Title: The Explorer
Characters/Pairings: Toshiko/Mary
Rating/Warnings: R – sexual situations.
Challenge: tw100 Challenge #159: Reverse Fandom Challenge - Lost (Pick an episode title from this series and write a drabble based on it) Episode Title: Stranger in a Strange Land
Summary: Toshiko has explored many things, but this woman is a new world entirely.
Also inspired by the quotation: "What is the difference between exploring and being lost?" (Dan Eldon).


The Explorer

"What is the difference between exploring and being lost?"

~ Dan Eldon

Toshiko has explored many things.

Whether excavating intricate wirings or deciphering alien languages, she's traversed a world both unique and terrifying.

But she's never explored the body of another woman.

She feels slightly lost amongst the pale plains, apprehension simmering as they stretch before her. Her tongue stutters uncertainly between the mountainous swell of breasts, falling into the basin of the navel as she explores untrodden lands.

The native reaches out, offering a guiding hand. Toshiko ignores her directions, plunging deep as she cuts her own path.

She is the explorer.

This is something she has to discover for herself.

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