Realising They Can't Waste Time...

Part 5

...and that time has already been wasted for too long.

"That was..." she trails off, unable to think of a sufficient adjective.

"Yeah..." the Doctor agrees, feeling dizzy.

She flings an arm across his waist. "Shareen's gonna be very proud," she mumbles sleepily into his chest.

He chuckles. "What are you going to tell her?"

"Everything," Rose replies mischievously.

He trails a hand down her arm softly. "Really?" he asks her, wrinkling his nose up.


"Right. Nice."

"Doctor," Rose says, after a few moments.


"Would you have ever...if I hadn't of made a move, would you have ever...?"

He nuzzles her hair, then leans his head down to kiss her forehead. "I think it was only a matter of time before things reached boiling point. But I wouldn't have done or said anything yet."

She opens her eyes. "Why not?"

"After everything that's happened recently...I thought that you'd hate me."

"I could never hate you," she reassures him. "I don't blame you for...what happened. I never do."

"You should."

"But I don't," she insists. She smiles a dazzling smile then, not wanting the lightened mood to diminish, and asks, "So...have you thought about this before?"

He averts his eyes. "Maybe a few times," he admits quietly.

Rose grins, and presses a kiss to his collar bone. "Good."

He looks back at her, and hears her breathing start to even out. "Rose?"


"You can't fall asleep yet."

"Humans don't have as much stamina as you. I'm already knackered," she replies sleepily, patting his arm affectionately.

"I didn't mean that. Although, it would No, never mind. Anyway, it's just, if your mum walks in on us intertwined like this on her sofa with no clothes on, I fear she may come to some absolutely correct conclusions."

"Ah," she responds, opening her eyes again. "You may be right."

Reluctantly, they break apart and sit up. The Doctor starts to get back into his suit, and Rose pulls on her t-shirt. She immediately flops back down on the sofa.

He laughs. "Rose, don't you think you better go back into your bedroom?" he asks, brushing her hair out of her face tenderly.

"No," she answers, looking up at him. "I want to fall asleep with you."

"Well, you could, in your room. Then I'll just come out before your mum wakes up."

"I want to wake up with you, too," she insists. "So that I know that - " she starts to say, then stops herself.

The Doctor frowns. "Know what?"

She sighs. "That you won't regret this, and then go on as though it never happened in the morning."

"I'll never regret this. How could I possibly regret this?"

Rose blinks up at him in surprise - surprise at this entire situation, and the way he seems to be accepting it rather than running away like she thought he would.

He leans forward, and brushes his lips against hers in a gentle kiss. "I'd like to wake up with you too," he says.

She beams at him. "Good. Then let's snuggle right here."

He groans. "Rose, your mother - "

"My mother thinks we've been doing this for months."

"Oh," he breathes, feeling as though the wind's been knocked out of him.

"Yes. Oh. But if it'll make you feel any better, wake me up when it gets to around seven, then I'll shift to my room, okay?"

He relents then, nodding, and settles down next to her, bringing his jacket up to cover her bare legs. She snuggles into him, her arms wrapping tightly around his waist, and he strokes her hair until he himself falls asleep.


Jackie wakes up earlier than usual the next morning. Yawning, she walks into the living room expecting to find the Doctor awake and messing around with her video player or something, like he's been doing of an early morning these past few days.

Instead, she finds him messing around with something much more shocking.

"Doctor," Rose giggles happily.

Raising an eyebrow and with her arms folded impatiently, Jackie stands still, watching that alien that seems to be lodging with them at the moment press a kiss to her daughter's neck.

"It's seven o'clock," the Doctor murmurs quietly. "You have to move. I'm just waking you up, like you asked me too."

"Mmm, I don't want to get up now. Didn't realise you'd be waking me up so...nicely..." replies Rose, thrusting her hands into the Doctor's hair and shifting his head a little lower down her chest and pulling his hands up to grasp at the hem of her t-shirt.

Okay, so Jackie can't physically stomach listening/watching any more of this. "Rose Tyler," she says sternly.

Rose's giggles immediately stop, and the room becomes silent.

The Doctor removes his hands from Rose's stomach, and removes his lips from her chest. "Ah," he murmurs.

