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'Why me?' thought Yugi as he walked the snow and hail-ridden street.'I don't get why I always have to do it. I mean, every single street and alley in Domino, once a month, 12 times a year. When was the last time A.J checked. Maybe 30 years ago?'

Yugi sighed as he walked down the last alley on his list. Suddenly, he tripped on something and fell face-first on the pavement. After severely scolding himself Yugi turned to see what he had tripped on. Now, Yugi had seen many things in his life from were-wolves to shadows moving on their own but for the first time in many years Yugi was genuinely shocked.

Sitting next to a dumpster was a small boy of about the age of 5, dressed in some sort of bag most likely used to hold potatoes or manure, curled up in a tight ball for what little warmth his body could supply. If that wasn't shocking enough the boy looked strangely similar to Yugi, with ebony hair tipped with crimson and blond lightning bolts sticking out everywhere. Yugi moved closer to the mini him.

As soon as Yugi's arm was within it's range the child jumped up and with a speed Yugi didn't know the smaller had latched onto his arm and sank his fangs in. Now...most people would run, or scream, or at least call for help but Yugi did none of these. He simply sat there and watched at the child's small and petty attempts to drink his blood.

As he did, Yugi thought the first thing that came to mind. 'Must be a Vampire.'

Yugi watched, and after no more than 80ml of blood, the child brought his fangs out of Yugi's arm and after one quick glance at his victim, passed out. Yugi caught him before he could hit the ground, again for the second time today, Yugi was shocked with the child's weight. No more than 10kg, Yugi brought the smaller closer to himself. 'Poor thing, probably exhausted. He's too cold, even for a vampire. Why would anyone turn such a young child? Where is his creator?'

After sitting in the cold alleyway for about 5 minutes thinking, Yugi decided that he should get both himself and the small child somewhere warm and safe where he could recover from whatever he'd been through. 'Lucky this was the last alley to check. Freaky coincidence...I hope.'

Yugi walked up to a huge mansion. In fading black paint, one could see the word 'Fallen' painted on the letter box, which hadn't been used in over 350 years. Everyone avoided this house, it was said to be haunted and everyone believed it. Yugi knew this place was indeed haunted but the ghost didn't bother him, it was the demon you had to watch out for. He closed the gate, little vampire in his arms.

"WHO DARE DISTURB MY SLUMBER?" A voice boomed out over the massive lawn. Most people would be scared shitless, but as usual, Yugi wasn't most people.

"Sorry, ohh great and powerful spirit." Yugi's own voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Now, could you come out here and give me a hand?" After Yugi said that, a hand,with no other limbs attached to it, came flying threw the door, literally.

"There. Is that enough help?"

"Joey, this is serious! So bring your ass, with all other body parts in tact, out here NOW!" Suddenly, a boy about the age of 16 with blond hair and honey almond colored eyes, walked threw the door in a similar fashion to the arm. Which was his,since where his arm was supposed to be was a kind of fog.

"Hey Yug, what kept ya?" That's when the ghost boy noticed the small boy curled up in Yugi's arms, still unconscious. " Ohh GOD Yugi! What did you do to it?"





"JOEY! I DIDN'T KILL IT! It, I mean he, is still alive. He's not human and now, Will you please open the BLOODY door!"

"A.J's gonna have your head for this one, pal."


"Fine...sheesh. Just giving my friend a few last words." Yugi rolled his eyes as the ghost, Joey, reattached his arm and opened the door. Yugi ran inside, hoping to avoid as many of the mansion's inhabitants as possible. He was almost at his room when a voice broke the near silence.

"Yugi, Where the HELL have you been?" Yugi cringed at the sound of the feminine voice. Of all the people in the house/mansion thing, Yugi had wanted to avoid her the most. A.J. He sighed and turned, revealing the smaller boy, who was beginning to wake up, to the shadow Angel. Her look immediately softened as the child opened his eyes. Looking around, he recognized Yugi, the...person he BIT! Realizing that, he panicked, afraid he was going to be punished. A.J took action straight away, taking the small child from Yugi's arms and into her own, where she started rocking him and whispering soothing and reassuring words. The child slowly calmed down and found it more interesting to stare at A.J, as tears seeped down from his eyes.

He was confused, this person was being kind to him even though he had bit the other, who was obviously friends with the kind girl. Now that he thought about it, the other hadn't been hurt to him yet either. He hadn't been hit for biting or fighting or crying. Suddenly the girl used her thumb to wipe away his tears. Feeling safer than he had in a long time, the child realized just how tired he was and yawned. Taking that as a good sign the girl smiled and started talking.

"What's your name?"

Fighting back another yawn the child answered. "Yami...I think."

With that simple sentence one million questions ran through A.J's head. 'Why is he unsure about his name? Why doesn't he have any proper cloths? What was he doing in the alley in the first place? Why was he changed and then abandon? Why was he changed? Who changed him? What he know about his past besides his name?How are we going to get his history if he doesn't know it?'

Before A.J could ask another question Yami fell asleep in her arms. A.J smiled sadly, the boy must have been really tired to fall asleep just after waking up, although A.J wasn't sure if being unconscious counted as sleeping. An unspoken agreement with Yugi decided that they move Yami into their room(Yes, they share a room. No, there not together) where A.J would stay in case Yami woke up and Yugi would go tell everyone that there would be a family meeting at six before tea.

10 minutes later and Yugi hadn't seen anyone yet. Understandably, he was tired after a long day and was amazed he hadn't fallen down any of the mansions many stairs yet. Just as he was about to give up, Joey came through a wall.

"Hey Yug. Is the little critter still alive?"

"Ya, he's with A.J right now, getting some (yawn) sleep. While I'm stuck here...telling people there's a family meeting at 6 before tea. I've been looking for 10 minutes and I haven't found a single SOUL!"

"Gosh Yug, you sound like you could use some sleep as well 'You're always cranky if you don't get enough sleep' Why don't you go join them in the land of zzzzz and I'll go tell everyone?"

"Thank's Joey! I owe you one." And with that Yugi was off, not giving Joey a change his mind, not that he would anyway. Once Yugi was out of sight Joey turned, rubbing his hands together with a devilish grin plastered on his face.

"Time to have some fun."

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