AUTHOR'S NOTES: The unnamed Secret Window has finally been named, and brought out now that I've had the time. The title was inspired by how the film ended, with the mentioning of the corn, and the director's cut deleted scenes where the bodies were zoomed upon. The other choice was "The ending", based on Mort Rainey's phrase of the ending being the most important part of a story. Anyway, originally, I wasn't going to put a prologue, as I wanted to get straight into writing the first chapter where the mentioning of Mort disappearing off. However, my friend suggested it and I considered I could give it a go.

DISCLAIMER: Mort Rainey belongs to Steven King within the novella series "Four to Midnight", in "Secret Window, Secret Garden". However based on the 2004 film "Secret Window" starring Johnny Depp, following on from the ending.


The sheriff never did find the bodies of Amy Rainey and Ted Milner; their corpses had "become one" with the earth, as Mort Rainey poetically put it on the notice nailed into the cabin's front door the day he fled.

Of course, the police did try to dig them up none the less, days, weeks, even months, the back yard scattered with rotting corn, drenched diving suits as the neighboring river. The notice the once again thriving author wrote had been screwed up into a ball and chucked out of agitation.

Because of what happened, when the illegal search was over and the primacies was allowed to rekindle some strength; no one touched the cabin. No matter how secluded it was to the large city, how beautifully quaint; not one damn soul wanted to go near it again.

The crops died, not being nurtured, taken over by wild grass and flowers; termites and woodlouse thrived on the dampening wood during the cold, harsh winters. The cursed cabin on Tashmore Lake was abandoned and allowed to wallow in the sad and destructive memories of its previous owner. Its mysteries left untouched.

Until two years later.