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This chapter is on a subject I don't know about and to be honest don't want to know about. i.e. this story isn't based on real facts. It's all made up.

My Aborted Child

Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The noise of clattering and clinking echoed in the room, as a few surgeons helped in aborting a fetus. Unknown to them, there were two ghostly members, floating next to the mover, both wearing a medallion, the insignia on it being a CW.

"You know." One announced, not being acknowledged by the humans inside the room. "You can still back out of taking in a human child." The other ghost merely shook her head.

"No, I came this far. No point in turning back now. Anyway, it's not like anyone disagrees with this anyway."
"That's because we are the only ones aware of this."

"That's besides the point." Finally, the fetus had been successfully removed from the mother, but before anyone could do anything with it, the ghost who was holding a staff, pressed a button on it's left side with his thumb. Time suddenly stopped, the only two still moving were the ghosts.

They both hovered over to the fetus, the new mother of the child gasping in shock at what she saw. "It looks so... So... Innocent and helpless..."
"Most would describe a child at this age only as non-human." The other ghost muttered.

"My goodness... It looks like a living being, look, it has arms and legs, a head, eyes... Is that hair?" The ghost nodded sadly.
"Humans do this often. Until the baby looks human, they don't see it as a human. Just a thing." The soon-to-be mother shook her head, her hand subconsciously resting on her womb, where she already had a ghostly fetus, which so happened to be almost the same age as the human fetus.

"OK, for this to work, I need you to trust me."
"Sure, ghost of a million secrets." The spectra replied sarcastically, although she obviously trusted him. The other had already cradled the dead-looking child in his arms, careful to not harm it. It was amazing that the child hadn't been harmed through the ghosts careful touch. He hovered over to the mother.

She nodded and closed her eyes, relaxing, as the ghost of a million secrets turned the fetus and his arms which carried it intangible and put the child into the mothers womb. It was surprising that this could even work. Not that anyone was complaining.

Once finished, the ghost removed his arms, turning them tangible, with no fetus in his arms. "The fetus has successfully been placed in your womb. Don't worry about your other child, I assure you, it is quite fine and isn't alarmed about the 2nd fetus."

"You owe me for this Clockwork." The female Ghost complained, wondering if agreeing to this was a bad idea.
"I doubt it." Clockwork replied solemnly, as both left the room, time slowly starting to continue.

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