Hey guys I have posted a little story to keep you busy, I just finished reading 1984, and good book in itself but the ending was something to be desired for. I honestly hope you can read 1984 by George Orwell. Well you know the drill I do not own anything of George Orwell except for the printed copies of Animal Farm and 1984.

Summery: What if Winston decided to stand up and fight at the end instead of just lying down and taking it.

Winston's body was racked with pain from the previous beating but his mind was still resisting. He knew in his heart that this was wrong and so his anger turned to his strength to push on and instead of taking the beating the following day he would strike back at them with full force. Threw his anger he ignored the pain and the betrayal. His eyes hardened to a light stone like blue and he was going to fight.

When the thought officers came to get him in his cell he just smiled at them when one tried to wipe that smirk off of his face. The only thought going threw his mind was 'Either now or never.' He caught the hand as it sailed towards his face and struck back with vengeance at his tormentors left temple. A sickening crunch reverberated around the cell as the officer fell over dead. Winston's eyes got dark as the second officer tried to pull out his taster to stop him dead in his tracks but he was too slow and before the officer knew it he was on the ground getting the shit beat out of him. With one officer dead and the other knocked out Winston took their clothing and went incognito out of the ministry of secrets.

Numerous officers tried to stop them but they meant the same fate as all of the others stopped dead with a bullet in the head. A single thought was going threw his mind 'When the people are afraid of the government that is tyranny and this is tyranny.' Many other people saw what he was doing and some decided to join him as they fought to the officials palaces ransacking and killing all that big brother was. Finally they made it to the center of the city and stormed the main buricratic building. The cowered that was big brother was under his desk whimpering like a little baby for all of this to stop. Winston just said to him "You disgust me." Everyone that was there agrees that Winston was the hero now that Big Brother and all of his corrupt government were finally over.

It has been twenty years since the rebellion and the people have not been happier, light seems to have returned to the streets and I am happy that Winston made that difference. Things would be a lot different if he did not stand up and fight to become the first president of a new order on that the government is afraid of the people.

A government can only go so far before the people decide enough is enough and revolt against the government. For we hold theses truths to be self-evident…