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Sam was the first Winchester to arise the next morning. He was always an early riser, like John, while Dean preferred to lay around until the early afternoon hours.

Stretching, Sam was surprised that he awoke before his father, who was usually barking orders to him to wake up around six. Glancing at the clock, Sam saw that it was only five am, a soft light rising over the horizon in the distance outside the dirty, cracked window.

Dressing quietly as to not wake his snoring brother in the bed beside him, Sam padded gently down the hallway into the small kitchen. While he busied himself with making coffee for his brother and father, he went over yesterday's happenings.

Hurt rippled through him when he revisited John's cruel words. Sam didn't deny that his father loved him but he could not make himself believe that John liked him or was proud of him. As far as Sam was concerned, an absence of a Sam Winchester would hot affect the other Winchester men.

Biting back his childish tears, Sam continued to brew the coffee, sitting down at the small table to have a bowl of cereal while the coffee pot steadily filled.

An hour later, John stomped out of his room ignoring his youngest son at the table pouring over notes and books of legends and heading straight for the coffee pot.

Gulping down the warm liquid, John smiled to himself and glanced at Sam who hadn't lifted his head. The boy sure could brew a good cup of coffee.

A frown formed on his face when he remembered his words from the night before. He knew he had cut his youngest deep but he would not apologize. If it took hurt and anger to get Sam to snap into line he would spew as much as he could out.

Sam didn't realize how dangerous it was out there, didn't know how much his clumsiness could endanger him. John would not stand back and allow his baby to get himself injured or killed with his clumsiness at an urgent time.

"Ready to go, Sam?" John asked.

Sam's head popped up and a quick nod was John's only response. John could see the buried pain in the teenagers eyes.

"Oh baby boy, I wish you could just understand."

John quickly averted his eyes from Sam's sorrowful eyes to see his oldest slumping into the kitchen, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"Ready to head out?" John asked Dean who plopped down in a chair next to Sam, ruffling the younger's hair producing an annoyed grunt from Sam.

"Yeah." Dean replied, perking up a bit when a cup of coffee was shoved on front of him.

"Good." John replied sitting down as well and focusing on the task at hand.

Picking up one of the articles surrounding Sam, John contemplated whether or not this was their case.

The article was dated back ten years and involved a story that John saw too often. A teenager had committed suicide in his small town.

John ran a hand through his hair as he decided whether or not the recent deaths (Classified as suicides) of five citizens of that same town could be the works of that child's spirit.

Looking at Sam, John handed the article back to him. "Could this be it, you think Sammy?"

Sam nodded silently. "I've gone over it a bunch of times and there doesn't seem to be any other occurrence. This guy killed himself in '89 and now all these people are suddenly committing "suicide". Other articles I've read that interview the families note that this is not common in this town…"

Sam snorted, "Not that five suicides in a week is common in any small town."

John nodded. Man, that boy could do some good research.

"Well then, let's head out."

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