Ok! So this story is dedicated to one of my all time favourite movies (see if you can guess, I f not I will tell anyone who wants to know^^) and the thing is, I am going to go along with the movie plotline so I hope you enjoy peeps!

Grimmjow groaned and rolled over on the bed onto his stomach. He nuzzled his pillow, burying his face in its addictive softness. He reluctantly opened one eye and shut it again at the sudden brightness that glared in his face.

He flipped his head to the other side and smirked when he saw the grass green tresses that decorated the pillow next to him. God, this girl was something last night! What was her name again? Nel something. He sighed and turned to frown at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. So how did last night go again? Oh yeah. There had been a party to celebrate the completion of the swimsuit shoot for the summer and he had been celebrating hard. God, he had been an animal on that dance floor since every single sexy woman in Miami must have been grinding him last night. And then there had been her.

She had been standing by herself in a corner like an innocent angel. He remembered that much since that is what drew him to her. She had been the only one who wasn't ogling him. Well, until he had stepped off the dance floor to come and flirt with her. And then, one thing led to another and he was pounding into her back at her apartment, making him scream his name for her entire building to hear.

He glanced at the clock on the bedside table beside the girl. It was 10 in the morning. Shit. He had another photo shoot to complete today. And it was going to be even more girls dressed in skimpier swimsuits.

He smirked.

He didn't want to miss that!

He kicked the sheets off his perfectly toned and muscled body and ran a hand threw his azure locks. As he bounced to his feet, he stretched his body like a cat after a good nap. His sky blue boxers slid down his hips a little but he wasn't bothered. He glanced over his shoulder to see that the girl hadn't moved a muscled except to move her hands under her pillow and turn her face towards his side.

'Sleep tight, princess,' Grimmjow whispered and grabbed his shirt and jeans while on the way out. He never stuck around for long. Grimmjow was one of those one night stand guys. Commitment was for prissies who didn't know how to play the field. Hence they stuck to one type and regretted it for the rest of their lives. Grimmjow didn't like to be tied down to one girl for the rest of his life. He liked the fast life and he didn't think he would ever meet a girl would be able to keep up with him!

His stomach suddenly growled and he clutched it while scowling. Guess living the fast life had its disadvantages. His eyes flicked to kitchen. Maybe he could grab a quick snack before he sneaked out. As soon as he stepped into the bright yellow kitchen, he noticed that somebody was sitting in the kitchen balcony chowing down on some early breakfast. He raised an eyebrow. Who the hell could that be?

Scotty doesn't know

That Fiona and me

Do it in my van every Sunday!

Shirosaki groaned as he groggily drew his hand from under the bedcovers to grope the bedside table for his phone blaring out that irritating ringtone. He finally located it and flipped it open to place it against his ear under the covers.

'Yeah, whaddaya want?' he slurred, his eyes sealed tight with sleep to see who called him. Fuck, who the hell would call him this early in the morning?

'Ogichi! Where are you?' rang a shrill voice in his ear. He scrunched his still closed eyes.

'Ma?' he said questioningly.

'Don't 'ma' me!' his mother continued to shriek. 'God knows how long I have been calling your hotel! They said you never came home last night! And after I had rung them the thirtieth time, they refused to pick up! How rude! I don't even know why you stay at such a place!'

'Ma, chill out!' Shiro groaned as he pulled the covers down and rubbed his face with his free hand in an attempt to wipe the sleep in his eyes.

'Ever since your father had passed away you refuse to listen to me! Where did I go wrong with you!' the old woman continued to wail.

'Ma, I was two years old when dad passed away,' Shiro pointed out.

'Don't interrupt me when I am talking to you!' she snapped. Shiro rolled his eyes. He was used to this. She would call everyday to say that he was ruining his life and that if he had only listened to her he would have been more successful. Better to let her rant than to argue with her. It would just prolong the ranting and he definitely didn't want that.

'Where are you anyway?' she asked suspiciously.

'At a friend's place,' he answered coolly.

'If you had found a place of your own you wouldn't be staying at a friend's place right now!' his mother lectured him. Shiro rolled his eyes again. 'So who is this 'friend'?'

Shiro smirked as he rolled over in bed to eye the vermillion-haired beauty next to him. She breathed softly, looking like an angel for all the world but Shiro knew better. They hadn't heard her scream obscenities and begged him to pound her even harder last night.

'Close friend, ma,' he murmured as his eyes traced the contours of her serene face.

'Must be a real 'close friend' to let their homeless friend spend the night,' his mother said sarcastically. 'Anyway, I just wanted to call to remind you to go to work since you tend to forget and also remember to call me tonight!'

