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Chapter 3: Making Due.

"Makoto?" A girl with tresses of seemingly dyed blue hair came through the kitchen. Shopping bags in her hand found the counter as the dinner for the night spilled out in cold freezer packages. The milk landed on the bread, crushing a few pieces. The short teenager paid no mind, instead pattering down the hall where someone more important would remain. "Makoto...are you in here?" Cautiously she walked over to the bedside taking note that the situation hadn't changed from a few hours ago. She hadn't expected it would have, but she could always hope.

Hair of auburn was the only thing peaking out of the covers as a sniffle wafted from the mound of trembling sheets and blankets. "It really happened didn't it...it's all really gone." Reality was starting to set in, and Makoto couldn't say she liked dealing with it. Reality and her, especially in the hard times like this, didn't mix well. She had already lost so much in her life, and picking things back up wouldn't be easy despite the strong face she tried to have.

Ami sighed. "Yes." Her word cut off slightly as the grief stricken girl put two long, strong arms out in front of her pulling her shocked friend into an embrace. The smell of detergent, the feel of a cotton shirt on her cheek and the warmth on another soul caused inner strength to find Makoto briefly, and then she broke down again a sobbing mess filled with confusion.

"I refuse to keep going on if every damn time-" She bit her lip, she didn't need to speak like that, let alone think it. "Why the hell does this kind of thing keep happening to me?" Her body was still sore, the memories of what had occurred were enough to make her almost wretch, she felt so sick when she remembered yesterday.

"I don't know." The answer was at least honest. Ami didn't have much else to offer. Talk of hope wasn't helpful, consoling advice and pity only caused anger, and nothing else wouldn't really be considered a positive step forward. All Makoto really wanted was someone there. She didn't want comfort, she just didn't want to be left alone, not that anyone could blame her for that. She had already been through enough trauma.

"I should get a shower, dress, and stop being a burden." Makoto's words were empty as she stood up and walked out of the bedroom. She pulled one of the few things she had managed to salvage from the box and walked into the bathroom. In her head she felt numb. Cold and alone were only simple explanations, but she felt like she couldn't feel. She couldn't feel any more pain, and yet, that's what hurt the most. She knew what did and did not upset her. She knew the harsh realities, and that cold, stone feeling crippled her inwardly. She hated the feeling.

She had lost her parents, her ideals and her entire life had been so hard, that on occasions she felt the numbing ability that her mind rationalized as an in feeling, uncaring human beings. In her eyes that was a sick and twisted thing to think of herself as, and that's what made her even more saddened...she guessed that as long as she hurt over feeling numb, it was a small consolation to the pain she should be feeling, but that just made her question other, less desirable things.

Ami merely bit her lip. After the talk at Minako's house, Ami had told her long time friend to stay with her. There wasn't any opposition since her mother often worked, and after her mother had been told of the difficult times, had all but jumped in to help. Still, Makoto was a proud person, and also, she wasn't used to relying on people for everything. It wasn't that Makoto didn't know how, but she often felt bad letting others look after her. She was a survivor, but she had herself and no one else to thank...at least, that had been the truth before the Senshi came along.

Standing in worry and defiance for her friend Ami walked through the hall and into the bathroom, thankful for the broken lock that she and her mother hadn't ever fixed. "No."She knew Makoto couldn't hear her well, and uncaring of the showers spray or Makoto's total shock that Ami had barged in, walked over, embracing the tall woman ignoring the fact she was face to face with the top of her friends' chest. "You aren't leaving."

"I can't very well stay here." The edge in her voice begged to be left alone. "I can't stay here. I just can't do this to you or your mom." The look in her green eyes caused both the shock of her power and the awe of her weakness as she inwardly pleaded to be let go.

"Why not?" Ami already knew the answer. She knew it better than any one else, including Makoto herself. Yet, still, she pushed inwardly, hoping beyond all of the tough front, the wall that guarded Makoto's emotions and trust so heavily weighing her would come crashing down. It was a rare sight, but it was something Ami wished for desperately. "Why can't you stay, just for a little while. You don't have to force yourself to pull away."

"This isn't where I belong, it isn't my place." That was a lie, they both knew it. "You belong here with your mom, but I'm an orphan Ami, and what happened out there happens to people like me all the time, I don't want to mix you up in it, so please, not now. Don't worry, I'm Sailor Jupiter. Remember? I'll be alright."

"Where will you go?" Ami winced, the look she received harsh and yet she didn't back down. "Where will you go Kino Makoto? Will you go off and get yourself killed again? Because I can't stand another repeat of D Point! I refuse to allow it to happen, even if I have to strap you down to a kitchen chair. I won't let you leave without knowing where your going."