Rose opens her eyes and turns her head to see Jackie, hastily pushing the Doctor off of her and sitting up straight at the same time. "Hi Mum. Erm...this isn'"

"This is exactly what it looks like," the Doctor says, only to receive a sharp poke in the chest from Rose. "What?" he mouthes at her, hurt and confused.

(Jackie isn't stupid. Weeelll, not that stupid. And Rose said herself that she had thought they'd been together for ages. She isn't exactly going to believe something like: 'oh, he was just...we weren't...this isn't what it looks like...there's a perfectly good explanation for this...' is she? No, she is not. Therefore, he really doesn't think his honest statement required a poke in the chest to accompany it, thank you very much.)

Jackie sighs. "You two," she reprimands, shaking her head. "Are like teenagers."

Rose looks at the Doctor pointedly at that, with a 'see!' sort of smirk on her face.

"I don't care what you do in that blue box of yours, but I don't particularly want to witness you fondling my daughter on my sofa thanks," Jackie continues, directing this at the Doctor.

He nods solemnly. "Sorry Jackie. But it was all Rose's fault! See, she seduced me last night."

Rose pokes him again.

"Ow!" he exclaims.

"You deserved that one," Rose answers.

"I don't care who started it. Point is, you don't start it in this flat, okay?"

"Okay," agrees the Doctor, feeling like he just sold his soul to the Devil.

"Rose?" Jackie prompts.

Rose looks up at her, biting her lip to keep from laughing. "Yes. Okay. Sorry Mum."

"Right. Well. Good. So, breakfast?" asks Jackie.

The Doctor glances at Rose. Rose glances back at him.

"Um, actually, I think I'd better go and get dressed," begins Rose.

"And I her," the Doctor finishes, the both of them standing up.

"Do you ever listen?" exasperates Jackie. "Just...oh, just go back in your box," she dismisses.

Rose had been hoping that was what she was going to say. "Thanks," she smiles.

The Doctor's already halfway to the door, but stops when Rose follows him. "Rose."

"Yes?" she grins.

"You'll be giving the neighbours a bit too much of a show if you walk downstairs in just a long t-shirt."

"Oh," she replies, looking down at herself.

"I'd say park it up here, but I dunno how soundproof that box's walls are," Jackie comments casually as she makes her way into the kitchen to get herself a cuppa.

The Doctor blinks, dumbfounded, and Rose shrieks, "Mum!"

Jackie comes back out to them. "Look, you two can go off on your travels again now, if you like. You don't have to stick around. You look like you're feeling better, Rose, and so you can leave now, if you want," she mutters quietly, trying to sound indifferent.

"Rose is going to see Shareen again today, Jackie. So we'll stick around another day, if that's okay?" supplies the Doctor, to Rose's surprise.

Jackie beams at him. "Alright then. Well, you two go and do whatever for the morning, and ask Shareen over - well, if she feels up to it, no doubt she' got a hangover, eh Rose? - for lunch, yeah?"

Rose smiles. "Yeah. Okay. I'll just go and find some jeans..." she replies, wandering off to her old bedroom.

"Thanks, Doctor," Jackie says softly when Rose is out of the room.

"What for?" he asks in confusion. He'd thought he'd be in for a slap after she'd witnessed him kissing a half-naked Rose.

"For making her happy."

"Oh," he replies, touched. He clears his throat. "Well, I don't know about that. I've put her through so much, I - "

"But you love her. And that's what matters," assures Jackie.

He stares at her, a lump coming to his throat, and just nods gently.

"Right! No longer trouser-less, I'm ready for action," calls Rose, walking back into the room.

"Bad choice of words, Rose," sighs her mum.

The Doctor chuckles at Rose's frown, and takes her hand. "So, what do you want to do this morning?" he asks as they walk out of the front door. Jackie sighs. As if that isn't obvious, she thinks.

Rose closes the door. "I've realised something," she says, not answering his question.

"Oh yeah?"


"What's that?"

"I think we've wasted too much time, so far."


"So, we need to make up for that."


"Yeah. I've realised something else, too."

"What's that?"

"We have a time machine. And so, we don't really have to be back for lunch until we're actually ready."

"Ah, I like the way you think, Rose Tyler."

"Me too. It's fun."


"Alons-y," she agrees, with a swift nod.


The end x

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