balalaika and a gang war started in the streets of Japan. Now all that was left to do was finish up the odds and ends that had been missing. Revy couldn't be too careful, and Makoto fit the bill of a true member of a gang. She was a good fighter, and no doubt had a dark side. Revy had been almost sure…but those other girls protected the kid, and, for what it was work, Revy knew she could kill them all later if she needed too.

They may not have been normal, but the one girl had eyes like Rock. Hardened, but by no means able to kill. The other two, well, Revy could only scoff.

Still, she couldn't help but let her mind wander back to those brats. Balalaika would be sure to nail the stupid girls if they got in the way. Revy had work to be doing. She shouldn't be worried about a group of kids…and yet, it had been clear that the blast had been a bit overboard. She couldn't let this go on without checking in on her long time friend and went to go see the woman of the hour herself. "Shit sis, you shoulda seen this kid. She matched me blow for blow. Even unarmed she was good…but if that isn't enough for ya, it was her eyes…"

"Why would this concern you Two-hands?" Balalaika had a cigar in her mouth, expensive brandy in a glass, and her eyes that of the woman she was. "I'm sure a little street punk will know better than to play with fire." Power at its finest. "I wouldn't worry too much." She sipped her glass, some lipstick smudging the rim lightly. "She'll be dealt with accordingly if I see it fit to do so."

"What if she isn't who you're after?" Revy knew the answer.
"I'll check before I act. Don't worry." Balalaika smiled. "I wouldn't harm anyone who isn't on my list. I'm more civil than you give me credit for."
"Sis…" Revy had gotten soft being around Rock, but that didn't stop the facts. "They're just kids. You don't know if they're connected."
"That girl was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time." Balalaika tapped a finger on her cheek, her long fingernail glistening in the light.
"We can both agree on that." Revy nodded. "Rock wouldn't be happy you know…killing innocent people on his home turf."

"He has no home anymore." The liquid danger of her voice spoke volumes. "He's on our side, the dark world of no escape. He knows that." Revy looked defeated slightly and balalaika sighed. Revy was born into this life from a child on the street. Balalaika was a hardened war hero, and there was a distinctive discrepancy between the two. It was true that the older woman looked out for Revy a lot, and now, she would do so again. "I'll try not to be so thoughtless in the future. I assume that Rock also feels bad for the girl, does he not?" Revy nodded, you never spoke when being offered something from a woman of power. "Then I will be sure to be especially vigilant from now on."

She sipped her drink as her young friend left. The lagoon company wasn't bad group of people. Dutch was a rather honorable man given his profession. Balalaika liked the company, and particularly had a fondness for Rock. She didn't know Benny well, but what she saw of him kept her neutral. Revy, well, the kid was still merely that. She was a little girl lost in her way. Had someone actually given her a chance, perhaps she would have become a far different person. Somewhere deep down, the little girl known as Rebbecca was still calling and crying out, and Balalaika knew that.

"Are you sure it isn't a youma?" Luna looked at how battered up Makoto was and sighed. "I've never seen her get so beat up by a mere human."
"Tell me about it." Rei agreed. "This chick, whoever she was, had been out for cold blood. Guns and all, you should have seen it Luna."
"I don't think we should be amazed by it. Rather, respectfully fearful." Ami warned. "She was dangerous."
"That's why we need to step in." Minako answered all too seriously. "These people are tearing apart Japan."
"Our job is Usagi…not mere criminals." Luna warned.

"That is true." Ami fully agreed with that statement, but it didn't stop the facts. "However I can't say the woman was completely human. Her reflexes were above normal human standards. Her battle strategies were also quite good. Powerful, no doubts there, I can only say that we need to keep an eye out. It could be a trap. I think if we lie low for a while we can find a way to deal with it, or perhaps it'll all blow over. Then we won't need to worry about it."

"Makoto got hit by building rubble. On top of that her home has been destroyed." Minako glared as if it was obvious. "With these people around we can't guarantee Usagi's safety. I've seen firsthand what a building disaster can do. Usagi could be next. We may be Senshi, but we're still mortal. I was fortunate I survived the incident in England, next time, I may not be so lucky. Look at Makoto as she is, can you say you'd want to tempt fate into hurting Usagi next?"

"So what should we do?" Rei leaned on the side of the wall. "We can't just go in as Sailor Senshi and attack random people. The police aren't doing anything either." She looked at Makoto who was still resting in bed and her lavender eyes softened. "I don't think I could have taken the beating she did, not without my transformation. The fact she doesn't have anywhere to go either…I don't know about you guys, but this doesn't sit well with me."

"True, but I can't say we have much of a choice left." Ami felt bad about all of this, but there wasn't anything else she could think of to do. "That girl today, her name was Revy I think… I heard the man say that name anyway."

"Even if that was her name, it doesn't do any good right now." Minako looked at Luna; orders had to be given, measures taken. "I want you and Artemis to stay with Usagi, no matter what don't leave her side. Ami, I want you to scan into any government files you can on that name, whoever these jerks think they are have no idea who've they just pissed off." Then she turned to Rei. "You're coming with me…I have a few favors I'm calling in and I don't want to go alone."

"Who are you calling exactly?" Rei followed as Minako stormed out the door and down the shrine steps, clearly enraged, though she hid it very well.
"I used to work with the international police." Makoto ranted. "If they want a brawl, I'll give them one they won't soon forget."
"I don't think this is a very good idea." Rei paled thinking of what could possibly happen if Minako got involved directly.

"Then what do you think is Rei?" Minako whipped around, a level of rage rarely seen covered her eyes in absolute fury. "Makoto could have been killed and I'll be damned if I lose someone on my watch. She's lost her home, and got the crap kicked out of her besides. If a few street punks think I'll let them get away with what they've done, they have another thing coming. Sailor V didn't put up with this crap and like hell will I stand for it either. If our police won't deal with these riffraff I'll find someone who bloody will." With that she continued walking down the street, headed for a contact who she knew would back her up.


Well that's the prologue. As I said, this is FAR more edgier than I normally do, and it'll be far darker…but I want to know what you think. I know it's dark and I used a lot of vulgarity, however Black Lagoon is also teaming with it (in 26 episodes the F word is spouted over 200 times) so I attempted to mute down Revy as much as I could and yet still keep her in character as much as possible.

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