"Yeah, that sounds good, we should do that." I said into my cell phone as I searched for my keys, digging my hand around in my purse.

"Finally!" I blurted out as my keys came into view, grabbing them out of my cluttered bag.

"What? Oh no I wasn't shouting at you." I explain into my cell as I made my way to my apartment.

I stopped in my tracks as my door came into view. Angela my roommate was siting against the door in a fancy looking dress, hair all made up with mascara ruining down her cheeks. She looked truly miserable and unfortunately this wasn't the first time I have seen her like this.

"I'll have to call you back." I said into the phone as Angela looked up finally noticing my presence. She quickly whipped her watery eyes trying her best to give me a smile though it didn't work, I knew she had been crying and she knew it too.

"I forgot my key." She announced sadly.

"He stood you up again." I stated, unable to hold back my anger. Angela frowned but said nothing because she knew I was right.

I couldn't understand how she could stay with her boyfriend. He was a complete asshole, always saying one thing but never living up to it. He was always standing her up; making her look and feel like an idiot because he didn't give a shit.

I know because I used to date the asshole, that's right. I thought he was the prefect guy until I caught him kissing my now ex best friend behind my back. Of course Angela didn't know that, nor did she ever need to, it's irrelevant.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Angela came back from school practically glowing saying how she met the perfect guy.

"He's great; he's sweet, charming, and handsome. You'll love him." She gushed fixing her hair.

"Great, can't wait to meet him." I said from the couch flipping through a magazine. As if on cue there was a knock on the door.

"Oh crap, I'm not ready yet." she voiced smoothing out her outfit. I watched amused as her nervousness showed through. "That's probably Edward; can you answer it for me?"


It never occurred to me that Angela never told me her boyfriend's name and I never thought to ask. I shrugged it off going to answer the door.

It couldn't be the Edward I'm thinking of; I mean what are the chances?

I reached for the knob opening the door, my warm smile immediately dropped at the person before me.

I'm must be fucking cursed.

It was Edward Cullen of all people, my freaking ex-boyfriend, talk about awkward. till this day Angela still does not know we used to date nor do I see the point in telling her, I don't wish to re hatch the past, it's done and over with.

Thank god for that.

After opening the door to the apartment the phone went off. Angela quickly picked it up, the smile that spread to her face told me who it was, him. "Oh, you can't come tonight, no I understand."

Pissed off I took the phone out of her hand and began giving Edward a little piece of my mind. "If you care about this relationship at all than I suggest you be here in five minutes." I bickered slamming it down before he could even respond.

Five minutes came in went, I couldn't help but smile a little. I hated to see my friend upset but I figured once she saw what an asshole Edward was and how little he actually cared she would see clearly that he wasn't worth her time.

"See I told you, he doesn't care about anyone except himself."

Angela let out a sad sigh. "Maybe your right."

Of course as soon as Angela started to think clearly the motherfucker showed up to screw things up again. Angela immediately lit up at his presence while I stood in the corner glaring.

"Your ten minutes late." I argued.

Edward turned his attention toward me glaring as well. "What can I say traffic was a bitch."

Oh no he didn't just call me a bitch.

I watched disgusted as he revealed a box to Angela handing it over. "Here, I got this for you."

She opened it up excitedly, gasping as she saw the simple necklace that lay inside. "Help me put it on?" Edward complied hooking it around her neck as she blushed.

"I'm going to go look at it in the mirror." she said off in her own la-la land, leaving just me and asshole in the room.

"Which one of your hoes did you steal that from?"

"You." he snapped giving me his famous smug smile. Before I could retort Angela came back.

"I love it, thank you." She gushed giving him a peck on the cheek. I rolled my eyes as the scene before me. Angela was gone, too in denial, there was no helping her. I didn't even know why I tried.

"Look Bella, isn't it pretty?" She glowed showing me the pathetic makeup gift Edward gave her to shut her up and keep her happy for a while, before she got sad or mad again and he had to get another to make up for being such a shitty boyfriend.

"Yeah, it speaks loudly."

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