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Chapter one

The pain of a massive hangover as well as the light of the morning sun pouring through the window woke up Pietro Maximoff. He blinked, and felt the warm, slender shape next to him with an arm wrapped around him. He turned to give Crystal a morning kiss.

Only this wasn't Crystal.

The woman asleep next to him was about the same height and weight as his wife-no, ex-wife, Black Bolt had annulled their marriage. Her hair was black, wight silver streaks running through it. He looked closer and recognized her. Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, AKA Aurora, formerly of Alpha Flight, now with the X-Men.

What was she doing here in bed next to him?

He looked around the bed. This wasn't the Avenger's, nor his small apartment in New York's Mutanttown. By the look of things, it was cheap hotel, one of many countless in New York City.

Suddenly Pietro felt another effect of a hangover coming on. Rushing off to the bathroom, he immediately voided the contents of his stomach into the toilet.

Going back to the bed, he found Jeanne-Marie awake and smiling-and looking so beautiful in that lacy black teddy. What were they doing here? Pietro barely knew the woman.

"Well," she said, a playful tone in her French-Canadian accented voice, "not even my brozer Jean-Paul uzes hiz zuper zpeed zo casually like that."

"I can't turn it off," Pietro mumbled. "To me it seems like everyone and everything is moving in slow motion-although alcohol does turn it down some."

"Oui, I have heard zat about you," she giggled. "Last night was certainly an interesting experience, non? For ze first time I remember, I did not have to zlow down for a man!"

That's right, Pietro recalled, she and her brother were mutant speedsters too-although their powers worked differently than his. "About last night-I'm afraid I don't recall much."

"Oui, you were getting yourself quite smashed in that bar, I remember." Jeanne-Marie giggled again. Pietro snorted. From what he recalled, he'd gone to a bar in Mutanttown to drown his sorrows; a student at the Avengers Academy had discovered his secret: it wasn't a Skrull disguised as him who caused M-Day, then kidnapped his daughter Luna and exposed her and several other de-powered mutants to the Terrigen mists he'd stolen-it had been him all along-and was using it to blackmail him. And there was the matter of Crystal now being married to the Kree Ronin the Accuser. "It waz wonderful-ze lady Crystal, she waz a fool for letting you zlip through her fingerz!"

"It's-" now Pietro felt the pain in his head as if Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk were inside pounding on his skull- "more complicated than that." Truth was, even before what had happened with the Terrigen mists, Pietro realized that his constant jealousy and temper were as much to blame as Crystal's infidelity for their marriage deteriorating. And his daughter had lost all respect for him. Not for the kidnapping and exposing her to the Mists but for the lying about it afterwards. And her exposure to the Mists were what caused her to know the truth.

Pietro could live with that. The alternative would be never seeing Luna again. Pietro knew he wasn't the greatest father in the world, but he would rather have his daughter despise him than never see her again ever.

He looked at Jeanne-Marie. He barely knew the woman; from what he'd heard she suffered from a split personality. And apparently it was a rather playful and coquettish one was dominatting her now. "You really don't recall what we did lazt night?"

"No," Pietro shook his head. He did remember Jeanne-Marie coming to the bar, and sitting down at the stool next to his. Somehow they got to talking-he had already put down quite a few and was feeling buzzed-and everything was fuzzy after that.

Jeanne-Marie lay back in the bed, revealing her full, sensuous body. "Zen how about I give you zomezing to remember, non?"

Pietro felt his hangover fading; while the alcohol hit him hard it passed through his system far more quickly than for most people. He let out a deep breath and thought. He was a free man now; Crystal was married again and living on the far side of the galaxy on the Kree homeworld. What did he have to feel guilty about? He'd never strayed from Crystal during those times they were separated and even that time he thought she was dead-although his primary concern then had been taking care of Luna then. Jeanne-Marie was beautiful and inviting. So much of his life was in a shambles, why deny himself some moments of pleasure? What was the worst that could happen? "Oh yes, gorgeous," he said, and zipped onto the bed with her.

"My, you ARE fast!"

Avengers Headquarters, a few days later...

Jarvis answered the door. "Yes my lady?" he replied.

"I need to speak to Pietro Maximoff, if he's here, " Jeanne Marie Beabuier said angrily.

Afew few seconds later Pietro appeared. "Jeanne-Marie-why are you here?" he asked.

"I need to talk to you-in private."

"Very well." They walked over to an empty room nearby.

"What is this about Jeanne-" Pietro suddenly caught Jeanne-Marie's left arm as she was about to slap him.

"You pig!" she screamed, and he barely managed to move his foot in time to keep from getting stomped. "You animal! How dare you use me like that!"

"Jeanne-Marie, please," said Pietro, "I thought we agreed that night was going to be a one-time thing."

"Yes, how convenient for you!" Oh great, Pietro thought. Her other personality must be dominating her. "My personalities keep a diary so I always know what the other did-and I read of what you and that-slut!"

"Jeanne-Marie, why are you so angry?"

"This!" Jeanne-Marie reached into her purse, and shoved a small bottle into Pietro's face.

It was a home pregnancy test. And it read positive.

End of Chapter One

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