'Fine, ma,' Shiro drawled.

With that, he shut the phone, sighed and sat up in bed while swinging his legs over the edge. He clutched his head as a migraine wave hit his head. He then glanced at the watch and his eyes widened. Fucking 10 in the morning. What the hell did he do last night?

He smirked again. Oh yeah. His pal, Nnoitra, had this huge ass party with booze (and boobs) flying everywhere. Everyone was shit drunk and were making out on the dance floor. All except for this little princess here. What was her name? Hime something. But not like he cared. He never stuck to one girl for too long. He'd get bored. He was kind of like a drifter. Doesn't matter who he ended up with but as long as he got action he was content. Because in the morning, he'd just grab his stuff and walk out the door, never to see that girl again. And besides, they were drunk when they had sex. Not like they'd remember each other and the sex had been decent. For him maybe but he sure as hell musta blown her mind. He smirked again as he pulled on a pair of beach shorts and a sleeveless indigo vest over his bare white chiseled chest. When it's as hot as it is in Miami, you just wear whatever ya like really.

'Sleep tight, princess,' he muttered as he sauntered out of the room and towards the kitchen. He would go and buy himself something to eat but he was actually saving up for a place to stay. As much as he hated to admit that his mother was right he knew that he needed his own place. Ever since he moved from Japan all he had been doing is jumping from one bed to another and occasionally sleeping over at a friend's place. He came to America to find a job and start a new life.

He snorted. Yeah, right.

He smiled triumphantly as he pulled out a box of 'Capn' Crunch' out a cupboard. Jackpot! He looked around the disgustingly egg yolk yellow kitchen until his eyes fell on the table propped up in the balcony. Perfect.

As he munched on his bowl of cereal, he suddenly heard the pit pat of feet coming this way. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and eyed the door curiously. Who the fuck would be up at this time?

He raised an eyebrow as a statuesque bluenette walked onto the balcony and stared back at him. The guy was dressed in nothing but a pair of pastel blue boxers that were perched dangerously low on his hips as if ready to fall. His head of cerulean locks were messed up like he had just gotten out of bed. Shiro smirked. So this was the guy he had heard so much about last night.

The guy jerked his head up as if in a greeting as he seated himself in the chair opposite Shiro.

'Hey,' Shiro drawled as he swirled his spoon in his bowl. 'Shirosaki.'

'Yo,' the guy replied. 'I'm-!'

'Grimmjow,' Shiro said coolly and grinned broadly. 'Yeah, I know.'

'How the hell do you know?' said man asked curiously.

Shiro chuckled deeply. He let his spoon rest against his bowl as he leaned back in his chair, lacing his hands behind his head as he does.

'Oh, Grimmjow,' he suddenly moaned.

Grimmjow's eyes suddenly widened. What the fuck?

'Oh, Grimmjow, harder, harder! Yes! Yes! Oh my God! You're amazing! Oh my GOD, GRIMMJOW!' Shirosaki continued to moan while giving Grimmjow a teasing glance. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest as he waited for the albino to finish his replay of last night.

Shiro looked straight at Grimmjow and pointed a finger.

'Never, in all my life,' he drawled as he lowered his hand and returned to stirring his cereal. 'Had I heard someone moan a name so many times in one night. What were you doing? Attempting a Guinness World Record for Most Amazing One Night Stand Sex?'

'Hey, don't judge,' Grimmjow said loftily as he grabbed the carton of milk beside Shiro and chugged some down. 'You don't even know me. I might as well be one of those crummy 'love is forever' type saps.'

'I don't think they would refer to themselves as 'saps',' Shiro pointed out and grinned. 'But I could tell you're like me. Love is bullshit and the only reason we'll get with a girl is to get in her pants. Agreed?'

'Harsh,' Grimmjow grinned. 'Too bad it's true.'

'No shit.' Shiro grinned just as broadly. He pulled out his phone and groaned. He drained his bowl by bringing it to his lips and then got up while pocketing his phone.

'Gotta split,' he brooded. 'Gotta get to work.'

'Same,' Grimmjow agreed as he grabbed the cereal box and stuffed a handful of Capn Crunch bits in his mouth.

'See you around then?' Shiro added, out of formality. Not like he ignored everything his mother told him.

'Yeah, you too.'

And that's a wrap! Now I know its an abrupt end but I don't want to give away too much and I want to know what does everyone think of it? I've always wanted to write a story about these two cuz I just LOVE THEM and people don't tend t think of these two as a couple! Its always Ichigo and Grimmjow or Orihime and Grimmjow. I decided to do something different because change is good. Plus I just wanted to put two of the sexiest Bleach characters in one of my own stories! XD

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