"If I knew that I wouldn't be in this mess to begin with." Backing away, Makoto returned to her washing, ignoring Ami as she stood looking on in worry. "Just, don't worry. I'll be fine."

"How do you figure?" The bite in Ami's voice was fueled with concern and confusion. Her mouth went on autopilot that her mind couldn't stop. "You don't have four walls to return too. What do you think your going to do? Go sleep on the street? Do you even think I, or anyone else would let you do that. If that's what you think, your an idiot!"

Stalking out of the room to cool off she leaned on the far wall, watching as a few droplets of water fell from her sopping hair, the cool air causing her to shiver. Ami knew Makoto needed time. This was a painful shock to the system, and everyone knew that the strongest member of the inner Senshi had such brute strength for only one reason. All of the Senshi had a cross to bear, Makoto was no acceptation to such a rule, and yet even so it didn't make the pill any easier to swallow.

Sighing Ami went into the kitchen, still dripping wet. She wanted to make something warm to drink, and think carefully of how to deal with the entire cosmic mess.

"Affirmative, do as you must." Balalaika sighed, as she let go of her earpiece addressing the person in front of her. "Revy, I want you to go out and look for those troubled youth you ran into before." Balalaika explained slowly. "They keep hovering around the sight of the shooting that took place last night. Another one was spotted only a few hours ago. This time it was a blond girl with a red hairpiece. Yesterday it was a tall brunette, and the night before that, there were three other women there, all older and practicably more dangerous. I don't take kindly to feeling threatened, I want you to make this clear."

"Are you shitting me?" Rei laughed loudly, as she mocked the woman before her would could squash anything in an instant. "You're afraid of a few little fucking brats! That's the most jacked up thing I've heard from you yet!"

"Do you not think her to be a threat?" If Balalaika had a reason to be careful, now would be the time. "Even with what you've seen you think she is of little influence?" The tall woman drilled the younger, more brash female for information. This was their life, their underworld. "Because mark my words I don't want to test any more of my plans going awry. The best way to ensure that all of my comrades come home safe is if I can be assured these girls won't start a riot. These Sailor Senshi, whoever they are, I haven't seen them, but this leads me to believe they're just a little angry. Likely some gang children and nothing more, but I want the little upstarts disposed of."

"Sis," Revy had no idea she was going to end up in this situation or she would have killed the kid before. "They were street punks. No more, no less. I dealt with it, they won't do you any harm, of course, if you want, I'm sure I can deal with them, it doesn't really matter to me." She put her feet up on the table, her boots untied as always, drinking a beer lazily. "Rock won't like it though...he seemed to, I dunno, feel sorry for those kids. That one will be killed anyway she keeps her shit up though."

"I'm not concerned about her personally." Balalaika explained slowly. "I'm not one to be picky, but I am one to be careful. I like things done cleanly Revy, surely you know this." The sound of a blade cutting through a brand new cigar punctuated her words as if it was to prove a point. "I don't like feeling as if things aren't as clean as they could be, say, the girl. Sure we have the pull, the authorities wouldn't ever try to mess with us, but that doesn't mean the riffraff will remain quiet either. Only a few more names, that's all we need and then we can go home, I'll have my men deal with it, but you finish the job you were given. I want no traces left behind."

"Rock won't like it." Revy didn't really care, a job was a job, but still. "This is his home. I know we follow different rules and all, but you know he's gunna be pissed when he hears this." Sighing she pulled out the gun in her holster, looking at the fine craftsman ship. "However, I'm going to need more bullets. We ran into a few problems the night before, so I kinda had to go a little heavy on my ammunition." Then she smirked. "Stupid bastards didn't know what hit em until it was too late."

"Yes, but do keep in mind, I wanted the job done cleanly. Blood splatter with bodies left over doesn't exactly cut it. When you work with me you aren't just a simple delivery girl with a gun. Remember that kiddo." The older woman flung a new box of rounds Revy's way and sighed. "I don't want to have to get harsh, but you tend to test my already wavering patience. Do not make me regret having brought you along. Trail the girl, kill her and any bystanders if you must, but I don't want any more resistance to find its way to my men. We do what we must and be done with it, no remorse, no pity."

"Yeah, I got it already," Revy growled out. "I won't tell rock whats going on, but I still think your overreacting you damn war maniac. You just aren't happy without a conflict going on." She stood, stretched and walked out the door slamming it behind her as she smirked. "Right, now to find that little punk." Turing up her music in her ears she set off to do her job. She was a hired gun after all.


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