A/N: Once again dedicated to Dusty Dreams. Soundtrack to chapter: Broken Open, by Adam Lambert. Props to Lazy Girl, btw, you made me think.

Kurt's right wrist was broken. Earlier that morning, his hand had been swollen and red, but when he walked back into his house around noon the day after the break-in, most of his hand and right arm were covered in a hard white cast. He couldn't feel it at all.

He couldn't feel the stitches in his head, the cut on his cheek, his still swollen black eye, or the clean red cut down the side of his lip made by a small gold wedding band.

He didn't feel anything.

Vicodin numbed his entire body and made it easier for determination to numb his fuzzy mind.

Burt led him to the couch and Finn and Carol hovered around him, talking about cleaning crews taking care of the kitchen and police officers coming by later to take a report on what was stolen.

The television was gone from the entertainment center; so were most of the DVD's, the DVD and BlueRay players, the antique record player from the corner, the speakers that used to be screwed into the wall, the desktop computer, the entire stereo system that took three men from Best Buy to haul in last Christmas...

Kurt wondered what else is gone, but the couch is really comfortable, like a cloud.

Burt, Finn, and Carol hovered for a while, and Kurt didn't even mind. It was nice to have people around, in the same room as him, watching him. He felt like he should be upset, but he just felt okay, comfortable and blank. Finn eventually settled into the desk where the computer used to be, seemingly studying something for school though the book looks like it's never been opened. Burt and Carol went into the kitchen. Kurt watched the wall where the TV used to be.

Through his soft haze he realized that he should do something; read a book, do some homework, sleep. He was so tired. But he didn't want to lay down and close his eyes. Maybe some music? He wondered if his iPod was stolen.

It should have been in his bag in the basement, and when Kurt carefully pushed himself up from the couch, wobbling slightly as the floor beneath him sways, he really intended to go down and get it.

But when he opened the door to the basement, he remembered the obstacle standing in his way is insurmountable. He toook a quick step back. If he tried to walk down those stairs, he ...

Could get trapped again?

Maybe won't make it back upstairs?

Maybe he'd yell for someone but no one would be able to hear him.

He can't see all the way down there. What if someone is there?

He closed the door and stared at the back of it.

"You okay?"

Kurt jumped, felt his heart skip around in his chest as he jerked his head to see Finn watching him from the desk chair. Finn looked scared.

"Yeah," Kurt heard himself say. His voice sounded muffled and distant, but he walked closer to Finn. "I just wanted my iPod. Do you know if ... it was taken? Or anything?" He was leaning against the wall. The cold was seeping through his sweater into his skin.

Finn shook his head, eyes widening. "I don't know, I can go check!" He was racing past Kurt before he could turn, and then the basement door was open again. Kurt moved back to the couch, suddenly too tired to care that all he felt like doing was watching the wall.

"Here's your bag!" Finn popped up in front of him holding Kurt's leather satchel out, eyes still wide, brows high, waiting for a response as Kurt settled the bag on his lap and slowly went through it with his left hand. His iPod was right at the front, earbuds plugged in, waiting for him.

"Thanks, Finn," Kurt breathed out. He felt something like relief. "I really wanted to listen to it," he assured his pretty-much brother when Finn continued to watch him. Finn just nodded after a moment and tried to smile as Kurt placed the earbuds in his ear (strange with only one hand), then he moved back to the desk.

Kurt scrolled through his music, eyes bleary, not knowing what he was looking for, before finally settling on a his nighttime playlist.

His dad and Carol moved in and out of the kitchen over the next few hours, sometimes talking to Finn, sometimes asking Kurt questions like whether or not he was hungry or wanted a shower or needed anything. When the sky was just beginning to darken outside, Kurt felt an ache begin to move down his arm to his hand and wrist. He watched the wall and listened to soft music he could barely hear and didn't really recognize as the ache grew into a grinding, then stabbing, pain. He settled his good hand over the cast but his wrist was distant, his skin untouchable.

Burt knealed in front of him and reached toward his face. Kurt felt himself flinch. He kept his eyes closed as his dad let out a soft sigh and carefully removed on of the earbuds.

"Finn and I are going to the store. Just for a little while. To get a temporary TV, maybe some DVD's, just so we have some noise in the house, okay? Something to do while you heal up."

Kurt realized that Finn was standing behind and to the right of his dad, fidgeting with hands hands, shifting around as he watched Kurt.

"We'll be back in an hour tops, and Carole will be here with you, okay? She'll sit in here with you and hold onto her cell phone just in case, but you'll be fine. Alright, Kurt?"

Kurt nodded. "Yeah, that's fine." He felt a slight pinch in his stomach, but it was overwhelmed by the burning, stabbing in his wrist.

"It's time for you to take your pain meds anyway," Burt announced as though he could read his son's mind. He fiddled around with an oranged bottle then passed Kurt a small white pill. "I'll get you some water. Are you feeling okay?" Kurt nodded, placing the pill on his tongue.

When he woke next his earbuds were digging into the side of his face. He was sprawled out on his left side on the sofa, a comforter tossed over him. His wrist ached again.

It was dark out now. Kurt slowly sat up, cradling his casted arm and looked around for his dad. Finn was curled up on the loveseat, his lanky form squished into a pretzel. He was still in his jeans and t-shirt.

A white pill and a glass of water lay on the coffee table in front of Kurt. The comforting white wall had been replaced by a 32in flatscreen, plastic still covering the front.

Kurt took his pill and watched Finn sleep.