Maybe his love just wasn't enough...

I was just sitting in my room and thinking. Why did he left me? What did I did wrong? Am I really that terrible? I still remember that day.

We walked in the woods and he suddenly stopped. From the place, where we were, I could see my house. He said:

-Bella, we are leaving.

For a second I thought about it and answered:

-But can't we wait after the graduation and then leave?

He looked me in the eyes and I saw hatred and anger in them. He took an unnesassary breath and said:

-When I meant we, I meant me and my family. I never loved you. I have always loved Tanja. She is way better than you. You were just a toy for me and my family. Did you honestly thought, that I would love someone like you? Look at yourself! You are ugly and clumsy. You are not good enough for me.

I just stared at him and waited. 5 minutes passed and he waited for me to say or do something.

I took a breath and said:

-I know, that I'm not good enough. I just wished you would tell me that like a real man. Good-bye Edward.

And then I ran away. I started to cry, but I promised myself, that I will not cry anymore because of the Cullen family.

It has been 2 years and still, there is no sign of him or his family. I continue to live a normal life, but I still feel him around me sometimes. A year ago I started to heal , but my heart still hasn't healed completely. I started to learn Italian and now I'm living in Volterra. I remember what HE said about the Volturi. They are like a royal family. They have a palace in Volterra , but I haven't seen any vampire 2 years now. That was until yesterday.

I was sitting in my appartment and thinking about why he left. I have been thinking about it a lot. Then i heard someone inn the alley under my window. I looked down and frowned. I saw a woman, about 30 years old, being pushed to the wall and a guy, very beautiful and strong, kissed her neck. At first , it looked a lot like kiss, but after some seconds I saw that the woman is falling and i was so stupid and said:


He looked up immediatly. He saw me and was at my window the next second. He looked like a greek good. He even put Ed-HIM to shame with his looks. His eyes were the most beautiful crimson red color and he looked at me with interest in his eyes.

He climbed in my room and asked:

-How do you know about us and our kind?

I looked at him and answered:

-I was dating a vampire , but he and his family left me 2 years ago.

The guy sat down on a chair and i sat on the bed. He asked:

-Do you know the laws?

I just nodded and continued to stare a him. He seemed to notice that and smirked at me. I blushed almost as red as his beautiful eyes.

-That's good , that you know them. I just need to ask you one question ,Miss..


-Okay , Miss Swan. Will you choose death or joining the Volturi guard?

I thought for a while , but he seemed to have patience. I looked into his eyes and said:

-If you would have asked me 2 years ago, I would immediatly say yes. And now, I am saying yes. But can you please take me to Aro?

He looked happier after my answer and nodded. He carried me in his arms , more like run with me in his arms. We were at the Volturi castle in 10 seconds. It looked so beautiful. I could imagine me living went inside and he carried me till the throne room. It was the most beautiful room I have ever seen. There were 3 thrones and many vampires.

They seemed to notice , that I am human and some of them licked their lips.

The guy let go of me and went to one of the leaders. He had long , black hair. His eyes seemed a bit milky, but he was beautiful.

The guy kneeled down in front of the leader and gave him his hand. The leader was still for a minute. Then he turned his eyes to me and said:

-Thank you, Alec. Miss Swan , welcome to Volterra. And could you come closer and give me your hand?

I just nodded and went to stand in front of him. I wasn't afraid. I gave him my right hand and waited. When he touched my hand, I didn't even shiwer from his cold touch.

He was silent and concentrated for a minute. After some minutes he said:

-I can't see anything. Jane! Could you try?

The girl named Jane , nodded and looked at me. I looked at her and waited. She smiled like an angel, but nothing happened. Aro was clapping his hands , but Jane seemed confused. After 2 minutes Aro explained to me , that Janes power is-to let you think, you are on fire in your mind.

I nodded and Aro asked me:

-But could you tell us how did you know about us? Who told you? And , please, your name.

I smiled and said:

-My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I am 20 years old. I lived in a town named Forks.

And then I told them everything about me and Ed-HIM. I stil can't say his name , but I didn't had to. They understood. Jane was angry , that somebody could do this to me. I smiled at her and she hugged me. I had a feeling , that me and Jane are going to be great sisters.

The gorgeous guy, Alec, looked at me all the time and I sometimes smiled at him and he answered me by smiling back.

After the story Caius , who had joined us, when I would like to be changed and by whom.

I looked around. Aro introduced us all a while ago and i said:

-If it isn't too hard, I would like to be changed now and by Alec.

Alec smiled at me. Aro said:

-Of course. Alec! Take Isabella to her room and change her.

Alec nodded and carried me to MY room. The room was beautiful. But when I wanted to say something, Alec kissed me forcefully and layed me down in my bed. The soft velvet brushed against my skin. Alec pulled back and said:

-Only 3 days, mia stella.(my star)

I nodded and then I felt his fangs in my arm and neck. I screamed. I just couldn't stop screaming. The burning...